Metallian Heavy

Canada-based black metal band BLIGHT issued an album called The Teachings/Death Reborn through Black Market Metal. The band is working on a new album for 2018.

NAPALM DEATH will release a special double-LP compilation entitled Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs through Century Media Records in March. It will also contain a couple of new tracks.

Norway-based SUSPERIA will issue a new full-length album entitled The Lyricist through Agonia Records in March.

Denmark-based MANTICORA has signed a deal with ViciSolum Records and shall release two upcoming concept albums on the label. The concept is based on singer Lars F. Larsen horror work.

ECTOPLASMA’s Cavern Of Foul Beings is out through Momento Mori this month. The band plays death metal.

TORSO MURDER’s self-titled demo was issued in October. The band is named after a Cleveland, USA series of murders in the 1930s.

Latvia-based thrash metal band SAINTORMENT has an album called Defective Mind through More Hate Productions.

MESHUGGAH will tour North America with guests CODE ORANGE and TOOTHGRINDER in January.

SODOM was joined by former guitarists Frank “Blackfire” Gosdzik (1986 to 1989), Josef “Grave Violator” Dominik (1984 to 1985) and Andy Brings (1991 to 1995) for its 35th-anniversary concert on December 26th at Zeche in Bochum.

CHAOS ECHOES’ Mouvement LP/CD is out through Nuclear War Now! Productions.

Following the death of singer Warrel Dane Century Media will issue The Complete Collection by NEVERMORE this March. It is a limited 12-disc box set covering all recordings by the band, which also features rarities.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has signed Indiana, USA-based HANDSOME PRICK and is issuing an album called Anonymityville.

No word if they like little girls too or support men who like teenage girls: Alabama-based ORACLE has a demo called Into The Unknown. The band features a father and son duo.

VANTABLACK WARSHIP has a demo called Abrasive Pulmonic Speak. The Canada-based band features members of ARSENIQ33, GHOULUNATICS, etc.

Iron Bonehead Productions is issuing GRAVE SPIRIT’s striking debut EP, The Beast Unburdened by Flesh, on 7″ EP format.

PRC Music has issued Canada-based DAEDALEAN COMPLEX’s After the Fall and PROMETHEAN MISERY’s Ghosts CDs.

Test Your Metal Records has signed sci-fi metal band XAEL. The act was founded by Nassaru of RAPHEUMETS WELL/ENTHEAN as well as Sorgiem “Daniel Presnell and Tuurm “Alex Rush” from ENTHEAN.

ARCH ENEMY will release a vinyl box set including all ten studio albums and a bonus gatefold double LP featuring covers and bonus tracks recorded between 1996 and 2017 on February 16th. It is called 1996 – 2017.

Werewolf Records and Hells Headbangers have issued a compilation by Finland-based SATANIC WARMASTER called We Are The Worms That Crawl On The Broken Wings Of An Angel. It is subtitled A Compendium Of Past Crimes. The labels have issued Finland-based debut album VARGRAV’s Netherstorm debut.

Portugal-based black metal band TRONO ALEM MORTE’s O Olhar Atento Da Escuridão is out through Harvest Of Death/Signal Rex.

UNTERVOID, which took form after Destroyer (KRIEGSMASCHINE, ex-HATE) and A. (ARMAGEDON, ex-LOST SOUL and AZARATH) came together during the summer of 2015, has an EP called Untervoid through Osmose. The band is also working on a full-length.

Good to know as other releases have made the label sad. Iron Bonehead Productions “is proud to present” MALAKHIM’s debut Demo I on CD and 12″ vinyl formats. The band is based in Sweden.

VOIDCEREMONY’s Foul Origins of Humanity MCD/12″ MLP is out through Blood Harvest.

IRON ANGEL has signed to Mighty Music. An album called Hellbound is due in May.

Hells Headbangers has issued Chile’s COMMUNION’s self-titled album on CD, vinyl and cassette formats. The Communion is being released simultaneously with the band’s debut album, At the Announcement, which is being released by the Sinister Flame but with distribution through Hells Headbangers.

Black metal band SPITE (US) has an album called Antimoshiach through Invictus Productions.

MORMÂNT DE SNAGOV will issue its third full-length album through Pest Records. The new album is called Depths Below Space And Existence and will be out on the 16th of February 2018.

Finland-based black metal band THE PARASITE PARADISE has a demo called His Only Begotten Son (A.D. MMXVII) through The Cursed Order imprint.

ANTHRAX will release Kings Among Scotland a live DVD through Megaforce this April.

INFECTED SYREN, a Nicosia, Cyprus-based crossover band has a self-titled demo out this month.

