Metallian Heavy

According to Roadrunner publicity Deicide is shortly going to record a new album for the label which should be available late summer...Acephalus has parted ways with guitarist Kevin Morgan. The death metallers are searching for a dedicated guitarist in the MA, USA area...Oriental Hell Rhythmics is the title of the CD by Surrender of Divinity out of Thailand. This is a Psychic Cream release...Decayed Divinity has added a new bassist to the line up so that vocalist Rob can concentrate on the mike in advance of a forthcoming studio time. Lee is also in doomsters Lycanthia...The new God Dethroned album is done. Entitled Ravenous and featuring covers of Death and Macabre End, the album will appear this spring with tracks like Villa Vampiria and Swallow the Spikes...Montreal's Aphasia have been joined by ex-Genocide drummer Simon Chenier and are working on new music. This after the band lost both its singer and bassist due to medical reasons...Arch Enemy has lost vocalist John Liiva to Nonexistent. Nonexistent is actually recording an album...The second edition of the 2000 Decibel Festival, 'The Festival that supports Swedish metal', will be held on the 19th of May 2001 at Bengtsfors located 180km north of Gothenburg. Fourteen bands, including Memento Mori, Nocturnal Rites and John Norum, will play on two stages...Montreal black metallers Anhkrehg now have former Malvery drummer Ben Sevigny on board...Malaysia's Misery Records has these new releases: Enthrone Falls (Mal.) EP, Requiem and Sadistic Intent EPs as well as a release by Australia's Nazxul...Mighty Music has signed Brazil's Nephasth. The band's debut, due out in May, is entitled Immortal Unholy Triumph. Out soon on the label is Cronic Disorder's (US thrash) Torture Test and Fleshtizied's Here Among Thorns (US death)...In Necropolis Records news: the label has acquired the US and Canada rights to Tormented the new album of Abscess from France's Listenable. Described as completely brutal with a good sound, the album is available immediately. New on the label is crusty death band Circle of the Dead Children from Pennsylvania. Some up coming releases are: Mental Horror's Proclaim Vengeance (death metal), Vulgar Pigeons untitled album (grind band with members of Benumb), Black Dawn's Blood For Satan (black metal), as well as untitled albums by Kauldron, Deadbodieseverywhere and Solstice. The label also continues to herald the arrival of a new Sadistic Intent album. Finally the label has signed Japan's Intestine Baalism and brought on Defiled through its partnership with Baphomet Records...Lividity has canceled its European Sodomy tour...Upcoming releases on Earache are Gandalf's Rock Hell (described as a cross between At The Gates and AC/DC) on March 20th and Cathedral's Endtyme (produced by Billy Anderson) on April 3rd. Additionally the label will have releases by Cadaver Inc, Hate Eternal and December Wolves this year...Darkthrone is entering the studio in June to work on the next album entitled Corporal Punishment...Necropolis Records has signed Incantation. While the band's label debut is due in the early fall, Incantation will be on the road with Immolation and Goatwhore across the USA in March...Aborted has begun recording a full length album and look like to tour in support of Deranged in the summer...Sweden's Near Dark Productions has the following vinyl releases: Solstice/Twisted Tower Dire split 10', Triumphator's 7' (very few left) and Sorhin's Doden MCMXVIII picture disc with three motifs!...Germany's Beyond Serenity is auditioning guitarists to complete its line-up...Death metal unit Centurian has completed its line up again. Joining the band on vocals and bass is Jerry Brouwer and on guitars Oscar van Paradijs. The band is looking at recording in early summer with a possible release date of September planned...Fuck the Facts is releasing a second split album with S.M.E.S. through Impregnate Production. The band is also releasing its own tape through Italy's R.U. Produkt called Escunta. As if that were not enough, the band is working on another release entitled Discoing the Dead...The reformed Hirax, which was billed as all-original, is now looking for both a guitarist and a bassist. The band claims to have several recording offers and a tour with Anvil planned...To avoid confusion with the other 'funerals' out there, Last Funeral has changed its moniker to Quiescent. The band still plans to record its debut through Lowlife Records this summer...Hammerheart