Of All the Wrong Things – 2003 - Firebox
...Of Dust – 2004 - Firedoom
The Return To Nothing – 2006 – Firedoom
Descend – 2008 - Firedoom
Hollow – 2014 - MFL

G= Harri Jussila>> Wrathchalice, Somberaeon - Durson, Cardinals Folly>>SAMI RAUTIO>>Cardinals Folly, Wrathchalice, Oakmord, Kadotettu – Mystic Alliance, The Alliance>>Mario Hahn>>Excruciation
B= Harri Jussila>>Wrathchalice, Somberaeon - TWIST
D= Mark Napier - Absent/Minded, Unmercenaries, Falling Down>>JÜRGEN FROHLING>>Absent/Minded, Unmercenaries, Falling Down, Oakmord, Sources
K= SAMI RAUTIO>>Kadotettu

The Finnish doom and death metal band was formed in 1999 and split up in October of 2015. My Dying Bride influenced the members. It all started with the 2000 demos Your Dark Overwhelming, Sown In Sadness and To All I Hated. Italian label Nocturnal Music pressed these demos in July of 2002. Sami Rautio and Harri handled all instruments at the beginning. Firebox Records signed the band and released Of All the Wrong Things. Mark Napier was in. The next album would appear on Firebox’s Firedoom imprint. The Return To Nothing featured a full line-up. The band issued Descend through the label, but without a label released a demo called Penance in 2013. Rautio had also relocated back to Finland at this point, which contributed to the hiatus. Russia’s MFL picked up the band for what would become the act’s last record before the penultimate The Symmetry of Grief split with Who Dies In Siberian Slush. The band split up in 2015.


My Shameful is another funeral doom band from Funeral, although one must recognize that the band has at least four full-lengths to its name. What sets My Shameful apart from Thergothon, Skepticism or Shape Of Despair? My Shameful is not the slowest or doomiest band of them all, but it does squeeze every ounce of sorrow from its riffs. With a hint of very old Paradise Lost and Evoken in place, these Finns mix a bit of death into their doom metal. The growled vocals, the heavy rhythm and the horrific passage work. The acoustic strums, the drone and the singular notes are all additions to the dreary outlook and sadness. Seven songs that last over fifty minutes. Come prepared. - Anna Tergel


My Shameful