Metallian Heavy

Dutch thrashers FUELBLOODED have signed with My Kingdom Music. The group’s new album, Off The Face Of The Earth, was mixed by Jonas Kjellgren and available on February 5th.

DAYLIGHT MISERY has completed its debut album, Depressive Icons. The band is searching for a label.

Wicked Saint Or Righteous Sinner, a new album by DAWN OF SILENCE, will be released on February 24th through GMR Music Group. The album was recorded in February of 2008 at Black Lounge Studio in Avesta, Sweden with Jonas Kjellgren.

IN MOURNING Monolith is out through Pulverised Records. The album was recorded at Black Lounge Studio (SCAR SYMMETRY, CARNAL FORGE, STEEL ATTACK, etc.) with producer Jonas Kjellgren

DEICIDE, MARDUK and VADER have teamed up for the Unholy Titans Tour 2010 in Europe in May.

Former VADER and BEHEMOTH bassist Marcin “Novy” Nowak has compiled a new band, named ROAD’S END, with guitarist Chris Cannella (N17 and AUTUMN’S END) and drummer Kevan Roy (ex-MASTERY). The band is searching for another guitarist.

Prophecy Productions has announced April 6th as the North American release date for NEGURA BUNGET’s latest, Maiestrit. Both the closing of a chapter and the opening of a new one, Maiestrit is a re-recording/re-interpretation of NEGURA BUNGET’s Maiastru Sfetnic album from 2000 and now the final album to feature the band’s old line-up of vocalist/guitarist Hupogrammos, guitarist Sol Faur and drummer Negru.

BRAIN DRILL has completed work on its follow-up to 2008’s Apocalyptic Feasting. The new album is called Quantum Catastrophe and will be issued this spring.

At a performance in Stuttgart, Germany recently KATAKLYSM was presented with a plaque commemorating its 15-year relationship with Nuclear Blast Records. The band is working on a new album.

The new GODHATE album, Equal In The Eyes Of Death, was released on January 25th through Metal Age Productions. GODHATE will be touring Sweden, Russia, Ireland and the US during spring and summer of 2010.

DETENTE is confirmed to play with ONSLAUGHT in Oslo, Norway on May 21st in what is being promoted as Back To School Night. ONSLAUGHT will play its original 1986 set while DÉTENTE will play material from both Recognize No Authority and the upcoming Decline albums.

Season Of Mist has signed SEVERE TORTURE from The Netherlands. SEVERE TORTURE is currently in Split Second Sound Studios in Amsterdam with producer Jochem Jacobs at work on its upcoming fifth album.

After much delay and problems with the American immigration authority HYPOCRISY will return to North America in May. Support on the trek will come from HATE, BLACKGUARD and SWASHBUCKLE.

Montreal’s WORIGNITION will start recording its first full-length in March with Chris Donaldson of CRYPTOPSY.

Moribund Records has signed Finland’s WYRD. The band’s ninth full-length album, to be titled Death Of The Sun, is expected in the latter half of the year.

Due to a recent “injury” to drummer Ken Meyers of ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, the band cancelled its tour with NILE last month.

THE INKOS is a new band featuring former DEATH ANGEL drummer Andy Galeon. The band made its live debut on Friday, January 29th at Blakes On Telegraph in Berkeley, California.

On the heels of the release of the Riot Squad album, Germany’s PARADOX has lost guitarist Kai Pasemann and drummer Roland Jahoda last month. According to the band, “We had no choice, because we found out we have a different view on how to reach our goals.” Candidates for the drum position were to bang an e-mail, since BIOMECHANICAL guitarist Gus Drax had already joined, although Jahoda rejoined PARADOX in late January.

KREATOR’s 2010 North American tour will feature music from the band’s earliest days. The band is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Two members of the U.K. metal band AFTER DEATH drowned on Thursday January 21st while swimming at the Atalaia beach in Aracaju in Brazil. 21-year-old guitarist Leon Villalba and 18-year-old bassist Timothy Kennelly were in Brazil as their band was opening for MASTER. The tour went on. Kennelly’s body is missing. MASTER’s The Human Machine is out next month through Pulverised Records.

