Metallian Heavy

DISINTER’s Desecrated CD is being re-released by Merciless Records. The label has also signed German black metal band TRAUMATIC VOYAGE…Crash Music has announced the signing of deals with RIKETS, ASHES OF YOUR ENEMY and BLESS THE FALLEN. Fans should see new albums from these bands in early 2007…LAETHORA’s debut album entitled March Of The Parasite will be out on February 20th through The End Records. LAETHORA’s guitarist is Niklas Sundin of DARK TRANQUILLITY…1x1 Music has signed Philadelphia metal act THE DIVINING. The band will begin recording the 1x1 Music debut, Revelation Of The Lost, any day at Labyrinth Sound in Cherry Hill, NJ with Erik Rachel (GOD FORBID and A LIFE ONCE LOST)…1349 will return to Canada beginning March 28th for its first headline tour of America. The tour will also feature GOATWHORE, NACHTMYSTIUM and AVERSE SEFIRA. The tour will continue to support 1349's latest album, Hellfire…SIX REASONS TO KILL's long-time vocalist Chris Valk recently called it quits. The band is currently seeking a replacement…BEHEMOTH has entered the studio in order to begin tracking the new album, The Apostasy, which is currently set for a summer release. The new effort will be recorded in the band’s hometown with Nergal and longtime sound engineer Malta in the producer’s chair…SCULPTURED next album is called Embodiment and is due out in mid-2007 through The End Records...RED HARVEST'S A Greater Darkness will be released by Season Of Mist on February 19th. For this occasion the band will give a release party at Club Maiden in Oslo (NO) on February 23rd…THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER is once again seeking a drummer following the return of drafted drummer Pierre Langlois to his hometown of Montreal…IMPIOUS has finished the recording for its forthcoming album Holy Murder Masquerade. Expect it this month through Metal Blade Records…FURZE has signed a five-album deal with Candlelight Records…PARADOX has parted ways with guitarist Fabian Schwarz, bassist Andi Siegl and drummer Chris Weiss during the recording sessions for the upcoming Electrify album…Goregiastic Records has signed INFINITED HATE, which features members from SINISTER…Dental Records will issue Ikon, the next album of INSISION, in May…BLOOD OF CHRIST has thrown in the towel. The members will reunite in London for a new band…Israel’s SALEM has signed with Season Of Mist. The band’s next album is due in March and called Necessary Evil…IMPETIGO’s Steveo has a new project called Convulsions. IMPETIGO recently announced a one-off reunion gig for 2007…ANTHRAX is issuing a live CD called Caught In A Mosh - BBC Live In Concert this month. The material is culled from performances from 1987…Drummer Derek Roddy has joined TODAY IS THE DAY…DRILLER KILLER has coincidentally had both its US and European tours cancelled by organizers…Guitarist Yannick St-Amand has left his post at DESPISED ICON in order to focus on his personal life and family…DENIAL FIEND, featuring former DEATH and MASSACRE man Kam Lee, guitarist Sam Williams of DOWN BY LAW, SIX FEET UNDER/former DEATH bassist Terry Butler and ex-NASTY SAVAGE drummer Curtis Beeson, have signed to Ibex Moon Records. A new record, tentatively called They Rise, is due in July…Drummer Aaren 'Suds' Suttil of ATOMIZER died last month at the age of thirty five…The next HATESPHERE album, Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes, will be issued by SPV in May. The band has unexpectedly pulled out of the KRISIUN and UNLEASHED North American tour…MONSTROSITY has picked Spiritual Apocalypse as the title for its next album, which is due in late May…The reunited American ATROCITY will play its first return show in March in Connecticut. Open Grave Records will issue Contaminated, which features alternative recordings from the original Infected album sessions this month…EVISCERATE has announced the departure of drummer Alessandro Todeschini from the band. A new drummer called Alessandro Tinti has already replaced him.

