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Here are some new releases by Hammerheart Records: Macabre's Unabomber picture 10', Nile's In the Beginning (collection of their two demos), second release of Sweden's Octinomos called Welcome to my Planet and re-releases of Slaughterlord's Thrash 'til Death and Thanatos' Emerging from the Netherworlds...Joost (formerly of Inhume) is the name of the new Sinister singer. The band is playing some shows in South Africa...Here are the forthcoming releases from No Fashion Records: Misteltein's Rape in Rapture (similar to Dimmu Borgir), self-titled album from Wolf (akin to early Maiden), an a melodic metal by newcomers Storyteller. Watch for these in the spring...After a protracted delay, Dissident Records will release the new Psychrist album Embrace Rapture in Disgust this month...Back in the studio is Deicide working on a new full length. Speaking of the Floridians, the band will be part of the No Mercy tour across Europe with Cannibal Corpse, Immortal and Hate Eternal this April...Armed with singer Dave Hunt, Benediction are writing a new album...Bloodbath (featuring Mikael of Opeth, Dan Swano and members of Katatonia) will release its death metal one-off Breeding Death on February 8th...Sweden's General Surgery has reformed and is working on new grinding music. The band features Matti Karki of Dismember...In Australia, death metallers Encabulous have released their debut MCD Abandoning the Flesh on Venomous Records...Canada's Cryptopsy are working hard on a brand new album with some songs being And Then it Passes and We Bleed. Expect it in the fall...Sweden's favourite Lucifer lovers Marduk were recently the subject of controversy when promoters in several Baltic countries claimed the band to have ripped them off, having not performed despite paid advances. The band claims their tour manager had deluded them and stolen the money. The Swedes will release a double live album this April...Germany's premier death metal festival Fuck The Commerce III will see its third edition this year at Neiden, Germany between 01.06 and 03.06. Some bands already slated to appear are Sinister, Resurrected, Monstrosity, Fleshgrind and Mangled...Death metal fans can look forward to the new album of Hateplow on Pavement entitled The Only Law is Survival...In the same country, In Flames are wasting no time entering the studio in March...California's Necropolis records has a new death/grind subsidiary called Deathvomit Records. The first signings are, locals Impaled (album is called The Dead Shall Dead Remain), as well as Cadaverizer, Finland's Rottensound and Deadbodieseverywhere. The mother label itself has signed some new bands like, Maze of Torment (album called Death Strikes), Serpent Obscene and Cauldron...French band 'O' have hit a snag in the release of their demo following a dispute with the sound engineer and the split leaving two members in the group...UK's Supernal Music has releases planned on all its four divisions. Look for Fleurty's (Nor.) Department of Apocalyptic Affairs, The Meads of Asphodell's The Excommunication of Christ, Bewitched's (Chile) Somewhere Beyond the Mist (as well as some reissue CDs by the band) , Sathanas' Thy Dark Heavens (ditto with reissues) as well as Downfall's Drei Raume (three rooms)...Rumour out of Montreal states that Obscene Crisis is reforming...Deaf American Recordings (the label of Rich Hoak formerly of Brutal Truth) has released the album of No Rest for the Dead entitled The End of Space...Canada's Dedfuk Records has a compilation out soon called Be Prepared to Lose Everything. Some bands set to be included are house band Kuru, Vile Intent, Unholy Death and Neuraxis...Very heavy metal band Decapitated is now on Earache. The Polish band's album Winds of Creation is produced by Peter of Vader...US death metal band Incantation are readying for the release of their fourth official full length The Infernal Storm. Back in the line up is singer/guitarist Mike Saez, while the drum stools are filled by drum nomad Dave Culross...Killing Machine, the project of Darkane and Soilwork members, has changed its name to Terror 2000. The original name was already used by another band (see elsewhere). The thrash metal band will have its debut out in March...Jim Sheppard, the bassist for Seattle's Nevermore, recently crushed his plucking finger's bone, by a slamming tour bus door...Slated for an April release, the next album of Gehenna is ready to go...Brainticket Records reports that Oversoul have finished work on their Seven Days in November album which will see a release in late March. The album is reported to be very heavy and gloomy. Elsewhere Last Chapter are recording a new doom album called Paths to Always...Vocalist Thorns has left Vital Remains and been replaced by original band singer Jeff Gruslin...The release of The End of Sanctuary the new album of Sinner is imminent...Johnny Lindkvist has been named the new vocalist for Sweden's Nocturnal Rites. He replaces Anders Zackrisson. The band is imminently beginning to record a new album...The disgraced Rob Halford has assembled a cast of metal musicians and returned to his heavy metal roots. The singer has signed to Sanctuary music (Iron Maiden, etc) and is working on a new full length...German hard rockers Casanova will have their CD released through Breaker Records licensing deal with Nuclear Blast...Sweden's In Aeternum has a new album in the can. Some titles are Eternal Devastation and Torture Chamber...Ancient Ceremony members have announced their intention to leave Cacophonous Records. The band is recording a new demo with new songs in order to find a new home. Some new titles are: Crown Child and The Ultimate Nemesis. The newer material is supposedly more extreme than before...Pavement Music has signed Astroqueen as well as Dutch death metallers Altar. Also look for the album Fast Forward by Sweden's Defleshed...Mags is producing the new Primordial. The band will hit the Euro-road in March...The fourth album of Old Man's Child Revelation 666 is done and will be out shortly...Sweden's Corporation 187 has signed to Earache. Their album is entitled Subliminal Fear...The next releases on England's Blackend Records: Dorsacharms Venomous Colours by Eclipse, Forsaken by Eclipse and a sampler called Hymns to the Fallen III. Expect all releases in mid-February...Both Ebony Tears and Diabolique have left Black Sun Records. The former is signed to Germany's USG. Although it is now reported that the label is bankrupt...Temperance have just released a new 7' on Stormbringer Records...Here's some news from Sweden's Loud'n Proud Records: The label has signed black metal band Mortum who were previously on Invasion Records. Azeazeron, which is compared to Cradle of Filth, has finished recording their album with Andy Larocque at LosAngered Studio. Finally out now is Satanic Slaughter's Afterlife Kingdom...A new 'brutal death metal' project is called Ravenous and features Dan Lilker, Chris Reifert and Killjoy. The band has secured an unnamed record deal...Here is some news from Stephen o'Malley's Anja: Available soon are 7's by Den, Psychonaut and Ultra, the latter called Impressions on Hans Bellmer. Also look for CDs by Tiermes and Allerseelen later in the year...Finland's Eternal Tears of Sorrow has album number three, Chaotic Beauty, recorded and awaiting a release on Spinefarm.