Joe Ptacek, one-time singer for Illinois death metal band BROKEN HOPE, committed suicide on Wednesday, January 20th from a gunshot wound to the head. He was 37 years old. He was in the midst of reforming BROKEN HOPE.

UK doom band ESOTERIC has announced that guitarist Jim Nolan has recently joined the band as a successor to the recently departed Kris Clayton. The band is currently writing and rehearsing new material for the sixth album, which it will begin recording later this year at the Priory Recording Studio. They are still looking for a permanent replacement for keyboard player Olivier Goyet.

ZYKLON has officially disbanded. Candlelight Records will release a ZYKLON box set, called The Storm Manifesto, containing all three of the band’s full-length albums plus some bonus material.

Belgian black metal band ENTHRONED will release its eighth album, Pentagrammaton, in March through Regain Records. As previously reported in Metallian the band now features two former GORGOROTH members.

Italian death metal band HOUR OF PENANCE has picked Paradogma as the name of its fourth album, which is due on March 2nd through Unique Leader Records.

MERCENARY has recruited drummer Morten Løwe Sørensen (THE ARCANE ORDER, SUBMISSION and SLUGS) and also announced that bassist René Pedersen has replaced singer Mikkel Sandager. The latter man recently departed the fold.

Finland’s KALMAH will release its sixth album, 12 Gauge, on March 3rd through Spinefarm Records. The album was recorded between June and August of 2009 at Tico Tico studio and was mastered at the Cutting Room in Sweden.

Former CARNAL FORGE singer Jens C. Mortensen has joined the Swedish thrash metal act ONE HOUR HELL as the band’s new bassist.

California hardcore metal band SUFFOKATE will release its album, No Mercy, No Forgiveness, on February 23rd through Century Media subsidiary Mediaskare Records.

DECREPIT BIRTH is at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland with producer Zack Ohren recording its third album, Polarity. EXODUS had previously used the studio.

Finland’s DESTINITY will release a new album, XI Reasons To See, on February 22nd through Lifeforce Records. The album was recorded in Denmark with producer Jacob Hansen.

CARNIVORE guitarist Paul Bento played with WHIPLASH last month in Virginia at the benefit concert for the missing girl Morgan Harrington. Her remains were later discovered in Virginia.

Norway’s RAGNAROK will release a new album, Collectors Of The King, in March through Regain Records. The album was recorded at Endarker Studios in Norrköping, Sweden. The band is promising some true black metal on the record.

DEW-SCENTED has signed with Metal Blade for Europe and is recording a new album, which is due in May.

CATAMENIA will release a new album, called Cavalcade, on February 26th through Massacre Records. The album was recorded and mixed by Kari Vähäkuopus at Mastervox Studios in Finland and was produced by CATAMENIA.

AT THE GATES will release The Flames Of The End three-disc DVD on February 22nd in Europe and April 6th in the U.S.A. through Earache Records. The live and performance DVD will include a band documentary.

Inspired by KEEL 2012? MUCKY PUP played its final U.S. show ever on January 16th at The Saint in Asbury Park, New Jersey. The band will say farewell to the stage this summer after some European shows.

ASPHYX has kicked bassist Wannes Gubbels out due to “musical differences” according to the band, “Since ASPHYX is a non-compromising band, we had no other choice than to find a suitable replacement. A replacement in the very person of Alwin Zuur [PULVERIZER and ESCUTCHEON]. Wannes will focus on PENTACLE.

CARNAL FORGE has replaced drummer Stefan Westerberg with Chris Barkensjö of CONSTRUCDEAD (ex-GRAVE). Westerberg will focus on HEADSTONE and STEEL ATTACK.

The reunited CHANNEL ZERO has a single, called Black Flowers, featuring guitarist Mikey Doling (ex-SOULFLY and SNOT).

INTERMENT has picked Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy as the title for its debut album, which is due in April through Pulverised Records. The album is being recorded at Erebos Studios with Peter Bjärgo.

SICK OF IT ALL has picked Based On A True Story as the title for its next album, due out on April 20th through Century Media Records. It was recorded ay Antfarm Studios in Denmark with Danish producer Tue Madsen.

