Dissociety – 2013 - Revalve
Straight To The Pain – 2015 - Agoge
Mind Pollution – 2019 – Art Gates


G= Christian Caruso – Alessandro Cavalli - Tommaso Eusepi - Andrea Augeri – LORENZO FAROTTI – GIOVANNI GRAZIANO


New Disorder is a five-piece band based in Rome, Italy, which incorporates rock, metal and alternative music. The act was founded in April 2009. The Total Brain Format demo was issued in 2011. The band began playing live in 2012 and issued an album called Dissociety through Revalve in 2013. The band fell apart at this time and the guitarists and rhythm section abandoned the unit. Nonetheless, with a new line-up in tow Francesco Lattes began playing live again and signed with Agoge. The debut was partly rerecorded and subsequently reissued the sophomore album as Deception in 2017. The band toured Ukraine in the autumn of 2017. The band was on Art Gates Records in 2019 and released an album called Mind Pollution on March 15th. The first single and video extracted from the album was the self-titled track Mind Pollution, which was directed by Paul Sciò.


Straight To The Pain is New Disorder's third album. The Rome, Italy quintet has been around since 2009. A brief intro appropriately (?) called Into The Pain gives way to Never Too late To Die. The vocals of Francesco Lattes fall into the alternative category, but the music itself is more straightforward hard rock. The guitars and production maintain a good dose of heaviness. A Senseless Tragedy (Bloodstreams) brings out more of the alternative and the vocals seem to occupy a bigger part of the sound. Fabrizio Proietti and Alessandro Cavalli on guitars plus Ivano Adamo and Luca Mancini help the song along. Judgement Day has an up-tempo start and the musicians - Fabrizio and Alessandro in particular - take their chance to shine. The title track features female (backing) vocals courtesy of Eleonora Buono, the song switches between hard rock and a more alternative sounding section. Seven of the 11 full songs are in the three minute range, straight to the point. What's Your Aim? (Call It Insanity) takes a step into the Korn sound. Lost In London is the ballad and Love Kills Anyway is the anti ballad of sorts. Bitch On My Wall extends the love and relationship theme with lines like "I walk around an empty room, I see her pictures ... on the wall she laughs at me from, I feel so hopeless". The Perfect Time is the power ballad of Straight To The Pain, it builds up slowly. The Beholder is the album's longest song and starts by borrowing from Enter Sandman and settles into a heavier side of things with a good solo thrown in. The album closes with an "acoustic version" of Lost In London, the original being a ballad already ... – Anna Tergel


New Disorder