Human Remains>>Crawlspace>>MY OWN VICTIM - USA

Burning Inside – 1995 – Century Media
No Voice, No Rights, No Freedom – 1997 - Century Media
The Weapon – 1998 - Century Media

S= Victor Hillerich>>Odesa, Puregrain, Snake Eyed Savior - DAVID “SAILOR” BRYANT>>Fill Dirt, Surviving Thalia
G= Brothers Of Conquest>>BRIAN OMER>>Brothers Of Conquest, Not Of This World, Slapshot, Son Of Sog, Crazy Train, Stonecutters - JEFF TOY>>Puregrain, I Am The Enemy, Snake Eyed Savior
B= TODD CONN>>Puregrain, I Am The Enemy, Snake Eyed Savior
D= Ivan Arnold – Firewind, Kenziner>>Brian Harris - Sean Fitzgibbons

The Louisville-based band was formed in 1993 as Crawlspace. The members had played together in the Human Remains group. The Foothold demo garnered the band a contract with Century Media, which released a self-titled EP. The monicker was changed and the debut album was issued in 1995. A European tour with Mucky Pup followed. The band also pitched Hostility to the label. Century Media picked up Hostility. No Voice, No Rights, No Freedom featured Brian Harris, but he too was replaced by Sean Fitzgibbons. This line-up toured with Biohazard and recorded The Weapon. A US tour was aborted due to financial reasons. The band was dropped by Century Media and a line-up change ensued. David “Sailor” Bryant was new on vocals and Danny Murphy was on the stool. The latter man was replaced by names like Johnny Wooldridge and Jeremy Mitchell. The Songs For The Hurt demo came out in 2000. The band gave up in 2004. A reunion 2010 show was conducted.

The band called its sound ‘hardcore groove.’ Members regrouped in Puregrain and Snake Eyed Savior.



My Own Victim