Wicca – 1992 – Hellion/Osmose
Göetia – 1993 – Osmose
The World Is So Good That Who Made It Doesn’t Live Here – 1996 - Osmose
Profanus – 2001 – Encore
Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia – 2019 – Season Of Mist

Mystifier image
S= Meugninousouan, Necrolust>>Ad Baculum [Edilson Gondim]>>Necrolust – Hatred>>Arnaldo Asmoodeus>>Ungodly
G= Behemoth – Astaroth - Carnified>>Thony D'Assys>>Insaintfication, Ungodly - Death Vomit, Putrefaction, Corpus Christi>>BEELZEEBUBTH [ARMANDO DA SILVA CONCEIÇÃO]
B= Death Vomit, Putrefaction, Corpus Christi>>Beelzeebubth – Forsaken>>Brunno Rheys - Infested Blood>>DIEGO DOURDEN>>Infested Blood
D= Lucifuge Rofocale [Aab Benaia] – Unholy, Shadows, Drearylands>>Louis Bear>>Drearylands, Yun-Fat, Acanon, Confiteor, Pandora – Carcinoma, Medicine Death, Dissidium, Cranio>>WARMONGER [EDUARDO AMORIM]>>Cranio
K= Transcendental Magick, In Infernal War, Eternal Sacrifice, Forsaken>>Leandro Kastyphas [Leandro Cerqueira]>>Transcendental Magick, In Infernal War, Eternal Sacrifice, Forsaken

The city of Salvador in Brazil is known for being the See of Christianity in that country, tourism including Carnival and beaches and of course coconuts. Then there is Mystifier. The band has had a long and loyal history, but due to numerous line-up changes and quarrels with labels and businesses has had a low output.

Formed in July of 1989 by Beelzeebubth after playing in bands like Death Vomit, Putrefaction and Corpus Christi, the black and death metal band issued a demo called Tormenting The Holy Trinity featuring the line-up of singer Meugninousouan, guitarist Sarcastic, bassist Blackhrist (later Beelzeebubth) and Lucifuge Rofocale on drums. It contained a cover of Bathory’s Massacre. Maniac Records (also a local record store) picked up the band and issued the T.E.A.R. (The Evil Ascension Returns). Lucifuge was now Infernalcrusher by the way. The Aleister Crowley demo was up next in 1991 and featured the song Mystifier (Satan's Messengers). Meugninousouan was fired supposedly for wanting to make money.

Brazil’s Hellion Records picked the band up for its Wicca album. Wicca delivered on sound and quality and was licensed to the upstart French label Osmose Records, which issued a promotional tape for Mystifier with Marduk on the flip side. Göetia boasted two guitarists. Osmose called the band “Barbarian black metal.” Astaroth and Behemoth were both in the band. The guitarists would not last. Apparently, Behemoth quit without an explanation. The third album was on Osmose, but the label dropped the band, but not before having the act appear on the compilation World Domination II with the song Leather & Metal from Poison. With no record deal at hand and a new line-up, Demise Records (Amen Corner, Mysteriis, etc.) issued the 1999 EP Demystifying The Mystified Ones For A Decade In The Earthly Paradise. Aab Benaia left to focus on his day job. Thony D'Assys was on second guitar and Louis Bear was on drums. The band opened for Rotting Christ in Brazil. Thony D'assys was fired in 2000 for a lack of dedication. The song Give The Human Devil His Due (from the Group's third album) was added to the soundtrack of the movie Gummo. Beelzeebubth switched to guitar after rerecording the early material’s guitars. Osmose issued the band’s first two albums as a compilation in 2001. Louis Bear was fired in 2003 after having a scheduling conflict and not playing with the band for a concert date. The band had harsh words for Enrique Chavez of Dark Realm Records reporting that label, as well as Immortal Records, had hoodwinked it. A new album, called Summoned Unto Disobedience To Rebel, was announced. The band’s first European tour was in 2010. Dunkelheit issued the band’s first three demos as one package in 2014. It was called 25 Years Of Blasphemy And War. 2015 saw the release of Aztec Assault DVD. The band played at the Infernal Massacre 2 Festival in 2015. Earlier it announced a US and a European tour. Season of Mist signed the band in the spring of 2018. The Brazil-based black metal band would release its next album through the label. The band had gone over a decade without an album. Mystifier’s 2019 full-length Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia was released through Season Of Mist on March 8th.