has signed Control Denied. The band is working on its sophomore album in Tampa's Morrisound Studio and early reports indicate the album will bear the When Machine and Man Collide title. Chuck Schuldiner had this to say about the album, ' This album will NOT contain any guest rappers, 7-string guitars, baggy pants or any other elements from so-called New 'Metal'. Expect the album in May...Martin Qvist is out of Ablaze My Sorrow again. Replacing him with ex-Deification man Kristian Lonnsjo, the Swedish band will soon record a new album...Hades Almighty is still shopping its future release The Pulse of Decay to interested labels...Russia's Nostradamus Records has announced the re-release of the 1996 album of Russia's Ens Cogitans entitled Heart of the Way and described as 'progressive post doom'. Write to Tolmachev St. 11-82, 141282, Ivanteevka, Moscow region, Russia...In Razorback Records news, the label has signed Bodies Lay Broken who is described as Carcass-like grindcore. The label will release a new Machetazo CD in the summer, and have a Impaled/Haemorrhage split coming soon...X-Rated Records reports that due to a mistake at the pressing plant, the initial pressing of Rossomahaar CDs contain the music of Under Moonlight Sadness' music and vice versa. The label is recalling the very few copies of these releases which have already been distributed...Megadeth's forthcoming Sanctuary debut is called The World Needs a Hero and is out on May 15th. The band claims the album to have a more back-to-the-roots approach albeit without using the word metal...Flotsam And Jetsam's Eric AK has formed a country band called The AK Corral...The always controversial Quiet Riot is writing a new album in its classic formation and hopes to be part of the annual summer metal festivals...Agiel is the moniker of the new band of former Hate Eternal drummer Tim Yeung...Atheist, featuring an unnamed new drummer, has reformed and is writing songs with an eye on a fall 2001 album release...Vital Remains is looking for a new contract following the split with Osmose. The band is also looking to fill its rhythm section...Dying Fetus has lost the services of bassist and front man Jason Netherton. Deprecated bassist Derek Boyer and Sadistic Torment/Autumn Dawn/Mucous Membrane singer Vince Matthews replace him...Dead Sun Records' Infected Disarray is looking for a UK death metal guitarist. E-mail there was Kult Ov Azazel, then the album World Ov Worms and now we have the new Tenebre album entitled Mark Ov the Beast on Regain Records...Necrophagia's Killjoy has recruited Amen's Casey Kaos for a new project called Amicuss. The band will have the neo-commercial sound...Current Fleshfeast releases are a Mucupurulent/Infected Pussy split, MCD of Morgue entitled Bone Crunch and a soon-to-be-released re-release of the Intense Hammer Rage CD...Singapore's Pulverized Records is releasing the MCD Cruentus Diabolos by Sathanas...New releases on Aftermath Music are The Embraced's The Birth (Norwegian technical death metal) and Nocturnal Winds' Of Art and Suffering (Finnish heavy metal)...Sepultura are putting the finishing touches to their forthcoming album entitled Nation. A spring release is planned through Roadrunner...Speed metal band Abattoir is recording a new album entitled Evil Incarnate...A new Amon Amarth album called The Crusher is in the bag. Some tracks are Bastards of a Lying Breed, Masters of War and A Fury Divine...Holland's Mangled has finished the recording of its debut for Hammerheart. Called Most Painful Ways and out late March, the album will contain ten tracks with the vinyl version featuring a bonus Cannibal Corpse cover. The label's upcoming releases are: Skyfire's debut, Carpe Tenebrum's The Painting, albums by Ancient Rites (including a live CD) and Repugnant, Sinister's Creative Killing (due in June), Aeternus' Assention of Terror, as well as an album by Thyrfing. The label has also signed Dismember and closed all subsidiaries. All planned releases will appear under the Hammerheart banner...Serenade Records has signed Germany's The Dreamside. The band was formerly on Nuclear Blast...Derek Tailor, who had toured recently with Overkill on bass, is the band's new guitarist...Hypnosis is in the process of recording a new album. The French band will also appear on an upcoming Sup tribute CD...Hades is recording a new album for Metal Blade entitled DamNation. Claiming it will be their 'heaviest CD', some tracks are Bloast, Absorbed and Biocaust.