Metallian Hard

Iron Maiden are hard at work on their rather secretive new album. Although recently singer Bruce Dickinson took two weeks off to fly to the USA to work further on his solo career, including his upcoming sampler Catacombs. Maiden, in the meanwhile, are booking a year's worth of dates worldwide beginning this summer...Former Krabathor members Bruno and Pegas have formed a band called Hypnos...Tom Angelripper (Sodom) has a new side project called Desperados. Featuring a number of German musicians, the band is rumoured to be a cross between metal and southern rock...Nuclear Blast has yet another band: this time it's Skyclad...After many years Mark Kendall is leaving the classic hard rock band Great White...It looks like Joey Belladonna has pulled out of the Anthrax tour he was supposed to co-front with current singer John Bush. Money problems are cited as the reason behind the matter. Belladonna did record a new track with Anthrax earlier entitled Ball of Confusion...Rob Echeverria has left Biohazard. The guitarist's move follows the band being dropped by their label...Savage Poetry, the rare debut album of Edguy is being rerecorded by the band and will be released as a double CD with the original recording in April...Following the departure of Mark Simpson to Lynch Mob, original Flotsam and Jetsam guitarist Michael Gilbert has returned to the fold...Aerosmith are working on a new album. The band has put the recent absence and Steven Tyler's well-reported broken leg off time to pen enough songs for the next outing...In a press statement Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest has clarified the band situation thus: the band has signed to Atlantic for North America, JVC in Japan and will continue to work with SPV in Europe. Despite some time off due to the illness of Tipton's dad, the band is actually finishing a new album which he describes as Jugulator but more melodic and classic Priest. He also notes the band's full intention to tour in 2000...Wraith are in studio presently recording their debut album entitled Dark Gifts...Featuring former Loudness/ Marshall Law/ Yngwie Malmsteen singer Michael Viscera, Killing Machine is a pure heavy metal band whose debut is expected on Candlelight this April...CNN's World Beat recently filmed a segment with Ritchie Blackmore's Night band for a future showing. Ritchie's album has been doing well in Germany's international charts and US' new age specialty charts and radio...After their much hyped romp, Jackyl has now been accepted into the Guiness Book of World Records for maximum number of performances (non-stop in 50 days)...Guitarist Marty Friedman has decided to leave Megadeth. In order to complete their touring, the band has recruited Savatage's Al Pitrelli...Dokken's Jeff Pilson is recording a solo album for a Japanese deal he has signed. In related news the name of Dokken's recorded-in-Japan live album is Live From the Sun and is due in March...California boys Ratt have broken up following severe internal disputes. Stephen Pearcy was the catalyst behind the break up leaving the band mid-tour...Lake of Tears have called it a day. Still the members threaten more future individual music...Kenny 'Rhino' Earl (ex-Manowar) is the temporary replacement drummer in Riot...In Roy Z-related news, he has just finished the production work for the Rob Rock (Impellitteri) solo album to which he also contributed musically. Jake E Lee can also be heard on the album. He is currently working on the Rob Halford solo album slated for a summer release...Rumours are flying that David Coverdale might join Van Halen. What is confirmed out of the USA is that Coverdale and Edward Van Halen have jammed together...Eighties metallers Heir Apparent are back and will play Wacken Open Air this year. Watch for the re-release of the band's Graceful Inheritance...Here are two new releases from Woodcut Records: Thyrane's Symphonies of Infernality and Algazanth's Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity...New season and a new catalog from America's vinyl source O.P.M. Records; also reporting the release of the full length LP of Chicago heavy metal band Commandment. Each copy is $24 and available from the same address as the free catalog: P.O. Box 956845, Duluth, GA. 30095 USA...Jag Panzer are adapting Macbeth for the concept of their next album out early summer...N.Y's Titan Records mail order is now fodder for history...Amorphis will enter the studio in the spring to work on their fifth LP...Also working on a new album is Entombed...In its quest to complete its transformation Nuclear Blast has signed Savatage who were reportedly unhappy with the support they were receiving from Atlantic...Former Killer Dwarfs vocalist Rusty Graham is in the studio finishing work on the debut of his new band Penny Black which features ex-Goddo guitarist Gino Scarpelli among others.

