The Ghost Collector – 2008 - Pulverised
Monument Black Colossal – 2010 - Scarecrow
The Ferocious Tides Of Fate – 2013 - Scarecrow
The Grander Voyage – 2016 – Black Lodge
Into The Vast Uncharted – 2019 - Eisenwald
Arete – 2021 - Eisenwald

Netherbird image
S= BIZMARK (PNA) [PONTUS ANDERSSON] – Sickness, Benighted, Fear The Future, Mist Of Misery, Riket>>NEPHENTE [JOHAN FRIDELL]>>Riket – Johan Nord
G= BIZMARK (PNA) [PONTUS ANDERSSON] – Mist Of Misery>>Johan Nord – Riket>>TOBIAS JACOBSSON>>Riket
B= Johan Nord – Tobias Jacobsson>>Riket – Valkyrja, Terminal Prospect>>MICKE ANDRÉ>>Terminal Prospect
D= Penance, At The Gates, Terror, Decameron, The Haunted>>Adrian Erlandsson>>At The Gates, The Haunted, Brujeria, Riket, The Lurking Fear – Souldrainer, Chastisement, Aeon, Sanctification, The Wretched End>>Nils Fjellström>>The Wretched End - A Canorous Quintet, Guidance Of Sin, The Plague, Amon Amarth, This Ending>>FREDRIK ANDERSSON>>A Canorous Quintet, This Ending

The Jönköping-based band was founded in 2004 and was active for ten years before going on a two-year hiatus and returning in 2016. The band issued a demo, called Boulevard Black, in 2005. 2007 brought another, Blood Orchid, which was followed by Lighthouse Eternal (Laterna Magika). Both of these were reissued in 2012. Pulverised Records signed the band for its debut. Tobias Jacobsson switched to guitar from bass in 2016. A 2017 compilation was called Hymns From Realms Yonder. Nord Exited in 2020. Andersson also joined Myronath in 2021.


It is on Pulverised Records. It, therefore, has to be good, right? Wrong. There were so many clues in place too that were right in plain view, but the label’s track record had a blinding effect apparently. Whoever hatched this idea must be a birdbrain. Netherbird is from Sweden and fancies itself black metal, but instead the group’s approach is everything and the kitchen sink except black metal. Starting off with a Classical intro and some horrific effects the album proceeds to go from pomp to pompous with its renditions of unpopular, but trendy, goth, Gothenburg sounds, new age and Mickey Mouse screeching a la Cradle Of Filth. With keyboards and the odd appearance of female vocals in place, the band’s diminished returns were obvious, but the insertion of oddball sounds and offbeat singing makes the damn thing ever so dumber. The songs’ construction is also confusing often sounding disorderly and annoying. By the time track thirteen, Boulevard Black, with its special effects rolls around one is completely jealous of the CD player. It can rewind, whereas the listener cannot get his life back. - Ali “The Metallian”