Metallian Hard

Kevin Lewis has left October 31. The band still plans to release its third album No Survivors this year...Classic NWOBHM band Tygers of Pan Tang has reformed. The line up features guitarist Rob Weir, drummer Brian Dick and new bassist Gav Gray. While no vocalist has been determined, the band's label (Z Records) expects a new album this year...US doomsters Confessor have returned. Utilizing the Fly Machine moniker, the band is heading into the studio this June to record an album for Dies Irae Productions...Eighties heavy metallers Hittman, who were on SPV for a while, are back together recording a new album...Engine, the doomy side project of Fates Warning and Agent Steel members, is shooting for a sophomore release in the summer...Lefay has been dropped by Noise Records...Due out on April 19th, W.A.S.P's latest album Unholy Terror is produced by Blackie himself...Season of Mist is licensing several Olympic Records titles for the European territory...NJ, USA's Chaos Theory will release their independent self-titled CD on March 6. The band is playing a series of shows in the US...Eighties metallers King Kobra is back together again...Holland's Mascot Records has signed Japan's Volcano. A summer release is planned...Motley Crue drummer Randy Castillo, who was diagnosed with stomach and ulcer problems last summer, has been diagnosed with carcinoma. Forcing a cancellation of all touring plans, the drummer has undergone surgery and is under chemotherphy. Castillo expects a full recovery...Paul Di'Anno has a new live album of Iron Maiden classics out called The Live Beast...Lizzy Borden is running a contest to reshape their logo. Go to the Metal Blade web site for all the details, as well as a list of all the prizes associated with the contest...The next Aerosmith album is entitled Just Push Play and will be out in the spring...Jag Panzer is in the studio recording a new album which will reportedly be more up beat and faster. Expect it next fall...Expect the new album from Demon, entitled Spaced Out Monkey, in June...Due to personality differences long time bassist Bodo is out of Running Wild...Former Kik Tracee singer Stephen Shareaux has a new band called Revel 8...Motorhead has canceled a series of European shows in support of the band's 25th anniversary following advice from Lemmy's doctor that he get 4 weeks of rest to recover from exhaustion and the flu...Rick 'Warlock' Sanchez is back in Gothic Knights and the band is working on new songs...The Cybernauts, featuring Def Leppard's Joe Elliott and Phil Collen, has released a live album...Scarlet has signed Sweden's Fifth Reason as well Hatesphere...Now on Massacre Records, Night in Gales is in the studio with producer Harris Johns recording Necrodynamic...Rudolph Schenker of the Scorpions recently joined Halford on stage in Hannover Germany for a good 15 minutes. Halford's forthcoming live album is called Live Insurrection...L.A. Guns new album is done and is called Man in the Moon...Grave Digger guitarist Uwl Lulis has left the band and founded his own solo project. Former Rage guitarist Manni Schmidt is now in Grave Digger. The German heavy metallers are composing a new album...Human Race is a new band signed to Massacre Records...Guns N' Roses appeared live for the first time in seven years on New Year's Even in Las Vegas' house of Blues. In addition to sole original member Axl Rose, the band featured Keyboardist Dizzy Reid and guitarist Buckethead. The band performed several songs from its forthcoming album Chinese Democracy - now due in June - for the first time. The group's next appearance is slated for the summer in Germany...French power metallers Skeleton Crew have lost their singer...Century Media's release schedule is as follows: Nightwish's Wishmaster February 6th, And Oceans' Allotropic/Metamorphic Genesis of Dimorphism on February 20th and Haste's When Reason Sleeps on March 6th. The label will also celebrate its tenth anniversary in the USA with a series of re-issues...In a similar move Pavement music is re-releasing a number of releases from its early catalogue to celebrate the new millennium. Including releases from Red Light, from which Pavement sprung, the label will have enhanced packages from the likes of Solitude Aeturnus, Autograph and Oppressor. Some upcoming releases on the label are a live album by Deceased entitled Up the Tombstones (January 30), Deeds of Flesh's Path of the Weakening (February 13), Kult Ov Azazel's Triumph of Fire (March 27), Murder 1 Blues Army's Mordor Rising (March 27) and the debut of Murder Squad featuring members of Entombed and Dismember on April 10...The ever tumultuous Noise Records is now sold to Sanctuary Music.

Amputation #6 ( $8CAD/ $5US to Hagerstensvagen 161B, Hagersten 126 53 Sweden) is a death metal fanzine from Sweden that has been around for a while and is hence of a higher quality than the average 'zine. While the featured choices are of a high quality - Fleshcrawl, Hate Eternal, Immolation, etc. - not all is top notch within. Firstly, the white type on black background becomes quickly tiring. Secondly, the reviews should be a little more articulate and feature addresses. It's silly to have to refer to the last page to match the review and country of origin with an index. While at it, the 'zine should include its own address! Having said that, Amputation is actually worth your time and money, with its hefty content, and gives you a clear snapshot of the death metal year. I am looking forward to a shorter lead time for issue #7...The long delay is over and Sang Frais # 7 ( $1 to CP Saint-Andre, BP 32111, Montreal H2L 4Y5) has hitchhiked down the 401 to finally get here. Sang Frais is written in French to serve French Canada, and I suppose it remains within mandate. The layout is clear and the information plentiful, so Francophone metal fans shouldn't hesitate in ordering this nicely-priced 'zine for interviews with Satyricon, Impaled Nazarene, Malevolence and more. Cool cover by the way...The monthly Rock'n'Metal newsletter Beyond #19 ($1 to 22 rue Reniers, 1090 Jette Belgium) covers a wide range of music from electronic to progressive to metal. Within its clear pages features bands like Silent Exile; concise reviews of signed and unsigned bands as well as written material!.

