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ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET has lost guitarist Pekka Kiviaho to his demotivation…HEADHUNTER, featuring DESTRUCTION frontman Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer, has reformed and will play at next year's Wacken Open Air…Reformed thrash metal bands SABBAT, ONSLAUGHT, AT WAR and others will play at the Thrash Assault 2 festival, Which will take place on February 23rd in Würzburg, Germany at Soundpark-Ost, which was formerly called Rockpalast…Dan Swanö and former DYING FETUS drummer Erik Sayenga have joined Singapore-based band OBLITERHATE which features RASPATUL singer Calvin Chiang…Montreal’s CRYPTOPSY has recruited singer Matt McGachy of 3 MILE SCREAM and keyboardist Maggie Durand of HOWLING SYN. The band is in the studio recording its sixth album for a spring of 2008 release. In the meantime, drummer Mounier is recording a rap album with rapper ROMAN…Guitarist Massimo Gajer has been dumped from ALLHELLUJA “for personal reasons”…The reunited ASPHYX, again featuring singer Martin Van Drunen, has several shows planned for the next several months in Europe…Guitarist Martin Thim has left ILLDISPOSED because he lacks the time to dedicate to the band…TESTAMENT will issue a new album, called The Formation Of Damnation, in April through Nuclear Blast Records. Andy Sneap is producing it…AVERSE SAFIRA’s Advent Parallax album will be issued on February 12th through Candlelight. Prior to the album's release, the band will team up with ROTTING CHRIST, IMMOLATION and BELPHEGOR for a 26-day American tour…Italy’s IDOLS ARE DEAD has signed with Scarlet Records. Founded by Mana (vocals) and Luka (drums), former members of ELECTROCUTION and FOLDER the band’s Mean album is due in February…A new death metal act from Norway called HIDEOUS DIVINITY (featuring members and ex-members of Hour Of Penance and Eyeconoclast) has just released a 2-track demo entitled Sinful Star Necrolatry…MALEVOLENT CREATION has recruited drummer Fabian Aguirre (SYNAPTICIDE, ex-GRINDCRUSHER, MISTY FATE and ANGEL NEGRO) as the replacement for the recently departed Dave Culross. Handling the bass duties for the group on the road will be Marco Martell, who had already toured with the band…Following the departure of front man Lord Worm CRYPTOPSY has returned with the addition of vocalist Matt Mcgachy and keyboards/sample girl Maggie Durand. The band is recording a new album and is scheduled to tour North and South America in February…ALLHELLUJA is working on the band’s third full-length album, entitled Breath Your Soul which is expected to be released shortly after the summer of 2008. The new release will include 15 songs, for a total of 70 minutes of new music, including cover versions of 3 songs, KING CRIMSON’s 21st Century Schizoid Man, BLACK SABBATH’s Into The Void and GOBLIN’s Profondo Rosso…Sweden’s WITHIN Y has picked The Cult as the title for its third album, which will be out in March through Sweden’s Gain label...OBSCURA has recruited former PESTILENCE bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling…DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER has a DVD, called Tobsucht - Reitermania Over Wacken & Party.San, out in February...DEICIDE is at Morrisound Studio recording Till Death Do Us Apart…GRAVE has picked Dominion VIII as the title for its eighth studio due in May through Regain Records…GHOUL will appear live at the Maryland Deathfest in May. Also on the bill are the likes of GRAVE, COFFINS, DISFEAR and DERANGED…Regain Records has sided with INFERNUS on the rights to the name GORGOROTH. Infernus has recruited Tomas Asklund of DISSECTION and Frank Watkins of OBITUARY and is working on album called Quantos Possund Ad Satanitatem Trahunt. A version of the band featuring Gaahl exists and has been touring claiming the support of the Norwegian patent office. This version of the band has ceased cooperation with Regain…Norway’s GEHENNA has signed with Indie Records…The HELLHAMMER demos Death Fiend/Triumph Of Death and Satanic Rites are being issued as one CD entitled Demon Entrails by Century Media in the spring. Only Death Is Real: An Illustrated History Of Hellhammer And Early Celtic Frost is also coming out at the same time… Emetic Records has released a BRUTAL TRUTH/TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION split 7” of EYEHATEGOD covers to benefit EYEHATEGOD and help that band replace gear lost in hurricane Katrina. BRUTAL TRUTH has completed a new album’s worth of material…HYPOCRISY is rerecording the vocals and some of the drums for its 2002 album Catch 22. The new version will be out later this year through Nuclear Blast Records…Candlelight has signed ABSU. The band is expected to enter the studio in February to begin recording of a new album… INCANTATION has announced that original singer Craig Pillard and drummer Jim Roe will be part of the band’s touring line-up for 2008. The band is scheduled to play at the Central Illinois Metalfest. Also in the band are John McEntee and GORAPHOBIA’s Alex Bouks on guitars and Rayash of SUPREME LORD on bass...V:28’s VioLution and AUDIOPAIN’s The Switch To Turn Off Mankind are out now on Vendlus Records…KREATOR’s new double DVD At The Pulse Of Kapitulation - Live In East Berlin 1990 will be issued by SPV in March.

