Majesty>>NAUSEA - USA

Crime Against Humanity – 1991 – Wild Rags
Condemned To The System – 2014 – Willowtip

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S= Unknown Death, Decomposed, Terrorizer, Terrorizer LA, Majesty>>OSCAR GARCIA>>Terrorizer LA, Majesty
G= Unknown Death, Decomposed, Terrorizer, Terrorizer LA, Majesty>>OSCAR GARCIA>>Terrorizer, Terrorizer LA, Majesty - Vito Tagliente – Impaled, Infanticide, Phobia, Artificium Sanguis, Destroyed In Seconds, Intronaut, Murder Construct>>Leon del Muerte [Leon Michael Sandow]>>Impaled, Phobia, Murder Construct, Terrorizer LA
B= Excruciating Terror>>Armando Morales>>Stapled Shut - Sin Salida, Dia De Los Muertos, Vallenfyre, Pounder>>ALEJANDRO CORREDOR>>Vallenfyre, Pounder
D= Majesty, Apocalypse>>ERIC ‘Dr. Blastbeat’ CASTRO>>Majesty, Apocalypse

Arisen from the ashes of the Satanic band Majesty in 1987, the early grindcore band was based in Los Angeles and forever associated with the other West Coast USA band, Terrorizer. Neighbours Castro and Garcia came over from Majesty at first leaving Carlos Reveles behind, but gained some Napalm Death influences and issued Demo #2 (1987) and a rehearsal before completing a split with Terorrizer. The latter band featured future Morbid Angel man Pete "Commando" Sandoval and Jesse Pintando who would be active in Napalm Death one day. Garcia grinded in both outfits. Nausea later also featured Carlos Cosmo Reveles formerly of Majesty. Garcia played on Terrorizer’s 1989 album and even took a few nausea songs with him.

The 1991 demo Live: Crime Against Humanity preceded the full-length album of 1991, which was issued by the notorious local fanzine and record store Wild Rags. Like many other bands working with Richard Campos and the label the Nausea boys would soon term the company a rip-off. The forerunning US grind album would be re-issued several times in years to come. Joining Castro and Garcia were Vito Tagliente and Armando Morales. The Breed and Tumor demos followed, but the band bit the dust in 1994. The band returned in 2001 with Control/Absence Of War and a compilation called The Suffering Continues. Awesome Mosh Power issued a split for the band with Unholy Grave. A proper album was issued by Willowtip in 2014 and entitled Condemned To The System. The album only added several new songs to the band’s catalogue. Joining the original duo were Impaled’s Leon del Muerte and Alejandro Corredor.

Nausea was named after a song by the band Heresy.