Combat>>NAPALM>>Combat - USA

Cruel Tranquility – 1989 - SPV
Zero To Black – 1990 - SPV


G= Jeff Rossbach - Jeff Lombardi – Pigface>>STIG CHRIS LIGGIO - KULT
B= Chris Weidner - Brett Roth
D= Rex Rossbach - ROBERT J. PROIMOS


New York-based thrash metal Combat was formed circa 1984 and changed monickers when it signed with East Coast USA’s Combat Records. The band opened for Motörhead at a local club called Sundance in Bayshore, Long Island, New York in November 1985 where Joe Leonard of Combat Records saw them. The Rossbach brothers were unhappy with the contract however and departed. As of 1986 being called Napalm, the band issued a self-titled EP (which featured Combat, the band, founders Rex and Jeff Rossbach) followed it up with a 1987 demo called All Out Assault, followed by a split with Powermad and Have Mercy before issuing its full-length in 1989. Weidner had abandoned the vocals to focus on bass. Weidner himself would quit before the second album. Japan’s Teichiku Records issued a band split with Sieges Even before the group effectively split. The band was back as of 2000 under the Combat monicker once again. Century Media issued the band’s Bootcamp EPs in 1999. Divebomb Recordds re-released the compilation in 2015.