Metallian Hard

BLESSED DEATH has issued the Hour Of Pain album following nearly 20 years Of Silence. The album is comprised of unreleased 1991 material…LOUDNESS’ new album Breaking The Taboo is now out through Tokuma Communications…SPV has announced March 5th as the release date for the new SAXON album, The Inner Sanctum. The label will also issue a SAXON live DVD called To Hell And Back Again...FEEDFORWARD’s Barefoot & Naked demo is now complete and available via new EXCALION album, Waterlines, will be released through Limb Music in February...THRESHOLD, SONATA ARCTICA, VIRGIN STEELE, REDEMPTION, RAINTIME, FIREWIND, COMMUNIC, VANDEN PLAS and FREAK KITCHEN are booked to perform at the 8th ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta next October…THRESHOLD’s Nuclear Blast Records’ debut Dead Reckoning (originally Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams), which will be issued in March, will feature backing vocals from Dan Swanö on the songs Slipstream and Elusive…Acetate Records is re-issuing RHINO BUCKET’s 1994 album Pain And Suffering with five bonus songs. The label is also releasing No Song Left Behind compilation of the band featuring songs from the band’s out-of-print Reprise releases. This disc will also feature three unreleased songs…WINTERS BANE will debut its new line-up with a hometown show on Saturday, February 3rd at Crossroads. Also on the bill will be H.A.T.E., the side project of SHATTER MESSIAH singer Greg Wagner, and Auburn Records recording artist WRETCH. WINTERS BANE new line-up is comprised of founding member Lou St. Paul on guitars, bassist Jeffrey "Doc" Welch (who also performs with Lou in KILL PROCEDURE), vocalist Jeff "Z" Zaigen (ex-MOB SCENE), and returning drummer Jeff Curenton (ex-SEVEN WITCHES)…LORDI, Winners of Eurovision’s 2006 award, has signed to The End records for North America. The band’s most recent album, The Arockalypse, will be released on March 20th, 2007 with bonus tracks and a DVD…Cruz Del Sur Music has announced the signing of an agreement with WHILE HEAVEN WEPT for the release of the band’s new album Vast Oceans Lachrymose for late 2007…FOREVER IT SHALL BE has finished the recordings for its debut album, Reluming The Embers. The CD contains 11 tracks which were produced at the Rape Of Harmonies studio. The band is looking for a label which is interested in working with the band and releasing the album…Jizzy Pearl has left the vocalist position in RATT further boosting rumours regarding the reformation of the band’s original line-up which includes singer Stephen Pearcy…Original EDEN guitarist Rick Scott Crocco (also of ‘90s band BLISTERED TOAD) died on December 3rd for unknown reasons…C-187 is a new band featuring former PESTILENCE guitarist Patrick Mameli alongside singer Tony Jelencovic (TRANSPORT LEAGUE) bassist Tony Choy (ATHEIST and CYNIC) and drummer Sean Reinert (CYNIC and DEATH). The band has signed a deal with Mascot Records…DOG FASHION DISCO has thrown in the towel…Inevitably CEREBRAL FIX has reunited and will play a show called Cunstock Festival in England in 2007. The band’s line-up is Simon Forrest – vocals, Tony Warburton and Gregg Fellows – guitar, Frank Healy – bass and Neil Farrington – drums...DEADSOUL Tribe’s next album is called A Lullaby For The Devil and will be out through Inside Out Music in May…Drummer Mike Tirana has abandoned RAGE and jumped ship to MASTERPLAN…GRAVE Digger’s new CD, Liberty Or Death, is due out on January 12th through Locomotive Records…One-time HEATHEN singer Sam Kress died last month…AFM Records has announced January 26th, 2007 as the release date for the fourth album from HEAVENLY, entitled Virus… Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy World Tour 2005/2006 - Live In Sao Paulo CD and a DVD of the same tour recorded in three continents will be issued in May through SPV…ENTWINE and its keyboardist Rita Heikkonen have parted ways due to personal reasons…Guitarist Mike Longworth has quit PRONG and will focus on his own band, LOVERS REVOLT…DIMMU BORGIR’s new album, In Sorte Diaboli will be issued through Nuclear Blast Records in May. In Sorte Diaboli was recorded and mixed at Studio Fredman with producers Fredrik Nordström and Patrik J. Sten and will be a concept album. The band’s drummer is Hellhammer of MAYHEM…ANATHEMA has completed an album called Everything, although the group is seeking a new label after being dropped by BMG following the label’s dismissal of the Music For Nations imprint…KING DIAMOND’s Andy LaRocque, PAGAN'S MIND vocalist Nils K.Rue and HAMMERFALL bassist Magnus Rosén have joined together in a band called X-WORLD/5. The group is recording at this time…Despite a previous announcement, D'MOLLS featuring S.S. Priest, Desi Rexx, Lizzy Valentine and Billy Dior have cancelled their reunion show due this month in Hollywood…Mausoleum Records will issue HYADES’ And The Worst Is Yet To Come album this month…IAN GILLAN’s Australian tour has been cancelled to allow for the healing of bassist Rodney Appleby following the shooting which left bullet fragments in his neck…Former ONWARD and current WAXEN guitarist Toby Knapp has recruited former INTO ETERNITY/current WITHIN ANOTHER singer Dean Sternberg as the frontman for his new solo outfit…STRYPER's guitarist Oz Fox has also joined white metal band BLOODGOOD…CINDERELLA’s Eric Brittingham suffered a heart attack last month, but is healing well…After trying to offload itself to RCA/BMG several years ago, Roadrunner Records has gone the way of Peaceville and Music For Nations and been sold to a bigger label. Warner Music is the imprint’s new owner…Sweden’s AXENSTAR have parted ways with bassist Magnus Ek and drummer Pontus Jansson. The new members are Henrik Sedell and bassist Thomas Ohlsson...IRON MAIDEN has been signed for the Desert Rock 2007 festival taking place March 9 and 10th at the Dubai Country Club in Dubai, United Arab Emirates…Guitarist Guido Wehmeyer has left AXXIS prompting the band to seek a replacement...BLUE ÖYSTER CULT’s 1977 album Spectre and 1978’s Some Enchanted Evening album are being reissued with several bonus tracks each…Finland’s WITHERING has parted ways with vocalist Lasse and bassist Ville due to personal differences…The new MANOWAR album Gods Of War will hit the stores in February in Europe and April for Americas…Soul Takers’ second CD, Flies In A Jar, is postponed to the spring time-frame from an original release date in January. Flies In A Jar will be issued by Dragonhearts Records…OLYMPOD MONS and LMP have parted ways due to disagreements over the label’s distribution and financial matters. The group’s Midievil album is looking for a new home.