Sang Frais No.5 (French)/ in exchange for postage - Hanker, Anonyms, Slayer, Cryptopsy, etc. - C.P. Saint-André - B.P. 32111, Montreal H2L 4Y5 Intoxicated No, 12/ $4US - Iron Maiden, Type O Negative, Napalm Death, Blink 182, My Ruin, etc. - PO Box 2581, Reading, Berkshire, England RG1 7GT Hermit's Chant No. 2 and No. 3/ 70 pages A4/ $6US - Hefty issues featuring Dawn, While Heaven Wept, Nile, Animosity and many many more plus pro art work. - Via Genova No 63, 20025 Legnano-Milano Italy.

Select Top 5 Releases

Ali "The Metallian" - Editor
1- Fleshcrawl - As Blood Reigns From the Sky... - Metal Blade
2- Bloodbath - Breeding Death - Century Media
3- Triumphator - Wings of Antichrist - Necropolis
4- Necrophagia - Black Blood Vomitorium - Red Stream
5- Glacial Fear - promo - Explorers

Rikard - Drummer for Deranged
1- Fu Man Chu - King of the Load - Mammoth
2- Angel Corpse - Inexorable - Osmose
3- Natron - Negative Prevails - Holy
4- Hellacopters - Grande Rock - White Jazz
5- Morbid Angel - Formulas Fatal to the Flesh - Earache

Mike Exley - Editor for Fire Fight
1- Meathook Seed - B.I.B.L.E. - Dream Catcher
2- Angelcorpse - The Inexorable - Osmose
3- Control Denied - The Fragile Art of Existence - Nuclear Blast
4- Lock Up - Pleasures Pave Sewers - Nuclear Blast
5- Rage Against the Machine - The Battle of Los Angeles - Epic

Metallian Demos

Based out of the town of St-Boniface, the quartet who comprise Horfixion (ha?) is thoroughly influenced by what has come before them regionally. Directly influenced by such acts as D.B.C., Voi Vod and especially Obliveon, the four songs demonstrate the band's penchant for delivering thrash/ heavy metal much like early Obliveon did on From This Day Forward. The band incorporates different tones and an amount of technicality into songs like Rage and Nature's Revenge, but given today's musical environment it is difficult to see their regimented compositions gain a foothold in the scene.

There are several factors that normally would sway my opinion of a band towards the positive. Being independent from the parasitic influence of a record label is one. Being a heavy death metal unit is another. Unfortunately, neither factor could way in heavily enough to rescue these young Americans. Having listened to At the Gates' last musical contribution and the genius of Deranged' s High on Blood just prior to this eight tracker, I had ample reminder of how great quality death metal can be and what impact it has inevitably. As much as I would love to recommend fresh death metal, a unit like Pentagoria has so little tightness and originality going for it that that the task is next to impossible. What the scene needs is better musicianship, fresh ideas and lots of practice, all good advice for the quartet. C/o PO Box 23111, Richfield, MN 55423 USA.

Here's a little surprise from Greece: death metal! That's right, not cheesy, third rate black metal; death metal. just notice the demo title. Although not particularly exciting or innovative, this third outing from Cranial Torment is clearly from the early-90's school of mid-paced death metal practiced by the likes of Disincarnate and those UK underground dwellers long since extinct. It's mid-paced material mostly on tracks like the title track or Thoughts of a Graverobber, but when the drummer gets going just watch out - it's blasting time. Write the band c/o Bill Benakis, 32 Paradision St., Perlsterl, 121 36, Athens Greece.

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