Metallian Hard

Frontiers Records has signed WHITE LION. The group had disbanded in 1991 but returned to the scene in 2003 playing select festivals. The band’s Return Of The Pride album is due in March. The CD was produced by Mike Tramp and Claus Langeskov…WHITESNAKE’s next album is called Good To Be Bad and is due in May…Swedish doom metal band DRACONIAN will release its fourth album, Turning Season Within, on February 29th through Napalm Records…IGNITOR has lost its singer and rhythm guitarist. The band is looking for replacements in the Austin, Texas area…IRON MAIDEN has re-signed with EMI Records…BRAINSTORM has recruited bassist Antonio Ieva and will tour Europe with PAGAN’S MIND in the spring…Gene Hoglan of DARK ANGEL and STRAPPING YOUNG LAD fame has also joined ZIMMER’S HOLE. The band also features SYL’s guitarist Jed Simon. Hoglan also earns a living in MELDRUM and also joined the reunited FORBIDDEN…HANOI ROCKS overcame HIM, NIGHTWISH, AMORPHIS, SONATA ARCTICA and APOCALYPTICA to win the first Radio Rock Finlandia award last month…MSG’s forthcoming In The Midst Of Beauty album features Gary Barden on vocals and Don Airey on keyboards (in studio only) once again. The album is due in May. Bassist Glenn Hughes was announced as a member, but has separately denied his participation…Paul Souza has left MELIAH RAGE ostensibly because the singer could not commit to touring…Former TESLA guitarist Tommy Skeoch has released his debut solo album, Freak Bucket...Ostensibly due to the delay of the Delusions Of Grandeur album CIRCLE II CIRCLE has cancelled its American tour with CIRCUS MAXIMUS and MANTICORA. The other two bands were due to continue without CICLE II CIRCLE before also cancelling…LITTLE CAESAR, whose line-up is Ron Young (vocals), Loren Molinare (guitar), Fidel Paniagua (bass) and drummer Tom Morris, is working on a new CD and DVD…The reunited EXTREME is following up its American shows with a new album this spring…On January 1st, 2008 at 00:01 am will be premiering Beneath The Waves, a CGI film produced by Simon van Vegten. The film was made to accompany the song of the same name from the upcoming AYREON 2-CD album 01011001, available January 28th, 2008. The film with the 5.1 mix will be included as one of many bonus DVD features on 01011001...Stockholm’s MACHINEY has inked a deal with Regain Records. The new album, entitled The Passing, is described as an intense journey in epic and diverse metal and is due this month…CONQUEST OF STEEL is playing shows in the UK and continental Europe before beginning the writing and recording of a third album this summer…MANOWAR has recorded both a German and an English version of Stille Nacht - known to English speaking countries as the Christmas carol Silent Night and placed it on its website…AXEMASTER has a new member. Vocalist Dan Kaisk has replaced Christopher Michael. The move was made just in time to allow him to be featured on the upcoming AXEMASTER CD. To hear a short demo clip of the singer go to, the band featuring former GORGUTS members Steeve Hurdle (guitars) and Luc Lemay (guitars), along with Etienne Gallo (drums, ex-AUGURY) and Miguel Valade (bass, ex-ION DISSONANCE), has recruited female vocalist, Roxanne Constantin, who has worked with both QUO VADIS and AUGURY before…Poland’s KAT is back. Metal Mind Productions is issuing an 11 CD+ 2 DVD box which is limited to a numbered 1,000 copies and will be available on the 21st of January in Europe…KING DIAMOND has received a Grammy Nomination for Best Metal Performance for the track Never Ending Hill off the band’s latest album, Give Me Your Soul… Please...HELLION’s Ann Boleyn and Juan Garcia’s guitarist Juan Garcia have joined DÉTENTE members Caleb Quinn (guitar), Steve Hochheiser (bass) and Dennis Butler (drums) to perform as DÉTENTE at July 2008’s Headbangers Open Air festival…Former DEVILSIZE and ME, MY ENEMY singer Dan Nelson has joined ANTHRAX. The new singer was introduced to the band by guitarist Rob Caggiano…Matt Barlow has rejoined ICED EARTH replacing Tim Owens months after returning to the metal scene by joining PYRAMAZE. ICED EARTH’s Jon Schaffer claims he received much encouragement from the fans of the band for this decision and the old/new singer would be heard on the upcoming Something Wicked Part 2 album. Barlow will also continue in PYRAMAZE as well as continue his career as a policeman…IMAGIKA has signed a deal with Locomotive Records for the release of Feast For The Hated CD, which is due in May…Former GRIM REAPER guitarist Nick Bowcott recently joined BELLADONNA on the ex-ANTHRAX singer’s US shows…Drummer Darren Minter and guitarist Terry Lauderdale have left HEATHEN. Guitarist Kragen Lum of PROTOTYPE and drummer Mark Hernandez formerly of VIO-LENCE are temporarily in the band…Anvil! The Story of Anvil, which is a documentary on Robb Reiner and Steve "Lips" Kudlow of ANVIL will play at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival this month in Utah…Following its UK tour in support of THIN LIZZY DIAMOND HEAD is scheduled to play its first Japanese show this February 17 in Tokyo…Former MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee and DJ Aero have released fresh music from the WTF? electronica band…HUMAN PARADOX is a new band featuring JACOB'S DREAM vocalist Chaz Bond, CHOPS FROM HELL and LEGACY guitarist Darin Moore and LEGACY’s drummer Andy Hall. The group is recording its debut album in Ohio. Elsewhere, JACOB'S DREAM is working on its new CD, Dominion Of Darkness…DREAM EVIL guitarist Mark Black has left the band and been replaced by Dannee Demon (a.k.a. Daniel Varghamne). The band will release a CD of new and old songs backed by a live DVD in April called Gold Medal In Metal…Former DREAM THEATER singer Charlie Dominici has finished recording the new DOMINICI album, entitled O3: A Trilogy - Part 3. The man had the opportunity to open for DREAM THEATER on some shows earlier last year…DEMETRA SINE DIE, THROUGH YOUR SILENCE, THE VOID and AURA have all signed to My Kingdom Music. All bands will release albums in the next several months…Y&T will release a special 2-CD package of its ‘90s output, Musically Incorrect and Endangered Species, in the New Year. The band is still trying to obtain the rights to re-release the first two YESTERDAY AND TODAY albums, but Universal Music is reportedly in the midst of an internal ownership battle over these two albums apparently blocking the band.

