The Pungency Of Carnage – 2009 – United Guttural
Engorging The Devourmental Void – 2013 – Lacerated Enemy


S= Daniel Borodi – Decease, Clitgore>>Radu Vulpe>>Decease, Clitgore – Clitgore>>CALIN PARASCHIV>>Clitgore
G= Decease>>Radu Vulpe>>Decease, Tableau Mort – Clitgore, Pestilence>>CALIN PARASCHIV>> Clitgore, Pestilence
B= Ela Paraschiv>>Clitgore – Planetarium>>Radu Vulpe>>Planetarium
D= Malpraxis, Prohod>>Florin Gheorghita>>Malpraxis, Sincarnate, Prohod, Syn Ze Șase Tri


This death metal band came together in 2001 and issued a demo in 2002. The 2003 EP, Into The Gory Scripts, was issued by the Sun & Moon Records. United Guttural signed the band next. Daniel Borodi left in 2010. Ela Paraschiv left in 2012. Septimiu Hărşan was on drums in 2011 and 2012. He left, but rejoined in 2014. Kevin Foley was in this band (of course) as well between 2012 and 2014. Pestilence’s bassist Tilen Hudrap was let go as he had little time to devote to the act in 2018. Necrovile’s Edward Negrea was in.