Norway-based MYRHOLT has a demo called Med Samme Naal, Under Samme Maane. The first material was written and recorded in 1992 by a then 14-year-old Ole Alexander Myrholt (ARCHON, DIABOLICAL BREED, ENSLAVEMENT OF BEAUTY, GAIA EPICUS, THE FLAME WITHIN, THOSE LEFT BEHIND, etc.). He was working using the TREMOR monicker, but that band was put to rest due to a lack of dedication. He has been in MORK more recently.

Ecos Da Selva Urbana (Portuguese for Echoes From The Urban Jungle) is the title for RASGO’s debut album, which is out now through Rastilho Records. The band is described as crossover.

Lasi, Romania- based doom metal band PARAGON COLLAPSE has set the release date for its upcoming debut full-length album, The Dawning, for the 20th of January. It will be issued in collaboration with Loud Rage Music.

AGR has signed FINAL CUT (Switzerland) and HELLAVISTA ASOCIAL CLUB (Austria).

Hells Headbangers is issuing HAMMR’s debut album Unholy Destruction on CD, vinyl LP and cassette tape formats. The man hails from USA.

Italy-based DEMONOMANCY has an album called Poisoned Atonement through Invictus Productions. The monicker was the name of an early BEHERIT demo.

BELDAM’s Pasung is out this month through Horror Pain Gore Death.

Lurker of Chalice’s self-titled DLP is out through Nuclear War Now! Productions. It is a project of LEVIATHAN’s Jef Whitehead a.k.a. Wrest.

Oh no! The new album from Norwegian “romantic Black Metal” (sic) band MINNERIKET is called Anima Sola and will be released on January 2nd through ABAR (Akslen Black Art Records). It features 10 tracks.

India-based KAPALA’s Infest Cesspool is out through Dunkelheit Produktionen. The label has also issued SACRILEGIOUS RITE’s Summoned From Beyond.

UK-based MY SILENT WAKE has an album called There Was Death through Minotauro Records. The band was formed in 2005.

BEASTIALITY’s Worshippers Of Unearthly Perversions is out through Invictus Productions. The Sweden-based band is comprised of E.von – blitzkrieg bass, Heinrich – holocaust guitars, E.Jaculator – genocide guitar and Axxxelerator – extermination drums.

Ukraine-based death metal band MUTANTER has a single, entitled Aborted Life, released through the Germany-based Kernkraftritter Records.

Thailand-based death metal band SHAMBLES has issued the Primitive Death Trance CD/12″ MLP through Blood Harvest.

Thrashy metal band METHANE will be kicking off the Signed In Blood European tour this month.

DE PROFUNDIS has signed a worldwide deal with the India-based Transcending Obscurity Records. A record is already in the bag and shall be released shortly.

The third album of EDGEFLAME, Beyond The Pale Carcass, which was recorded at the Retro Yapım Studio in Ankara, Turkey will be released through Narcoleptica Productions on January, 15th.

ANARCHOS’ Invocation Of Moribund Spirits CD/LP and FACELESS BURIAL’s Grotesque Miscreation CD are out through Blood Harvest.

Finnish death/thrash metal band DESECRATED GROUNDS has released its first single, The Anthem Of The Faceless. It is released on the anniversary of Finland’s 100 years of independence.

Texas-based ANIALATOR, which was formed in 1986, has an album called Rise To Supremacy through Xtreem Music.

Austria-based death metal band FALLEN UTOPIA has launched a video teaser for its upcoming demo, Disequilibrium.

In an interview with Guitar World, MORBID ANGEL guitarist Trey Azagthoth has called the band’s electronica album of 2011, Illud Divinum Insanus, ”a confused effort and that is why I changed the lineup.” Azagthoth blames former singer David Vincent for the record.

VENOM INC., SUFFOCATION, NERVOSA and Canada-based AETERNAM will tour Europe this March and April.

VENOM has a collection of MP3s through Spinefarm Records called 100 Miles To Hell.

Metallian Hard

SABER TIGER will issue the “expanded edition” of Bystander Effect through Sliptrick Records on March 13th. This version features four songs, which were originally in Japanese, rerecorded in English. The new acoustic instrumental Ship Of Theseus and a new recording of the SABER TIGER song First Class Fool are exclusive to the Sliptrick Records release. Also, demo recordings of the tracks Sin Eater and What I Used To Be are included.

Sweden-based hard rock band VOLSTER, which features former members of MASQUERADE and HOUSE OF HEAVY, has signed with ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. VOLSTERS’s debut album Perfect Storm includes 12 tracks and is produced by VOLSTER and co-produced and mixed by Max Norman.

Slovenian heavy metal band METALSTEEL has released a new studio album entitled Beyond The Stars through On Parole Productions on December 9th. The band is Beni Kic – vocals and guitars, Rok Tomšič – guitars, Matej Sušnik – bass and Daša Trampuš – drums.

