Jewel Of The Vile – 2016 – Metal Blade

Necromancing The Stone image
S= Brimstone Coven>>JOHN WILLIAMS>>Brimstone Coven
G= Arsis, Vermithrax>>JAMES MALONE>>Arsis, Vermithrax - Brimstone Coven>>JUSTIN WOOD>>Brimstone Coven
B= The Black Dahlia Murder, Ninety Minute Reflex>>BART WILLIAMS
D= Ninety Minute Reflex, Skineater, Infernaeon, Wombbath, The Absence, Dritt Skit, Ribspreader>>JERAMIE KLING>> Ninety Minute Reflex, Infernaeon, The Absence, Dritt Skit, Ribspreader

The band was formed in 2014 as a project for members of Arsis, The Absence, The Black Dahlia Murder, etc who lived in different regions in the USA. Justin Wood and John Williams actually had a project called Necromancing The Stone earlier and old friend James Malone joining would resurrect it. The band issued a demo called Before the Devil Knows You're Dead and signed with Metal Blade. The debut was issued in August, 2016. Guitarist Taylor Nordberg (The Absence, Infernaeon and Ribspreader) was a guest on the song Ritualistic Demise. The band had signed to the label in October of 2015 and had slated its debut for the winter of 2016. The band toured in support of Battlecross, a tour whose proceeds would go to America’s military-industrial henchmen. Cattle Decapitation, Whitechapel, Goatwhore, Allegaeon and Necromancing The Stone were touring the USA in 2017 as part of the Metal Blade Records 35th Anniversary Tour.

Romancing The Stone was the title of a 1984 film whose sequel was Jewel Of The Nile.



Necromancing The Stone