Necroticgorebeast – 2019 - Comatose
Human Deviance Galore – 2021 - Comatose
Repugnant - 2023 - Comatose

Necroticgorebeast image
S= The Outborn>>JOHN MAYER>>The Outborn

G= Soiled By Blood, Kaotik>>MICHAEL CHAMBERLAND>>Soiled By Blood, Kaotik

B= The Outborn, Virulent Excision>>ALEXANDRE BROCHU>>The Outborn, Virulent Excision

D= Oxidized Faith, Obscurcis Romancia, Demence, Morningless, Bookakee, Necronomicon, Killitorous, Virulent Excision, Cognitive>>JP BOUCHARD>>Morningless, Bookakee, Necronomicon, Killitorous, Virulent Excision, Cognitive

History & Biography
The French Canadians came together in 2017 with two The Outborn members and had a self-titled demo in March 2018. Comatose Music signed the band and issued the debut album in late 2019, which was recorded in the spring. The band and Pathology had played in Montreal. Canada-based gore metal band Necroticgorebeast had an album called Human Deviance Galore on Comatose Music on October 1st 2021. The group released a new album, entitled Repugnant, through Comatose on November 3rd 2023. In the meantime, drummer Bouchard was becoming, like the other drummers out there, a stool-for-hire. Pathology, Necroticgorebeast and Aethereus were touring the USA from April 17th to May 4th 2024.