Shadow Of Sorrow – 2006 – Bombworks
The Anatomy Of Melancholy – 2007 - Bombworks
A Garland Of Tears – 2008 – Bombworks
IV Et Lux Perpetua – 2010 – Stone Groove
Silver Under Midnight – 2013 - Bombworks
Preservation Restoration Reconstruction – 2013 - Bombworks
Eye of the Needle – 2014 – Stone Groove
Damnatio Memoriae – 2015 – House Of Ashes
There Was Death – 2018 - Minotauro
Damnum Per Saeculorum – 2020 - Opa Loka
Lost In Memories, Lost In Grief - 2024 - Ardua

My Silent Wake image
Ashen Mortality, Bloodwork>>Jasen Whyte – Ashen Mortality, Seventh Angel, Century Sleeper, Guillotine Dream, Two>>IAN ARKLEY>>Seventh Angel, Century Sleeper, Guillotine Dream, Two

Penthos>>Rich Alden>>Penthos - Ashen Mortality, Paramæcium, Seventh Angel, Century Sleeper>>IAN ARKLEY>>Seventh Angel, Century Sleeper - Marc Ellison - The Drowning>>Mike Hitchen>>The Drowning

Andi Lee - Alan Southorn – Striga, Leppe>>ADAM WESTLAKE>>Striga, Leppe

Ashen Mortality, Bloodwork>>Jasen Whyte - Khthon>>Steve Allan – Amputated, Awake By Design, Control The Storm, Triaxis, Dishonour The Crown>>GARETH ARLETT>>Amputated, Triaxis, Dishonour The Crown

IAN ARKLEY – Amaranth, Seventh Angel, Thy Listless Heart>>SIMON BIBBY>>Seventh Angel, Thy Listless Heart

History & Biography
UK-based My Silent Wake had an album called There Was Death through Minotauro Records in early 2018. The band was formed in 2005 and immediately had a self-titled demo. Marc Ellison joined in 2012. A split with Pÿlon of Switzerland came in late 2013. The band had an independent work on Opa Loka in 2017 called Invitation To Imperfection. My Silent Wake’s Damnum Per Saeculorum was out through Opa Loka Records in the summer of 2020. Ian Arkley had a new folk solo album called Two as of 2022. My Silent Wake signed a deal with Spain’s Ardua Music for the release of a full-length album in 2024. Featuring eight new songs, Lost In Memories, Lost In Grief was available on May 3rd.

The group is a white metal one with doom and goth tendencies although this was de-emphasized over the years. The band is lead by the Christian Ian Arkley.



My Silent Wake