Urban Cancer – 2006 – Siege Of Amida/Deepsend

Nefastus Dies image
S= Adenine, Trails Of Anguish, Winter Bestowed, Withdraw, The Last Felony, Vatican>>Ill-Fate [Sébastien Painchaud]>>Withdraw, The Last Felony, Vatican
B= Fleshcraft>>TIM SANDERS>>Fleshcraft
D= Trails Of Anguish, Ether>>SCYTHRAWL [MAXIME DUCHARME]>>Ether
K= Iraabbas [Guillaume Audet]

Nefastus Dies unoffically happened in March 2002 when former members Void and Betrayal met drummer Tommy Mckinnon, bassist Auriel and eventually keyboardist Iraabbas. The Montreal-based black metal band was officially founded in 2003 and after finding a solid line-up, and having Auriel switch to guitar from bass, issued a demo appropriately called Prelude in 2005. Despite claim of being ‘metal’ the band had a keyboard player. The group reported that it had signed a deal with an unnamed label - although Deepsend may have been it - only to rescind the agreement upon realizing the concern’s meagre resources. The band claims to have bought back said label’s investment and pressings. Siege Of Amida signed the band and a debut record was soon out. Despised Icon’s Yannick St-Amand taped it. A demo called Interlude was issued in 2009 and the band died with ill-fate quitting. A video for the song Hate Vector was also shot.


Boy, does this band blast to high heavens. Nefastus Dies is a newish band from Canada that is fronted by former Ion Dissonance frontguy Ill-Fate/Sebastien Painchaud and no doubt about it this is some of the most relentless mechanisms for the delivery of nuclear blast beats ever. The drumming of Scythrawl might not be the world’s tightest, but he blasts like there is no tomorrow. The music is extreme, to the point and punchy, but frankly sounds a lot more like a sped up and more pounding Dissection than Napalm Death or Siege. The vocals are growled and piggish and even howled at times, the guitars uncomplicated attacks and the band stops for nothing save for some ersatz silliness on Spawns Of Illegitimacy. What is the piano doing here? The album’s last track is the 13-minute long Cost-Effective Mergers, which seems to want to present another side to the group unfortunately. Nefastus Dies is another winning band out of Montreal and Canada. - Anna Tergel


Nefastus Dies