Metallian Heavy

Edmonton, Canada-based SLEEPWRAITH is releasing its debut demo Day Terrors on January 17th. The band is compared to SHADOWS FALL.

Switzerland-based ARCAINE has signed with Black Sunset/MDD and will issue As Life Decays LP this winter.

ARCANA 13’s Black Death album is out through Aural Music on 17.01.2020.

Switzerland-based thrash metal band ALGEBRA has an album called Pulse? Through Unspeakable Axe Records.

Germany-based black metal band BEAST OF DAMNATION’s Dawn Of The Beast album is out through Black Sunset.

SCHIZOGEN’s Spawn Of Almighty Essence is out through Willowtip Records in February.

Thrash metal band EDGEFLAME has a music video for the second single, Sacrilegious Inferior, from its upcoming album Bludgeon The Incarnated.

Veteran Finland-based group NECROPSY has an album called Exitus through Xtreem Music this month. The band has released a lyric video for the track 206 Motives.

Solo black metal artist TØMHET has a demo called Dødsblikket. The Russian man is based in New Zealand.

DEFACE’s Blatant Denial is out through Metal Scrap now.

Spain-based thrash metal band HOLYCIDE, led by Dave Rotten of AVULSED, has an album entitled Fist To Face. The cover art has been crafted by Akirant Illustration, known for being one of the current artists working with IRON MAIDEN. This new album will be released on February 14th, 2020 through Xtreem Music, which is owned by Dave.

Britain-based melodic death metal band SYLOSIS has a new album, called Cycle Of Suffering, through Nuclear Blast on February 7.

SAVAGE ANNIHILATION’s L’orgie Des Morts is out through Xenokorp.

Spain-based melodeath act RISE TO FALL presents a new video clip for the song The Descendant from its Into Zero album, which is mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studio.

“Psychedelic doomcore” band WARPED CROSS has signed with Black Sunset to release the album Rumbling Chapel album on February 7th.

The APOSENTO album will be entitled Conjuring The New Apocalypse and contain ten tracks of death metal. The cover art is completed by artist Naroa Etxebarría. The work is expected to be released through Xtreem Music in April.

Bassist Magnus “Devo” Andersson had left MARDUK after a total of 17 years. He wants to concentrate on his studio work.

Elijah Nelson, bassist for the USA-based death metal band BLACK BREATH, has died at the age of forty.

Non Serviam Records has signed black metal outfit THOKKIAN VORTEX. The band is fronted by Lord Kaiaphas, the former vocalist of ANCIENT. An album is slated for 2020.

So much pride going around. Season Of Mist “are proud to announce the signing of Brooklyn black metal formation TOMBS.” The band will release its new EP Monarchy Of Shadows on February 28, 2020.

EXODUS will play two sets at this year’s 70000 Tons Of Metal Cruise this month. One is a ‘best-of’ and another commemorates the 35th anniversary of its debut album, Bonded By Blood.

ASEPTIC has a new EP called Cascading Fluids through Redefining Darkness Records on 03.01.2020. The band had intended to issue a full-length, but with its producer in Japan has instead issued this mini-record. A full-length is still due in 2020.

Three years after its debut full-length Strength Of Giants DYSEMBLEM has issued a full-length called Autotomy through ILL Damnation.

BEHEMOTH will re-release its debut EP, And The Forests Dream Eternally, in May. It was originally issued by Entropy Productions. BEHEMOTH is touring with SLIPKNOT.

TAAKE, KAMPFAR and NECROWRETCH are touring Europe using the Northern Alliance 2020 tour monicker. The tour kicks off in Krakow on the 19th of March.

UK-based band WOLVENCROWN has issued Of Bark And Ash through Avantgarde Music.

Kirk Windstein has rejoined DOWN for the 2020 shows to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the group’s debut album, NOLA.

SEPULTURA, SACRED REICH and CROWBAR will tour North America in March.

OVERKILL, EXHORDER and HYDRAFORM will tour the USA using the Wings Over USA monicker next month.

Finland-based death metal band APOCRYFAL has an album called Crushing Black Death through Mara Productions.

OPETH bassist Martin Mendez has founded a death metal project called WHITE STONES. The band has signed a deal with Nuclear Blast. The band’s debut album Kuarahy will be issued on March 20th.

Germany-based crossover group RODENT has an album called Anti-Human Therapy through Exx Studios.

Thirty one years after its last full-length Mistreated, Germany-based speed metal group SDI is back with a new album called 80s (sic) Metal band. MDD will release it.

Black metal band FAUSTTOPHEL has issued No Liars Among The Fallen through Metal Scrap.

Bavaria, German-based melodic thrashers DISSORTED have a lyric video for the track Bloodshed Divine, which is taken off from the band’s demo The Final Divide.

BOLG, which is Bulgarian for Wolf, has just issued Plague Vaccine through Hass Weg Productions.

HATRED INHERIT’s self-titled demo is out now. The band is compared to DECAPITATED.

Solo act TIMBRE OF SATURN, claiming to play death metal with ’70-s’ influences, has a digital track called A Ring Of A Chain. The band is working on putting together an ensemble and recording a demo.

