Old Black – 2004 – Magick/Remedy
Die Eisernen Verse – 2005 - Remedy
Panzer Metal – 2010 - Remedy
Gates To The Pantheon – 2013 – Viva Hate


S= Aeons Confer, Diaspora, Sanguineus, King Fear, Dämmerfarben, Dark Funeral>>NACHTGARM [STEVE MARBS]>>Sanguineus, King Fear, Dämmerfarben, Dark Funeral
G= Ancient Season, Eclipsis, Drautran>>FINNSKALD [FRANK SCHÄFER]>>Drautran
B= Pantheion, Hagal>>Berthelm [Dirk Ferber]>>Pantheion, Hagal - Sanguineus>>Harlegrim [David Gill]>>Sanguineus - Todtgelichter>>NILS HJALMORT
D= Pantheion>>Tramheim [Martyn Maat]>>Pantheion – Soulsgate, Ophis, Vomiting Corpses, In The Name Of Nothing>>Samebrann [Richard Nolte]>>Soulsgate, Ophis, Vomiting Corpses, In The Name Of Nothing


This Germany-based black metal band was founded in Hamburg Germany in 2003. Hamburg-based Remedy Records signed the band and issued the Old Black album a year later. It was recorded at EiKey Studio. Die Eisernen Verse translates to ‘Iron Verses’ in English. Following a hiatus the band returned to EiKey Studio to record its third album. Nachtgarm was with Dark Funeral from 2011 to 2012 replacing Emperor Magus Caligula. The band switched to a new label for its fourth album, which was issued in 2013. Guitarist Urzorn joined in 2014. Drummer Nechtan joined in 2015.


The title for Negator's album and the disc's design pretty much sum up the band's musical direction and should give adequate clues such that a review is not even necessary. These guys paint the world black with a brush of evil. For the most part this band is a mixture of Immortal, Dissection and Satyricon. The music is unequivocal and frill less black metal. Having said that, a couple of external influences make brief appearances. Katharsis features a slight folk influence, Vernunft 1.0 has a computerized synthesized sound and uncharacteristic rhythm change and In The Unholy Halls Of Eternal Frost deigns to feature a jazzy section! Whilst we are nitpicking it is odd that Renegation, the album's last number, lasts a good eleven minutes which excludes its eligibility for an 'old school' designation. - Anna Tergel