Hünengrab Im Herbst – 1997 – Kettenhund
Srontgorrth (Die Macht Erfaßte Das Meine Wie Die Angst Das Blut Der Anderen) – 1999 - Kettenhund
Virus West – 2001 – Ars Metalli

Negelfar image
S= Jander [Michael Jander Franke]>>Dark Embrace – Graupel>>ZINGULTUS ‘THERION EPITAPH)’>>Graupel, Endstille, Graven, Desecration
G= TOBIA ZORN>>EgoNoir, Simple Existenz
B= Graupel>>Sveinn Von Hackelnberg>>Graupel - TOBIA ZORN>>EgoNoir, Simple Existenz
D= Heemat>>ALEXANDER ‘VON MEILENWALD’ FROHN>>The Ruins Of Beverast, Truppensturm

Zorn and Von Meilenwald formed the band in 1993 in Northwestern Germany. It did not last ten years as Zorn lost the will to continue in 2002. The band’s inaugural demo was 1995’s Als Die Tore Sich Öffnen, which translated to ‘as the gates open themselves.’ Jagd followed in 1996. Sombre Records issued a split for the band with Germany’s Dark Embrace. A small label called Kettenhund brought the band on and Hünengrab Im Herbst was released. Former Holy Moses guitarist Andy Classen produced it. This record was reissued a decade later by Ván Records. Jander departed in 1998. Christhunt Productions of Germany issued a single with Negelfar on it in 2000 before the group issued its final record, Virus West, which despite its title still featured German lyrics. Perverted Taste Records re-issued Virus West in 2004. The record’s cover is a photograph of the West Wall, which was a World War II German military line and fortification. Alexander had observed in an interview that, “you are frequently rated a “Nazi” when pointing out that this country has an alarming problem with criminal, maladjusted Turks and North Africans, which is nothing more than the truth. “ A posthumous Ragnarök independent release was the end having a limited edition of ten copies.

‘Nagelfar’ was a Norse mythological ship. The influence of Norse mythology could already be detected in the band’s style as well as other titles.