MASSACRE has recruited guitarist Taylor Nordberg (THE ABSENCE) and drummer Jeramie Kling (VENOM INC., THE ABSENCE, GOREGÄNG) and signed a new management deal. A new album is expected in 2020.

ASSASSIN will release a new album, entitled Bestia Immundis, through Massacre Records in February.

Ukraine-based BESTIAL INVASION’s Monomania was issued by Nocturnus Records in November. Kelly Shaefer (ATHEIST) and Doug Piercy (BLIND ILLUSION and ex-HEATHEN) are guests on the record.

Odium Records “proudly announces” an album by Norway-based VULTURE LORD entitled Desecration Rite. The band is back after a hiatus of some seventeen years.

POSSESSED, PESTILENCE and THE BLACK MORIAH will conduct a North American tour this spring.

DAEMONIAC’s Dwellers Of Apocalypse was issued by Xtreem Music on 19.12.2019. DAEMONIAC was founded by Max formerly of HORRID.

Japan-based GOREVENT will release the Fate album through Comatose Music on February 7th.

Young Canada-based band SOPHIST has a release called Dissolution through Niflhel Records in February. The band issued the Betrothal To The Stone: Conception Of Mephisto demo in 2019.

WARSENAL, SURVIVAL INSTINCT, TWILIGHT HAMMER and EXCITER played a New Year’s Eve concert at Hard Luck Bar in Toronto. WARSENAL released its Feast Your Eyes full-length through Svart Records in November.

Metallian Hard

Canada-based power metal band SYRYN has a single called Dead Men Tell No Tales. It is taken from the Beyond The Depths demo, which is out this month.

Sweden-based hard rock act THE DRIFTWOOD SIGN has a demo called Broken Times.

AEROSMITH will tour Europe next summer.

Nuketown is the new single from hard rockers ALCHEMY. The track comes off the band's new album, entitled Dyadic, released by Bickee Music in Japan and Street Symphonies Records/Burning Minds Music Group in the rest of the World.

Japan-based LOVEBITES has an album called Electric Pentagram through JPU Records on 31.01.2020. The band has a video for the song When Destinies Align.

DEMONS & WIZARDS, featuring ICED EARTH’s Jon Schaffer and BLIND GUARDIAN’s Hansi Kürsch, will release its III album through Century Media on February 21st, 2020.

Spain-based prog/heavy metal band SOLARYS has signed a deal with WormHoleDeath for the release of its album Endless Clockworks.

Season Of Mist has re-signed Norway-based prog band GREEN CARNATION. The band will release its new album in the first half of 2020.

APOTHEUS The Far Star is out through Black Lion Records since 31.10.2019. The band is based in Portugal.

STREET LETHAL’s Welcome To The Row is out through Fighter Records. The heavy metal act is based in Spain.

NONPOINT is playing the entire album on a select mini-tour to coincide with its To The Pain album being released through digital media.

LAMB OF GOD guitarist Mark Morton has another solo release in 2020. Entitled Ether, the primarily acoustic five-song EP, is due early this year.

PSYCHOTIC WALTZ’s first album in 24 years is entitled The God-Shaped Void and out through InsideOut Music on February 14th.

SUUM’s Cryptomass album is out through Seeing Red Records on the 14th of February. Cryptomass is the follow-up album to SUUM's debut, Buried Into The Grave.

Spain-based power metal band NIGHTFEAR has signed with Fighter Records for the release of its next album, Apocalypse, which will be released on February 5th, 2020 in CD format. The band’s drummer Osckar Bravo used to be in AVULSED with Fighter Records’ owner, Dave Rotten.

Sweden-based progressive metal band MOLOKEN has an album called Unveilance of Dark Matter through The Sign Records on 31.01.2020.

Former NEVERMORE and SANCTUARY bassist James Sheppard has a new project called THE DEAD HEART COLLECTIVE.

INFINITAS’ Infernum demo is out now. The band is described as “When IRON MAIDEN meets ELUVEITIE.” The band has supported the latter act.

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's North American tour with openers OBITUARY and LORD DYING, which was originally scheduled for December but "due to sudden unforeseen circumstances," cancelled, will now take place in February and March 2020.

Inspired by KEEL? The BULLETBOYS lineup of Marq Torien (vocals), Mick Sweda (guitar), Lonnie Vencent (bass) and Jimmy D'Anda (drums) has reunited for a tour.

A GARY MOORE live recording stemming from 2009 is called Live From London and will be issued this month by Provogue/Mascot.

DOKKEN, LITA FORD and LYNCH MOB will conduct a U.S.of A. tour in 2020. DOKKEN singer Don Dokken and occasional DOKKEN and full-time LYNCH MOB guitarist George Lynch will conduct a joint encore.

Finland-based solo doom act KALMO has issued a seasonal track called Hell Awaits Ye Rotten Servants.

Guitarist Kevin Estrella’s project PYRAMIDS ON MARS has a new demo released on December 2st. it is entitled Edge of the Black.