Turn On The Ignition – 2019 - Rockmaykan

S= Tokyo Rock Blaster>>KAN>>Tokyo Rock Blaster
G= Ironfist, Storm Rider, Solo>>GENTARO SATOMURA>>Solo
B= Sleazy Wizard>>Takenori Minemura>>Galactica Phantom
D= Flatbacker, EZO, Anthem, Loudness, Saber Tiger>>HIROTSUGU HOMMA

This heavy metal band with a female vocalist, shredding guitars, thundering bass and former Anthem drummer came together in 2015. Early singer Shigeki Fujii and drummer Taku Izuhara left in very short order. Singer Kan joined in 2016. The band operated with two guitarists. Former Anthem and Loudness drummer Homma was enlisted in 2018. Walk Don’t Run was a 2018 song. The songs from the single appeared on the band’s full-length album, which followed. The band’s label was associated with a Tokyo-based live venue. Bassist Takenori Minemura left in 2021. New bassist was Keisuke Okamoto. The band was part of the international Countercorona Music Festival of online streaming shows in 2021. No news whether the coronavirus was weakened.



Naked Machine