Life Impaled – 2013 - Dead Center
Upon The Darkest Season – 2014 - Dead Center
Through Darkness And Hell – 2014 – Metallic Media
Diabolical Teachings – 2015 – Metallic Media
Death's Withered Chants – 2016 - Satanath


S= Circle Of Chaos, Rage Invest>>NEKHRID [JULIAN LOAIZA]>>Rage Invest, Circle Of Chaos
B= D. - Wasteland, Unangel>>CROWLECH [JOHAN PETTERSSON]
D= Katharos, Chainsaw, Division Vansinne, Circle Of Chaos, Burning Darkness>>Rimfrost [German Quezada Echiburu]>> Circle Of Chaos, Burning Darkness, Helvegen - Three Days In Darkness, Unangel, Dead Man's Revolution>>COSMARUL [OSKAR NORMAN CALAIS]>>Unangel, Dead Man's Revolution


Uppsala, Sweden is home to the grand Uppsala Cathedral and also home to black metal band Nazghor. Nazghor’s members have obviously failed so long as the cathedral towers over them.
The group was founded by Nekhrid and Armageddor in 2012 and issued a demo, called Life Impaled, in 2013. Dead Center Productions issued 2014’s Upon The Darkest Season. It had also re-released the band’s demo. In the same year Black Plague Records and Metallic Media issued Through Darkness And Hell. The title may have been a reference to spending a day travelling in New York City. The band independently issued Diabolical Teachings in 2015, but it was also distributed by Metallic Media. Drummer Cosmarul came and went in 2015. Two Unangel members joined in 2015. 2016 brought Death's Withered Chants through Satanath Records. Several Polish shows followed.

The band has called its music ‘black metal of death.’

The word ‘Nazghor’ is invented by the band to mean ‘the soldiers of the throne of darkness.’