ABORTED’s Coronary Reconstruction EP is out now in a limited edition digipack of 1,000 copies through Listenable Records.

The 2006 debut album from Swedish death metallers MY OWN GRAVE, entitled Unleash, was reissued through Pulverised Records On January 19th in North America. The extended version of Unleash will be bundled with the Progression Through Deterioration 2004 Demo and two extra cover songs (Orthodox by KRABATHOR and War Ensemble by SLAYER).

ABSCESS’ eighth album, entitled Dawn Of Inhumanity, is out on March 9th through Tyrant Syndicate Productions.

Komplex! KULT OV AZAZEL has lost singer and bassist Xul. The man is apparently taking a break from band activities. Xaphan will now perform all vocals. Now permanent is session guitarist Armanen (TENEBROUS). Former member VJS is back as touring bassist. A DVD is due later this year. Hammer will be unavailable for the dates booked in March due to the recently announced TESTAMENT tour dates. Instead he’ll be out on the road working for those guys so Tony Laureano (ex-DIMMU BORGIR, ANGEL CORPSE and NILE) will be sitting in on drums for the Nihilistic Terror Across Texas tour dates and Gus Rios (MALEVOLENT CREATION) for the March Metal Massacre 5 Festival.

On its upcoming North American tour with EXODUS and MEGADETH in March, TESTAMENT will perform its debut album, The Legacy, in its entirety. MEGADETH will commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Rust In Peace by playing that album in its entirety. Coincidentally, former MEGADETH guitarist Glen Drover will fill in for TESTAMENT’s Alex Skolnick. At the same time, former MEGADETH guitarist Jeff Young has joined Kentucky hard rock band HYDROGYN.

Colorado-based ENEMY REIGN will release its Means To A Dead End EP in Europe through Neurotic Records. The EP was recorded by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio in 2008 and, until now, self-distributed through the ENEMY REIGN online webstore. The European version of this EP will contain one newly recorded exclusive bonus track entitled If The Truth Hurts…Suffer. The European version will also have exclusive artwork and other bonus materials.

I SHALT BECOME is currently working on a new studio album for Moribund Records with the band slated to enter the studio next month. As yet untitled, I SHALT BECOME’s new album for Moribund will be its second full-length for the label and also the first to feature real and live drums.

Salem Rose Music has signed on Victory Records’ PATHOLOGY to a management deal. The San Diego-based band was formed in 2006 by former THE LOCUST and CATTLE DECAPITATION drummer Dave Astor. The company has also signed SEVENTH CALLING to a management deal. The band is recording an album’s worth of music called Epidemic.

SALEM’s Playing God And Other Short Stories is the band’s seventh studio album and first for Pulverised Records. It was recorded at Harold Studios in Israel and mastered by UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound in NYC.

Paragon Records has the following releases available: French band ALDAARON’s Nous Reviendrons Immortels album, English death metal band’s SECTIONED’s Purulent Reality and FAUST’s From Glory To Infinity.

Candlelight Records has signed KRIEG, WOE and YAOTL MICTLAN. The Isolationist is the confirmed title for the sixth album from New Jersey-based KRIEG. Philadelphia-based WOE joins Candlelight after the release of its debut, A Spell For The Death Of Man, in 2008. The band, featuring creator Chris Grigg with a rotating line-up that features members of ABSU, RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER, GREEN EVENING REQUIEM and WOODS OF YPRES, kicked off the new year performing alongside BEHEMOTH at the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia. Entitled Quietly, Undramatically, the new album is tentatively planned for a late summer release. Salt Lake City-based YAOTL MICTLAN has completed recording of its second album currently planned for release in April. Dentro del Mantro Gris De Chaae showcases the band’s Mexican and Mayan culture. The band’s name in the Mexican language of Nahuatl means ‘warriors from the land of the dead.’

Who were they with?? GRAVEHILL has left Enucleation Records and signed with Ibex Moon. The band will issue a 12” vinyl release of Rites Of The Pentagram this month, which will contain special packaging. Next up is the CD re-release of Rites Of The Pentagram, which will include the five songs of the Metal Of Death/Advocation Of Murder & Suicide EP. This re-release will soon follow the vinyl version in the spring of 2010. The band’s new album, Pravus Tyrannis, is due in the summer.

