The Search – 1988 – Heavy Metal Maniac
Enslaved To The Machine – 2001 - Toxic
Reenslaved To The Machine – 2014 - Digmetalworld
Age Of Decadence – 2015 – Best Foe


S= Andres "Chancho Cabrío" Marchant>>Kingdom Of Hate – Enigma>>Gustavo Robles>>Enigma, Slavery, In Cold Blood – Anhoxia, Wajardo, In Cold Blood>>JORGE JONES>>Impact
G= Massacre>>José Miguel Nacrur - Nataniel 'Nata' Infante>>Kingdom Of Hate - Cesar Añasco>>Kingdom Of Hate – Massacre>>Rene Mundaca – Forahneo, Rebelion>>Sergio Aravena>>Forahneo, Rebelion, Torturer - Anima Inmortalis>>VICTOR CONTRERAS>>Anima Inmortalis, Hellfire
B= Rodrigo Westphal – Undercroft>>Rodrigo Onetto - PATRICIO AHUMADA
D= Massacre, Fallout, Forahneo>>ANDRÉS NACRUR>>Massacre, Fallout, Forahneo


One of the hundreds of Necrosis’ running around the world in the ‘90s this one was one of the earlier ones having formed in Santiago in 1985 and lasting on and off until 2017. Comically, the band members were in other groups with names like Pentagram and Massacre.

The band was active as early as 1985 and played a show with Massacre, etc, which was organized by Yanko Tolic of the latter band, in December of 1985. They issued a demo called Kingdom Of Hate, probably saluting to the United States, in 1987 and signed with Brazil’s Heavy Metal Maniac as there were no labels or infrastructure for metal in Chile. The band had gone to play a show with Kreator in Brazil and the Germans had not arrived, The cover featured a nod to South America of course. The lyrics referenced the Spanish conquerors. The band split up in 1990 after bassist Alfred Pena’s suicide, but of course came back in 1999 for another round. This time the band found a local record company. This turn was as long as the last one, the group disbanded in 2003 and of course came back in 2009 and issued a demo called Reborn in 2009. One look at the title and cover of the 2014 album indicates it is a reworking of the 2001 album. An album did arrive in 2015, which meant it was time for the band to quit in order to get ready for another reunion around 2021.

The band kept a drummer, but essentially had as many line-ups and members as years and albums. Jose Miguel and Andres Nacrur are brothers. The band and In Cold Blood exchanged vocalists. The band’s Kingdom Of Hate demo became a band name, which several members later joined.Andres edited the Total hardcore fanzine.