Shipwrecked With The Wicked – 1990 – Siegen
Eternal Quest – 1993 – Rising Sun
A Step Beyond – 1995 – Rising Sun
Man Vs. Machine – 2001 - Siegen

S= Manifest>>Bobby Hicks>>Manifest – Prodigy>>William Wren>>Odyssey, Burn
G= Rich Davis>>Shift
B= Iced Earth, Twilight Kingdom, Delusion, Images Of Eden>>KEITH MEISER>>Delusion, Images Of Eden, Iced Earth, Twilight Kingdom
D= Reignstorm>>Chris Lembach>>Shift, Reignstorm

This power metal band was formed in 1983 in Baltimore, USA. 1987 and 1988 demos were called Mystic-Force and Blind Vision. The 1989 demo was called Take Command. It was also licensed to CMFT Records, which promptly went broke. Another demo, Shipwrecked With The Wicked, was issued in the same year. Signing to Siegen the band issued the Shipwrecked With The Wicked, which this time was an album. The band issued another demo before switching over to Rising Sun. A 1995 tour with Metal Church and Vicious Rumors was cancelled when the band threw in the towel. Mesner joined Iced Earth in 1996, but the liaison did not last. He would later organize the Powermad festival. The group was back on Siegen for Man Vs. Machine, but went on hiatus until 2010 when the inevitable reformation occurred. Allen Brunelle joined the band on drums in 2012. Mike "Pic'Kil" Evans was on guitar and Rick Mythiasin of Agent Steel and New Eden was on vocals. Bobby Hicks had died in 2013 due to liver failure.