Leprechaun>>Necronomicon>>NECROMICON - SWEDEN

Realm Of Silence – 1996 - Impure Creations
Sightveiler – 1998 - Hammerheart
Peccata Mundi – 2000 - Hammerheart


S= Daniel Björkman - Sara Näslund
G= Horrid, Sobre Nocturne>>STEFAN LUNDGREN>>Sobre Nocturne, Sectu – Hellmasker, Morthirim>>NICKLAS SUNDQVIST>>Hellmasker, Morthirim, Depraved
B= Hellmasker>>PATRICK SUNDKVIST>>Hellmasker
D= Hellmasker, Satariel>>Robert "Zoid" Sundelin>>Hellmasker, Satariel, Deathbound
K= Morthirim, Intestinal Necrosis>>Roger Johansson>>Morthirim, Intestinal Necrosis


The Luleå-based band was founded in 1993 as Leprechaun before quickly morphing into Necronomicon and soon another monicker with the ‘con’ ending and issuing a demo called When The Sun Turns Black in 1994. Niklas Sundqvist, Robert Sundelin and Henrik Åberg were the original founders. Another demo followed and was termed Through The Gates Of Grief. Jonas Mejfeldt was on bass. Impure Creations Records signed the band and issued Realm Of Silence. This full-length was initially meant to be an EP. The follow-up album, however, was on Hammerheart Records. It was a story about the evil demon of the title and featured vocals representing the characters. However, by the time the next album hit half the line-up had changed. Daniel and Stefan did not get along. Singer Kai Jaakkola (Deathbound, etc.) was the session singer on the third record. Dark Funeral’s Tomas Asklund was the session drummer. The band split up or rather was officially on hiatus.

Several members simultaneously played in Hellmasker. Nicklas is Patrick’s older brother.