DARK AVENGER vocalist Mario Linhares died on December 22nd.

MANOWAR was forced to cancel its two concerts in Stuttgart, Germany in December because bassist Joey DeMaio suffered from food poisoning.

2018 will mark the release of METAPRISM’s new demo entitled Catalyst To Awakening. The band is touring Europe with FREEDOM CALL.

Canadian power metal act THE ORDER OF CHAOS will release its Night Terror demo on February 23rd. It is the follow-up to the 2015 full-length Apocalypse Moon (Killer Metal Records) that took the band on tours across China, Europe and Canada.

Spain-based heavy metal band DEATH KEEPERS has signed a deal with Fighter Records for the release of its debut album, Rock This World, which is due for release on January 22nd.

UK heavy rockers AT THE SUN have released a new music video for the song 'Walk On Over', the track is taken from their debut EP 'Breathe', which was released earlier this year.

Finland-based heavy metal band WOLFSHEAD issued an album called Leaden through Rockshots on October 27th.

NEW HORIZONS’ Inner Dislocation debut album is about to be released through Revalve Records. The album was mixed at 7Studio and mastered by Simone Mularoni at the Domination Studio.

Russia-based “folk/black metal” band SATARIAL is touring Europe this April.

Y&T will release an acoustic EP, called Acoustic Classix Vol. 1, this month. Black Tiger and Rescue Me are among the tracks.

SNAKEYES, the band founded by José Pineda, Justi Bala, and Carlos Delgado (SPHINX) together with Romanian singer Cosmin Aionita (9.7 RICHTER), has released a promotional video for Metal Monster, which is the title track for its new album.

ALDARIA has returned with a new all-star line-up and a single to support cancer research. Involved, among others, are Chris Bay (FREEDOM CALL), Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR), Jimmy Hedlund (FALCONER) and Ronnie König (SIGNUM REGIS).

Switzerland-based heavy rock band FELSKINN, featuring MAXXWELL, LIVE/WIRE and KROKUS members, has signed with ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. FELSKINN's third album Mind Over Matter includes 12 tracks and was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen. It shall be out on March 16th.

Poland-based heavy metal band VANE has a demo called The Prologue.

Sliptrick Records has signed ALPHASTATE and RUSTY NAILS. The label calls the former band “modern metal,” despite the IRON MAIDEN sound.

Denmark-based heavy metal band SAVAGE MACHINE will release its full-length album Abandon Earth on January 19th. The album is produced by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studio.

CRASHDÏET has recruited Gabriel Keyes as its latest singer. He is the brother of HIGHRIDE bassist Kriss Keyes.

Finland-based RANDOM EYES will release an album called Grieve No More on January 19th through Rock’N’Growl Records.

DREAM THEATER has signed to InsideOut Music.

Mallcore band IN FLAMES will orchestrate a two-day festival called Borgholm Brinner (‘Borgholm Burning’) next summer at Borgholm Castle in Öland, Sweden.

TRAGUL, which features singer Zuberoa Aznarez (DIABULUS IN MUSICA), piano player Adrian Benegas (PERGANA), guitarist Steve Conley (FLOTSAM AND JETSAM), bassist Oliver Holzwarth (ex-BLIND GUARDIAN, ex-RHAPSODY OF FIRE, ex-TARJA) and drummer Alex Holzwarth (ex-RHAPSODY OF FIRE), has a fourth single. It is called The Tree of Life.

Melbourne, Australia-based metal five-piece TRIGGER has an album called Cryogenesis released globally through Hellfire Records this month. The album was released for Australia only on July 18th 2017.

USA-based heavy rock group SOLDIERS OF SOLACE will release its debut album We Are Immortal through Germany-based label Rock’N’Growl Records on January 26th.

LUCKY BASTARDZ has joined Sliptrick Records and will issue an album called Be The One this quarter.

Robin Vagh (Tommy Silfvenius) formerly of VAGH has a new band called CCD. The band has a MP3 collection called Mindfuckness.

DIAMOND HEAD has signed a management deal with Thrashville Management run by Dave Mustaine and his son Justis Mustaine. Dave Mustaine has been a fan of DIAMOND HEAD for year and wrote the foreword to the DIAMOND HEAD biography.

KATATONIA has announced that due to "recent issues and injury” the band will go on a short-term hiatus following the completion of rescheduled shows in the Baltics and Russia in February and March of this year. Shows elsewhere in Europe are cancelled.

Ritchie Blackmore has signaled through his wife who was interviewed by a radio station that the guitarist "would be willing to go on stage" and play "a couple of concerts" with DEEP PURPLE. This is not the first time that Blackmore has made similar suggestions.

