High As Hell – 2000 – TVT
Say Something Nasty – 2002 – Artemis
Get Some! – 2005 – SPV/Spitfire
From Hell To Texas – 2009 – SPV
Live In Rennes, France 1998 – 2011 - SPV
Up The Dosage – 2014 - SPV
Pleased To Eat You – 2018 - earMUSIC

Nashville Pussy image
G= Nine Pound Hammer>>BLAINE CARTWRIGHT – Dick Delicious And The Tasty Testicles>>RUYTER SUYS>>Dick Delicious And The Tasty Testicles
B= Chelsea Girls, The Lizzies>>Corey Parks>>Chelsea Girls, The Lizzies, The Hunns - Karen Cuda - BONNIE BUITRAGO
D= Phantom Creeps>>JEREMY THOMPSON

Following the breakup of Kentucky-based band Nine Pound Hammer in 1997, guitarist Blaine Cartwright formed Nashville Pussy and also stood behind the microphone. His wife Ruyter Suys and drummers Adam Neal followed by Jeremy Thompson were in the act. The band had early success, which has since subsided. Nashville Pussy was nominated for the Best Metal Performance Grammy for the song Fried Chicken And Coffee from the 1998 EP Let Them Eat Pussy, which was issued by alternative label Amphetamine Reptile. Mercury picked up the EP. A tour with Marilyn Manson ensued. Aside from the songs and music the band’s titles and imagery contributed to the band’s reputation. The group played with American Dog in 2000. A 2003 live DVD was called Keep On F*cking Live In Paris and a 2008 one was Live In Hollywood. Bassist Karen Cuda – who was out of action for some of 2012 due to a neck injury - was new on Get Some! The band toured with Skidrow and King’s X. Bonnie Buitrago replaced her in 2013 in time for Up The Dosage. The Americans signed to the German label SPV beginning with From Hell To Texas. SPV also issued a 2015 compilation called Ten Years Of Pussy. Nashville Pussy release a new album, called Pleased To Eat You, through earMUSIC in September 2018.

The band has contributed multiple times to different films and itself appeared in movies. The band likes to play cover versions. Pussy not being enough Suys has also joined Dick Delicious And The Tasty Testicles. The band has often been termed ‘sleazy’ and also called itself alternately ‘southern discomfort’ or ‘Motorhead with (breasts).’



Nashville Pussy