Select Top 5 Releases

Ali "The Metallian" - Editor
1- Centinex - Hellbrigade - Repulse
2- Solar Dawn - Frost-Work - Mighty
3- Beheaded - Resurgence of Oblivion - Mighty
4- Onward - Evermoving - Century Media
5- The Forsaken - Manifest of Hate - Century Media

Micke Skala - Editor for Amputation fanzine
1- Vomitory - Revelation Nausea - Metal Blade
2- Immolation - Close To A World Below - Metal Blade
3- Hypnosia - Extreme Hatred - Hammerheart
4- Nile - Black Seeds Of Vengeance - Relapse
5- Scurvy - Demo 2000 - Independent

Metallian Demos

BOILING REMAINS - Rehearsal Tape
Whoa, a rehearsal tape served up straight from the underground. Nice photos of the members (front and back) aside, this is pure sludgy, grinding garage metal. Does anyone recall the Autopsy demos? What about early Cianide and The Dead Youth? Never mind, there are no two ways to imagine what a song like Splattering Trapezist sounds like. It's a rehearsal tape, buy throw them a couple of bucks and dance yourself silly. Thomas Verhelle, Moervijverweg 39, 8680 Koekelare Belgium.

There are so many bands in the Czech Republic and Slovakia that one begins to wonder how this has all come about. Here is a different take on tape. Caress are clearly into complex arrangements, 25 rhythm changes a run and jazz! While the growls of the singer might take one back to Obituary, albeit not as deep, the music is a mix between death metal, Coroner and progressive jazz. It's hard to imagine a metallers taking to this; it's simply too off beat for heavy metal, but i do remember the efforts of Canada's Elements a few years back and wonder. Whatever the comparisons here's the address. Personally I wish I knew whether track two's title, Last Pillgrimage, is a typo or not. Kosc Jan, Sputnikova 8, 040 12 kosice, Slovakia

Polish newcomer band (at least to Metallian Towers) Mastectomia and Canada's premiere preachers of noisecore have banded together for this all out grindcore attack that clearly harbours a lot that death metallers can rejoice in as well. Not pulling any punches, the two bands go for the jugular with grinding guitars, looooow vocals and a couple of Suffocation riffs to boot. Very cool stuff that might not be the tightest, but is still guaranteed to kick the tail of your average Pantera/Emperor fan for years to come. The choice is yours. You can either discover the stars of tomorrow by sending $5 to 50 Rene Levesque St., Gatineau J8P 6Z5 in good old Canada or stay a poser forever.

Rising from the depths of the metal underground, USA's Serberus' CD is a 4/5 track release mixing some HM with thrash and death with the vocals coming across as particularly snarly and menacing. The band do incorporate the rare moment of trendy spoken vocal interlude, but quickly go back to metal. On the musical front, apart from the suspect drumming on the live bonus track, the band plays with both heaviness and variety to an above average effect. The sound is not completely full, but this quartet clearly has understood the advantage of using two rhythms simultaneously. There are relatively few mundane riffs, and even a few above average demonstrations here signaling a hopeful future for this act. Pretty cool even if one has to wonder how a band comes across words like Serberus, besiege or affliction when a quick look at the liner notes reveals a lack of simple grammar abilities ' for there musical support', etc. Never mind the music is worth your attention. 3550 Everett Dr. Boulder Co. 80303 USA.

The moniker and title might leave a little to be desired in the originality departments, but the MCD is chock full of anger and hate. Thrashing metal out of Australia, Fury is the type of band that fans of everything from Meshuggah to Propain might enjoy. Front man O' Neil certainly pours out his gut with fury, and the rest of the band aims to crush; it is only the weak drumming that is obviously a problem. The drums simply follow the rest of the band, keeping up and never quite doing anything independently interesting. Songs like Fallen Ones and the title track are certainly well done though, and listeners of the style can send $8 (US) to 749 Lower North East Road, Paradise SA 5075 Australia to obtain this demo.

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