A Dream of Glory and Pride – 1974 – Vertigo
Two – 1975 – Vertigo
Reload – 1975 – Vertigo


S= Roger Holegård>>Wasa Express
G= Roger Holegård>>Wasa Express - PIERO MENGARELLI - Gunnar Hallin
B= Benno Mengarelli
D= Kenta Krull - Stanley Larsson


Roger, Piero and Benno formed the band as Spider in 1969. Stanley Larsson joined in 1973 and the monicker changed. The band obtained a major recording deal and issued a debut in 1974. Gunnar was Benno’s schoolmate and joined in time for Two. The former was a roadie for the act and had become a member so the latter could concentrate on the vocals’ duty. Thomas Wiklund arrived the year after replacing Larsson. The band split after the release of Reload in 1976 with Roger leaving having opened for Nazareth and also played at the Ragnarock festival in Oslo in front of 70,000 people. Piero reformed the band and recordings were made in 1977, but it all went nowhere. Another attempt to reform and record was aborted in 1981 and the group disbanded in 1983. The Best Of Neon Rose compilation was issued in 2033 and featured a couple of unheard songs. The individual members could not let it go and reformed in 2015. Veteran members were Piero Mengarelli (guitars and vocals) and drummer Peter Lundgren. The new Neon Rose was stylized as Chapter III and played at Sweden Rock Festival of 2016.

Neon Rose is considered Sweden’s first hard rock group. The band had an original sound that skewed commercialism.



Neon Rose