Inhale/Exhale – 1998 – Relapse
Human 2.0 – 2000 – Relapse
Helvete – 2003 – Relapse
Shift – 2004 – Burning Heart
Doombringer – 2008 - Relapse

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Altar, Mothercare>>Miszko A. Talarczyk>>Altar, Mothercare

Shagidiel, Insanity>>Miszko A. Talarczyk>>Insanity - JON LINDQVIST – Crematory, Crucifyre, Regurgitate>>URBAN SKYTT>>Crucifyre, Regurgitate, General Surgery

Burst, Napalm Death>>Jesper Liveröd>>Burst, Napalm Death – Retaliation>>Jon Lindqvist>>Retaliation

Bloodshed, Necrony, Masticate, Route Nine, Bloodshed, The Products, Coldworker>>ANDERS JAKOBSON>>Axis Of Despair, The Products, Coldworker, Route Nine

History & Biography
The grindcore band was founded in 1992 by Anders Jakobson (guitar) and Rickard Alriksson (drums/vocals) as a side-project to Necrony and quickly issued a couple of splits with Agathocles (through Poserslaughter) and another with Vivisection, Sexual Organ and others before the 1994 demo Domedagen. The demo featured a Napalm Death cover version. Poserslaughter, which was also Necrony’s label, issued the 1995 EP Industrislaven. Anders switched to drums when the band’s drummer Rickard quit due to an unwillingness to play shows and disenchantment with the band’s sound and lyrics. More demos and splits lead to a deal with Relapse Records and a debut album in 1998. That same year the bandissued a covers’ EP with songs from S.O.B., Refused, etc. The band kept up its tradition of issuing split records. The first US show was in 1999 at the Milwaukee Metal Fest. A tour with Exhumed, Morgion and others followed. The band was in Japan in 2001 using the monicker Extreme The Dojo alongside Cryptopsy.

Founding member Miszko A. Talarczyk was swept to sea and killed due to the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 while vacationing in Thailand. His body was identified in 2015. The band officially split up in 2005, although the obligatory reunion tour ensued in 2012. Keijo Niinimaa of Rotten Sound was on vocals and the band stated it wanted to commemorate its 20th anniversary as well. Dark Domains was a 2012 compilation by Sweden’s Altar, which was dedicated to Mieszko Talarczyk who was in the band previously. Blasting Shit To Bits – The Final Show was a documentary, which showcased the final 2012 performance by the band. It premiered at Copenhagen’s Music Film Festival on April 27th 2017 to coincide with the band’s 25th anniversary.

Talarczyk has a recording studio called Soundlab where bands, including Nasum, recorded. Early releases were accorded to the band’s own imprint, Grindwork Productions. The band's name, pronounded ‘nazum’, was Latin for nose and was taken from the horror film Flesh For Frankenstein.