Blood Is Life – 2000 – Wagram
Next World Will Be Yours – 2001 – Wagram
Under The Silver Cross – 2003 – Wagram
Romantic – 2005 - Manitou
Nostalgic Heroes – 2007 – Manitou
Live 2008 – 2009 - Pervade
Heavenwards – 2010 - Brennus

S= Odyssey>>Jean-Jacques Fanciullotti>>Odyssey
G= Ashes And Dust>>Dan Zang - Julien "Fenril" Adamo - Ashes And Dust>>DAN ZANG
B= Desdemona, Broken Arrow, Ashes And Dust>>Markus Fortunato>>Solo
D= Odyssey>>Laurent Bourguin
K= Markus Fortunato

Lyon’s M.Z. was formed to perform techno metal with a classical bent in 1999. The band split up in 2011. Wagram Music signed the band and issued the group’s debut in 2000. The collaboration lasted until 2005’s Romantic.Dan Zang had left in 2004, but returned in 2006 and remained before exiting in 2011.

Heavenwards was inspired by The Lord Of The Rings. A Heavenwards Live album was issued independently in 2011. Fabrice Garcia was the singer in 2011.

The M.Z. monicker is based on the initials for Markus Fortunato and Zan Dang. The two had met in Ashes And Dust.


Nostalgic Heroes is the band’s fifth album, but I believe its first on Manitou Music. The band will appeal to fans of Yngwie Malmsteen, although despite the keyboards and abundant melodies the Frenchmen are less commercial than their Swedish bigger brother. A classic hard rock singer, Jean-Jacques Fanciulotti, maintains overall control while the neo-classical sounds of the band shine through a deceptively technical setting. Most remarkable, is Markus Fortunato whose bass guitar shreds on tracks like Polytheist or Nostalgic Heroes. A gifted bass man Markus might as well hand over his keyboard duties to someone else (preferably someone with a terminal disease). Quite honestly, with so many albums under its belts the M.Zers are not about to make waves on the scene, but for their chosen style M.Z. is not lacking any which way one looks at it. - Ali “The Metallian”