Unleash – 2006 - Karmageddon Media
Necrology – 2009 - Pulverised

My Own Grave image
S= Cavevomit, Human Harvest, Bloodline, Depraved>>MIKAEL ARONSSON>>Cavevomit, Human Harvest, Bloodline, Depraved
G= Stefan Kihlgren – Gluttony>>ANDERS HÄRÉN>>Gluttony
B= Gluttony>>MAX BERGMAN>>Gluttony
D= Disfigured Victims, Angtoria, Gluttony>>JOHN HENRIKSSON>>Gluttony, Angtoria

This Swedish band was formed in April 2011 and promptly issued a demo called New Path/Same Path. The 2002 demo Dissection Of A Mind featured a song called My Own Grave. This song also appeared on the Hordes Of Darkness compilation of Unexploded Records. Blood And Ashes and Progression Through Deterioration followed. Karmageddon Media signed the band for its debut record. The debut album Unleash was recorded at Necromorbus Studio and produced by Widda (Diabolical, Demonical). Following Unleash the band switched over to Pulverised, which issued the Unholy EP in 2007. The band toured with Setherial alongside Amphitrium, Timor and Vemoth for a ten date Death Triumphant European tour beginning in Uster, Switzerland on December 8th. The new full-length from Swedish death metallers, entitled Necrology, was available in late summer of 2009. Necrology was mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound, released by Pulverised and had artwork by illustrator/tattooist Jon Zig. The 2006 debut album, entitled Unleash, was reissued through Pulverised Records On January 19th 2010 in North America. The extended version of Unleash was bundled with the Progression Through Deterioration 2004 Demo and two extra cover songs (Orthodox by Krabathor and War Ensemble by Slayer). Stefan Kihlgren left in 2010. Lars Westberg joined. A DVD, called Legacy 10 Years Of Rotten Death Metal, was issued in 2011.

Several members are also in gore metal band Gluttony.


Despite the corny monicker and cliché album title (the band’s full-length of 2006 was called Unleash) My Own Grave’s 2007 EP Unholy is worth the effort and investment. A Karmageddon Media refugee. Like Closer which is also now on Pulverised, My Own Grave sounds like Sinister musically with even singer Mikael Aronsson’s voice sounding like a mix of the Dutch band’s Mike and Barney Greenway. This is just a five-song mini-CD that lasts sixteen minutes, but songs like Buried, Above The Weak and beneath Dark Waves are enough to showcase a powerful death metal band. The guitar leads and the bass sound, in particular, stand out. The EP also features a great cover artwork of which even King Diamond would be proud. - Ali “The Metallian”

This is another amazing death metal release by the folks at Pulverised Records in Singapore. The band is My Own Grave and hails from Sweden, which characteristically means superior workmanship all-around. Looking at an older review here Necrology is missing the occult artwork of its predecessor, but the music must be as good or even better. A better and more original title would not have disappointed, but do not let that deter you. The death metal ship is straight and solid with the vocals and the music chiming in with expected (dis)harmony. The occasional blast and the sporadic even deeper growls, as on Incineration, ask to be acknowledged. The band does sound like the newer brutality out of Sweden while nodding towards Bolt Thrower. There is every reason to consider every song here a winner, which is reason enough to hit 'continuous play' with this disc. - Ali “The Metallian”


My Own Grave