Sphere Of Nebaddon: The Dawn Of A Dying Tyffereth – 1996 – Sound Riot
Remoti Meridiani Hymni: Towards The Magnificent Realm Of The Sun – 2000 – Somber
The Vanished Pantheon – 2005 – Somber/Firedoom
Immemorial - 2011 – Cyclone Empire
Monvmenta Antiqva – 2015 – Nuktemeron

S= Desmodus Rothundus, Templum>>GLAUCO SAMEJ>>Templum
G= Pentacrostic>>Flagellum [Gilberto Santana]>>Spell Forest, Crux Caelifera – Pentacrostic>>MARCELO NECHRON – Guehenom, Nechrist,Templum>>SHAMMASH [FABIO]>>Guehenom, Nechrist,Templum
B= Leonard – Vulturine>>Lord Mephyr>>Templum, Spell Forest, Cruor Cultum – Marcio Yaotzin>>Templum
D= SpellForest>>HAMON [ALAN LIMA]>>SpellForest
K= Akenaton

Former Pentacrostic musicians formed this Sao Paulo-based doom/death band in 1994. Several members are members of Templum. There was a 1995 Promo. The group was featured on the compilation The Winds Of A New Millenium, which was issued by Demise Records. Remoti Meridiani Hymni revolved around a theme of ancient Inca people. Hamon produced it. Akenaton left in 1998. Leonard left in 2001 and was replaced by Lord Morpheus. Lord Mephyr usurped the previous lord. The Vanished Pantheon was licensed by Firebox. The band played in Europe between April and May 2012 including Portugal’s Barrocelas SWR Fest and in Netherlands’ Dordrecht Doom Day Fest II. Fabio is the owner of Nuktemeron Productions.



Mythological Cold Towers