For Destroy The Lament – 1996 – Adipocere
My Beautiful Enemy – 2003 – Mystic

S= Piotr ‘Kay’ Wtulich>>Kayzen – Wolverine>>PATRYK ‘NICK’ ZWOLIŃSKI>>Antigama, Blindead, Times New Roman – Testor, Geisha Goner>>MACIEJ TAFF>>Black River
G= PIOTR ‘KAY’ WTULICH>>Kayzen, Black River – Fighter, Jony Walker>>Mirosław ‘Mrek’ Szymańczak>>Jony Walker
B= Michał Sarnowski – Neolithic, Black River, Vesania>>ORION [TOMASZ WRÓBLEWSKI]>>Vesania, Behemoth
D= Janusz Jastrzębowski>>Groan, Artrosis - PABLO

Founded in the town of Mlawa north of Warsaw, Neolithic was a goth rock band between November 1991 and 2006. A 1992 demo was called Terpsychora. It featured a Samael cover and was distributed by Kassandra Promotion. Then came the The Personal Fragment Of Life demo, which was well distributed and promoted in the underground. In fact, it was issued in 1993, 1994 and 1995 by the aforementioned Kassandra, Loud Out and finally Adipocere Records. All in all the band claimed it had sold 7,000 copies of it despite, or because of, the presence of violins. The band obtained a deal with the France-based Adipocere in April 1995 and entered Modern Sound Studio and issued For Destroy The Lament in February of 1996. The song Chattles was included in a Terrorizer magazine compilation. A hiatus ensued and My Beautiful Enemy was out in 2003. A limited edition of this CD featured a self-titled EP. Maciej Taff took over the vocals towards the end.

The band morphed into Black River.


I swear I gave this a chance. In spite of the meaninglessness of the title and the Polish interjections, I gave this a chance. I honestly tried to be nice. “Steady,” I told myself, “be nice.” But the music of Neolithic reared its ugly head, wimpy, keyboard-laden 'oh so sensitive' head and through a constant barrage of whining and pretentiousness did what I had willed not to do, hate this bore! Fans of melancholic, slow pop rock will surely cosy up to this. As for I, it is time to listen to some metal now. - Ali “The Metallian”