Decorpitation>>NEURAXIS - CANADA

Imagery – 1997 – Neoblast
A Passage Into Forlorn – 2001 - Neoblast
Truth Beyond… – 2002 – Galy
Trilateral Progression – 2005 – Willowtip/Earache
Live Progression – 2007 – Galy
The Thin Line Between – 2008 – Prosthetic
Asylon – 2011 - Prosthetic

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S= Maynard Moore>>The Plasmarifle – Spiritual Might>>Ian Campbell>>Spiritual Might, Descend Into Nothingness, Nihilistic Mass Refracters – Minds, Vengeful, Point Blank Rage, Atheretic, Mass Murder Messiah>>ALEXANDRE LEBLANC>>Atheretic, Mass Murder Messiah
G= Winds Of War, T.W.P.O.L.F.M, Idiopathetics, Urban Alien, Axiomized, Zokartha, Hands Of Death>>Steven Henry>>Winds Of War, T.W.P.O.L.F.M, Idiopathetics, Urban Alien, Axiomized, Zokartha, Hands Of Death, Empathy Denied – Felipe Quinzaños – Torn Within, Phobocosm>>ROBIN MILLEY>>Torn Within, Phobocosm, Akurion – WILLIAM SGHERS
B= Adenine, Obscene Crisis, Torn Within>>Yan Thiel>>Torn Within, Obsolete Mankind – Vengeful, Cryptopsy, Solium Fatalis>>OLIVIER PINARD>>Vengeful, Cryptopsy, Solium Fatalis, Akurion, Cattle Decapitation
D= Mathieu Royal – Hidden Pride, Despised Icon, Obey The Brave, The Crimson Syndicate>>Alexandre Erian>>Despised Icon, Obey The Brave, The Crimson Syndicate – Vatican, Nefastüs Diès, Humanoid, Torn Within>>Tommy McKinnon>>Augury, Humanoid, Torn Within, Conflux – Eternal Burden>>Olivier Beaudoin>>Kataklysm, Ex Deo

This Montreal, Canada-based band was founded in March 1992 in Granby as Decorpitation. Drummer Joey Laplante and guitarist Martin Lefevbre joined Steven Henry and Francis Lalancette. This line-up fell apart due to “lack of patience and talent.” Henry joined Winds of War. He lasted one year before being kicked out and reformed Decorpitation with Lalancette on drums and Jean-Francois Brunelle on bass. Henry decided to move the band to Montreal in May 1993, but Brunelle and Lalancette did not follow. So, in September Michel Brisebois (later of Agony) was recruited as vocalist, Yan Thiel as bassist and Felipe Quinzaños as guitarist. It was September of 1994 and the band decided to change its monicker to Neuraxis. Michel was already replaced by Maynard Moore two months earlier. As the band transitioned from a Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation influence to an Eucharist and At The Gates sound and no drummer could be found the group began programming a computer. The group announced plans for a 9-track demo and played its first show with Obscene Crisis and Anhkregh in Plessisville, which is a town between Montreal and Quebec City.

Instead of issuing demos to obtain deals, the band worked with Steven Henry’s Neoblast imprint. The band had tried to obtain a recording deal and even dropped in unannounced at the office of Roadrunner Records in the USA. The In Silence and Virtuosity demos came later in 1999. After five shows with a drum machine the group recruited Mathieu Royal in September of 1995. Milley replaced Felipe in November of 1996. Imagery was recorded at Peter Pan Studio and engineered by JF Dagenais of Kataklysm. The band played at the Neo-Fest ’97 it had organized on the 6th of July 1997. The group entered the studio with engineer Yannick St-Amand to record A Passage Into Forlorn in 2000. A split 7” with Depresy never materialized. A tour with Cephalic Carnage occurred in 2001.

For 2002’s Truth Beyond… the band was working with Galy Records in Canada, Willowtip in the USA and Morbid Records in Europe. Earache would release the same later. It was recorded with Oblivion members Pierre Remillard. Neuraxis toured Europe with Birdflesh and Hellblazer. Imagery and A Passage Into Forlorn were re-released by Galy in 2004. Beneath The Massacre announced a Canadian tour supporting Neuraxis, but was forced to cancel soon following an accident near Thunder Bay, Ontario. Steven Henry left in January 2006. Neuraxis announced the addition of a live guitarist, Will Seghers (Quo Vadis), who would become a full-time member. Alex Leblanc joined in 2007. The band embarked on the Domination Tour alongside Rotting Christ, Incantation and Malevolent Creation in 2007. Live Progression was recorded in Quebec City and by now the band had hit Europe and Japan (with Misery Index in 2006) as well. The group was opening for Despised Icon in 2009. The band lost bassist Yan Thiel and drummer Tommy McKinnon to work and school. The band announced a tour with Deicide and Belphegor in 2011. Ex-Neuraxis man Oli Beaudoin was drumming for Kataklysm in 2013 while Max Duhamel dealt with alcoholism. Oli had drummed for the band as a stand-in in 2012 as well.

The band went on hiatus in 2015 after two album on Prosthetic Records. Akurion was a 2015 Montreal-based project featuring former Cryptopsy and Neuraxis members Mike DiSalvo, Rob Milley, Oli Pinard and Tommy McKinnon. The band was recording.

Neuraxis is the centre of humans’ neurosystem and is located in the upper neck.


Here comes another underachieving Canadian band. Typical for Canada, the country's metal bands are better than most of the competition and proportionally less well-known and popular. Listen to Neuraxis. Past the inconsequential lyrics which are hampered by multiple misspellings and grammatical mistakes, Neuraxis is a strongly versatile yet heavy band. The singer manages to both growl and scream effectively - nothing wrong with him at all. The musicians incorporate several distinct sounds and metal sub genres, and this is the key, without ever losing sight of the speed and heaviness factors. Now how many bands can make that claim? The production is very strong here allowing each instrument (and that includes the vocals) to punch through. Neuraxis has found the formula to keeping the sound clean while having so much going on simultaneously. To add further value for money A Passage Into Forlorn features videos, older tracks, and more. Can 'value for money' be said even if this disc lasts only 24 minutes? French Canada has given the world many wonderful bands that have gone nowhere simply because of the mistaken arrogance that having good material is good enough. While Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death, as examples, were touring their asses off playing every single toilet that would have them, Obliveon (to cite one example) was slowed down to extinction by day jobs, contractual demands and other excuses. Let's hope Neuraxis is not making the same mistake. Hard work has to be smart work for it to matter. With album number three coming out, it's time for Neuraxis to learn from successful acts and adopt a push instead of the failed pull strategy. And no, not Nuclear Blast, it's on Neoblast!

Here is something simple one can appreciate about Montreal’s Neuraxis: the songs do not begin in the same way as every other one. If one would just listen to the start of many other bands’ songs then it soon becomes clear that many have picked one formula and stick with it. Neuraxis varies things and keeps the songs fresh. This is probably a function of the Montrealers’ playing prowess. Yes, the band is a techno-death metal group, of which Montreal has many, but the song and heaviness is rarely forgotten. While many of Neuraxis’ peers are happy to pull off a super-human 895 riffs and tempo changes per minute Neuraxis combines technical riffing and breaks with some actual power. The band is a cliché, however, so far as its line-up changes are concerned. New singer, new guitarist and an almost new drummer mean the band’s sound is not exactly what it was on the last studio album, but one can almost say that The Thin Line Between is better for it. The album supposedly feature vocal contributions from Negativa and ex-Gorguts singer Luc Lemay. It passed me by. Favourite songs: Dreaming The End and The All And The Nothing. - Anna Tergel


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