Metallian Demos

Love it or not you gotta love it! If you are into Guns ‘N Rose, Nashville Pussy, LA Guns or Circus Of Power then Hollywood bad boys Beggars Ball are gonna turn you on and rock you like never before. If the sound is not your thang then you gotta say thanks a bunch to a band that keeps hard rocking sleaze alive when the labels aren’t looking, the media isn’t caring and the scene is suffering. Eddie, D.K. and Jannus have the groove, the sound and the riffs to make it stick. These longhaired guys will make you dance, will make you cry, feet tap and will make you move. Every song is (that) good. Anti-Hero and Demon Seed rock, American Vocal is Aerosmith and Famous & Filthy is pure Louder Than Love and every inch is as good as the mega bands named. Who needs the Guns when you have the Balls? Get this soon to be collector’s item through or - Sheila Wes Det

It is hard to believe that all 18 tracks (a whopping 60 minutes of music) on this disc are played by the same band. SOS is supposed to be a veteran New York City band and a Guide To Better Living is billed as the group’s comeback release, but no two songs have anything in common with each other. The songs range from hard rock to metal to plain rock, to punk, ska and soft rock. If you catch a whiff of sarcasm in the title then you should hear the dissension lyrics all over the tracks. This is not a band that sees patriotism as submission like most Americans do. Can’t tell you whether the band is made up of a bunch of gorgeous guys with long hair, but if diversity, Misfits, Metallica, Black Flag and Red Hot Chili Peppers sound attractive then get in contact with these guys through 316 Productions and - Sheila Wes Det

It does not make sense for independent bands to fill up a demo disc to the rafters. The quality invariably is inconsistent and little is left up to imagination for fans or labels looking to get a full-length from the band. Arizona’s St. Madness has pulled it off though. The demo disc is filled with 15 tracks or sixty minutes of hard rock that is both interesting and variable. St. Madness has been around since at least 1993 and clearly knows a thing or two about its art. Singer Prophet has a determined voice that changes from song to song depending on the topic. The subjects covered range from sex to right-wing mob justice to vampires and humour. It makes for good listening. The star of the CD though is the guitar of Altar Boy and Mad Marvin. These guys know how to write riffs and lead. The title tracks oozes with power and class. Notable songs are the ballad Arizona, although the Scorpions clearly were a cut above with their track. Until Death rips off Megadeth, while the cover of Pantera’s Walk is a tribute to Pantera and Dimebag. Incidentally, the other star of the disc is the lyrics. Mob mentality being the trade of American mob and is reflected here, but the tunes about sex, perversion and vampirism are written with a very twisted sense of humour.
The band has short hair from what this girl can tell, which is too bad, but the band’s theatrical music rocks. Check it out at or write to - Sheila Wes Det

New York-based underground death metal lunatics Dimentianon have been reviewed in these pages and Promo 2006 is about to be reviewed with many of the same words as the previous release. The band is underground, raw, and wild and cares not a fig for sound production or engineering. The singer howls and growls, the musicians mix bashing and blasting with more serene moments, noise solos clash with musical warfare and titles like Your Flesh Is Mine To Exploit or To Be Crowned King And Stabbed To Death. A couple of these tracks have made appearances before elsewhere, while a couple are newer. This group is strictly for diehard underground dwellers and no one else. Find the band at www.dimentianon or e-mail - Anna Tergel

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