Metallian Demos

Are songs important to you? How about a sense of melody, a hard edge and attitude? It is odd posing these questions when the band’s biography initially had me completely turned and tuned off. “An official Jagermeister sponsored band?” Are you trying to say the band is a corporate whore? “Shared the stage with metal bands such as Hellyeah (hell no!), Mushroomhead (my condolences!), and Soil (that sucks).” How about “opened for Godsmack”? Those almost made me chuck the CD without even hearing it.
It is too bad that Overloaded lowers itself to crass commercialism to promote itself. The band is impressive and exceptional and should know better than parade a bunch of trendy names – and indeed consorting with riffraff - instead of focusing on its music.
Regeneration is a great demo not only because of the clear capabilities and personality of singer Chris Gillen and the rest of the very capable band, but also because it dares to play a traditional blend of hard rock and heavy metal not often heard in American shores. Moreover, each song exudes personality and stands out on its own. Regeneration harkens back to the days when songs would have personality and not blend into every other track with little in the way of individuality. Be it Black Sabbath (Presidents Day), Motörhead (Flashy Girl), Guns ‘N Roses (Try This On For Size) or a general aura approaching the attitude of Jackyl this thing smokes and electrifies the way hard rock is supposed to. Nonetheless, Feeling Overloaded, which might be the best song on this disc, is a title off the group’s previous demo. While the mix emphasizes the vocals over everything else and the band puts undue emphasis on commercial success in its biography the nine-song CD is hell of a nice surprise coming from a young Detroit-based band. Go to – Ali “The Metallian”

I have heard Inane’s Cube and it is metal with a loud bass guitar and loads of industrial hints! The Italian band has a bizarre fetish for all sorts of bass lines and a syncopated drum machine programs. It is as if Primus went underground and came out with a newfound love for the letter ‘S’. Check out these titles: Threat Signal, Spiral Path Of Heat Dissipation and Septic Stream. Non-linear, thou art Inane! You too can get this demo of 17 minutes length for a measly 4 Euros by emailing! - Anna Tergel

L.A., sleaze, wasted look and yummy long hair; no it’s not Guns N’ Roses. It’s Beggar’s Ball. Hollywood, California’s four dudes who go by this name have christened their shiny silver disc 1321 after their studio and come out with a worthy successor to the last demo which was called Fight This Town and was released in 2006. Beggar’s Ball has a Smoky sound like Black Label Society and White Zombie combined, but with a lot of Axl and company attitude, look and sound. Dragpipe is the obvious instance. These dudes rock hard with loads of guitar, snarl and attitude, but there sure is a Southern rock tinge to the band too. The band does not name it, but the disc ends up with a cover of Lynard Skynard’s Simple Man. Perhaps they didn’t have proper permission for the cover? As fun as the disc is covering another band on a demo is stupid. It is not as if the disc was not long enough. All songs are repeated in “acoustic” versions which means the demo has twelve songs. The CD was recorded on a good old trusty 8-track. It sounds like 24 tracks were used. Get visiting o or writing to - Sheila Wes Det

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