Vanity Unfair – 2016 - Revalve Records

Nerodia image
S= Cielo Drive>>GIULIO SERPICO MARINI>>Cielo Drive
G= Cielo Drive, Doomraiser>>GIULIO SERPICO MARINI>>Cielo Drive, Doomraiser – Sepolcrum, 3rd Room, VII Arcano, Doomraiser>>MARCO MONTAGNA>>VII Arcano, Doomraiser
B= Blood Legion, VII Arcano>>IVAN CONTINI>>Blood Legion, VII Arcano
D= Stormlord, A.T.T., Concept, Kaledon, Outbreak, Mesosphera, Tular, Gravestone, T.I.R., Arkana Code, Novembre>>DAVID FOLCHITTO>>Stormlord, Mesosphera, Tular, Gravestone, T.I.R., Arkana Code, Novembre

This Rome-based act was founded by guitarist and vocalist Giulio Serpico Marini and bass player Davide Villa in 2004 and announced it with Demo 2008. Bassist Doctor Rockerolle left in 2009. The Heretic Manifesto demo of 2010 followed. Guitarist Dario Cirillo parted ways with the act. The band was pondering throwing in the towel in 2012, but signed with Revalve and issued an EP called Prelude To Misery. Italy-based Nerodia issued an album called Vanity Unfair through Revalve Records to end 2016. The band is described as thrash/black metal.