Nembrionic Hammerdeath>>NEMBRIONIC - THE NETHERLANDS

Psycho One Hundred – 1995 - Displeased
Incomplete – 1998 - Displeased


S= Gore Flix, Fuckface>>MARCO "THORGRIM" WESTENBRINK>>Gore Flix, Fuckface
G= Consolation, Unlord>>DENNIS "GOR GHO PHON" JAK>>Unlord, Cardinal, Dauthuz – Black Metal, Unlord>>MARCO "THORGRIM" WESTENBRINK>>Unlord
B= JAMIL BERUD>>A Million Strong
D= Fried Full Rubber>>NOEL DEREK RULE VAN EERSEL>>Maggie & The Jar


Nembrionic was the new Nembrionic Hammerdeath as of 1994. Marco and Noel attended the same school. The band lasted five years with the new and condensed monicker. Djax Records issued a split with the band Consolation and Osdorp Posse, which featured the band rapping. Despite the inauspicious beginning the group issued its debut Psycho One Hundred the year after. It dealt with the darker side of a man. Then it was back to Djax Records for more rapping, hip-hop and idiocy. This 1996 release was called Briljant, Hard & Geslepen. The Bloodcult EP appeared in 1997. This was a sampler of sorts. Incomplete was the band’s swan song and appeared in 1998.

The band played at Dynamo Open Air, Liberation Day and Pinkpop Festival. The group also opened for Slayer.

The band’s monicker referred to embryos. This band, Consolation and Unlord shared members and a rehearsal room. Consolation and Nembrionic had toured together. Marco worked at Displeased Records.