Another project: WE SELL THE DEAD (featuring singer Apollo Papathanasio of SPIRITUAL BEGGARS and FIREWIND), Niclas Engelin of IN FLAMES and ENGEL, Jonas Slättung of DRÖMRIKET and Gas Lipstick of HIM, will release its debut album, called Heaven Doesn't Want You And Hell Is Full, through earMUSIC on February 23rd.

Ukraine-based doom metal act SORROWFUL LAND has an album called Where The Sullen Waters Flow through Solitude Productions.

PAINTED DOLL, featuring guitarist and comic Dave Hill and AUTOPSY’s Chris Reifert, has signed a deal with Tee Pee Records. A self-titled album is due this September.

BON JOVI has garnered more votes than DIRE STRAITS, THE CARS, MOODY BLUES and JUDAS PRIEST to win the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Fan Vote. That gave the band an extra vote to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

OVERKILL/THE BRONX CASKET CO bassist D.D. Verni will release a solo album featuring metal and rock music in 2018.

M-Theory Audio has set February 16th as the release date for NOVAREIGN debut album Legends. The band hails from California, USofA.

KANTICA’s Reborn In Aesthetics album is out through Revalve Records soon.

Doom metal band WOLF COUNSEL’s Age Of Madness/Reign Of Chaos album is out through Czar Of Crickets Productions.

Sheep alert! Every single news submission to Metallian nowadays is for a “progressive band.” Every band out there is “progressive doom” or “progressive death” or “progressive power metal” or “progressive thrash”….

Metallian Demos

Talk about underground! This band is so underground that it is named with the rats, sings of the rats, its album spells rats and it references rats from start to finish.
The music is subterranean dirge, grime, metal, drone, sludge and sewage that mostly rattles slowly, but does scurry mid-paced and faster at times. The disc kicks off with a bass reminiscent of The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner. The nicely funky bass and heavy, mostly instrumentally contemplative riffing continues on. The vocals are not the deepest, but are horrifying. They would best be described as atmospherically hollow (military intelligence, smart soldier, clean gas, etc.). Everything here stalks the listener and sings of dystopia with an honest vibe and sound.
Medusa is likely a personal favourite with its amazing drumming and bass raid. Stampede Of Rats – possibly about a right-wing march – has shades of Fireball Ministry on it. Shimmer again has an overtly competent bass attack. Aside from the organic sound rendering the whole thing the opposite of crispy and polished it is only the hiss of the toms that let the sound down.
This disc features both the 2015 demo and the self-titled 2016 full-length. Picking up Ratghosts’s disc is as difficult of finding ones way to the subterranean sewers of an urban nightmare, but worth it for fans of everything from Iron Butterfly to Crowbar to Mastodon. – Ali “The Metallian”

Deadly groove is one of the descriptions of this debut EP by the German quintet. The band is a young one, only formed in the spring of 2015. This relatively long EP features six song plus Prologue, the intro of course, and Interludium in-between the second and third full songs. Driven By Impact write about suicide and depression with lines like “All hope is gone, so cold ... War from inside insane” on Monstrosity Of Life. Musically the aforementioned Prologue is a short classical piece and the opener Building Fear (listed as Rebuild The Fear inside the CD insert!) is a no-nonsense type song with both sludge and death metal sides. Burning Bridges sounds a bit more technical at times. Eugen Rutz provides a kind of Kirk Windstein (Crowbar) style vocals that add to the heavy feeling of the songs. After Interludium Experience In Red mixes more melodic sounds with the relatively harsher vocals and faster and heavier segments to create a still impactful song. Place Of Gore follows a similar path and the lyrics delve further into the subject of suicide. Arise From Ashes might seem like an antidote positive song to follow the others but its lyrics that include lines like “The suffering is real...All that remains last open all wretched wounds” seem to contradict the title. The closer is Monstrosity Of Life, it mixes speedy riffs with the more melodic to conclude this release that took 14 months to get done. Reach the band at – Anna Tergel

Cygnus, not to be confused by the Guatemalan band Cygnus which also plays the same style, is a progressive metal band from Belgium. The First Hour is the band's debut. It is a four-song EP and is 25 minutes long. The Skin People is a strong Kamelot, Queensryche type song and Frank's vocals are as strong and a good match for the style. The musicianship and song structure are impressive for a debut and a band formed a mere two years ago. Before Sunrise is a faster paced song at times, but one that retains the progressive feel and structure. At over seven minutes changes of pace are inevitable and this is true for the second half of the song where it also features pianos. Cyborg is not unlike a more familiar Threshold song. The lyrical content can be compared to the Brits too with lines like “Cyborgs sleep without the dream of salvation of mankind.” War is an instrumental, fast and guitar-oriented song before slowing down in its last minute. A full album is promised for 2018. Check for more news. – Anna Tergel