Following last year’s Metal Of Honor album, NOCTURNAL FEAR has recruited a new bassist and is writing an album currently entitled Excessive Cruelty. It is expected through Moribund in the autumn.

Norwegian black metallers DEN SAAKALDTE have recruited CARPATHIAN FOREST drummer Anders Kobro to replace the departing Uruz Kobro. The band is rehearsing for the upcoming live appearances and recording sessions. The band recently signed a deal with Pulverised Records for the release of its second full-length album, due later this year.

Xtreem Music and PHLEGETHON will issue a double-CD including liner notes, an exclusive interview and photos called Drifting In The Crypt. It includes the band 1989 demo, 1990 demo, 1991 mini-LP and 2007 and 2008 demos.

Turkey’s HERETIC SOUL is issuing a demo called Born Into This Plague on February 23rd. The band is planning on a European tour this summer.

Inspired by KEEL? FROZEN DOBERMAN will play its first show with the original line-up after fifteen years of inactivity at the Monster Session 2 benefit show for the MS foundation at Manning Bar Sydney University, Australia on March 13, 2010. The original FROZEN DOBERMAN line-up of Adam Marsh, Peter ‘Red’ Fortune, Tim West and Shaun Barry will hit the stage for the benefit alongside some of Sydney’s ‘90’s’ bands including HELLMENN, NUNBAIT, THE HARD-ONS, DAREDEVIL, TWEEZER and THE CELIBATE RIFLES.

DARK FUNERAL released its new full-length album, Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus, in the US on Tuesday, January 26th through Regain Records. The nine-track album was recorded at Abyss Studios in Grangärde, Sweden with engineer and producer Peter Tägtgren.

Metal Blade Records has signed Los Angeles black/death metal band DAWN OF ASHES. The Genocide Chapters album is due in late spring/summer of 2010. The band is currently gearing up to enter the studio to record its Metal Blade debut with producer Fred Archambault.

Could they be unpleased? AS I LAY DYING is “pleased” to announce the title of its upcoming, fifth full-length album as The Powerless Rise. The band is currently finishing recording of The Powerless Rise in San Diego with producer Adam D. who has also worked for popcore band KILLSWITCH ENGAGE.

Metallian Hard

Reformation 2015? SCORPIONS has decided to disband with some encouragement from its manager. In a message on its website, the band asserted that it has decided to end its career “on a high note.” The band’s imminent album, Sting In The Tail, will be its last. SCORPIONS' new album will be released on March 19th through Sony/BMG. The album was recorded at a studio in Hanover, Germany with Swedish producers Mikael "Nord" Andersson and Martin Hansen. The group will kick off a world tour expected to last two years. EDGUY will open for the band in Germany.

Dark Star Records has signed a deal with HERMAN RAREBELL former drummer for SCORPIONS. Herman Rarebell, also known as, Herman Ze German, has 78 Gold and 30 Platinum records to his credit. The drummer’s latest release Take It As It Comes is scheduled for release on Dark Star Records March 23, 2010. Herman's audio book My Life As A Scorpion will be included with the new album as a special pre-order deal.

AFM Records has issued AT VANCE’s Ride The Sky, BRAINSTORM’s Memorial Roots, MOB RULES’ Radical Peace, NOSTRADAMEUS’ Illusion's Parade, HEAVENLY’s Carpe Diem and MANIMAL’s The Darkest Room.

Inspired by KEEL? Frontiers Records will release TREAT’s reunion album Coup De Grace on March 19 in Europe and April 6 in the USA.

MAD MARGRITT will be working with producer Beau Hill for its next album. Beau has produced numerous multi-platinum albums by artists such as RATT, WARRANT, ALICE COOPER and WINGER. The new MAD MARGRITT album isn’t expected to be finished until later this year, but in the meantime the band will be releasing a Beau Hill re-mix of the song Ruling Me from its Animal album.

After signing with SPV in Europe for the release of Walk Through Fire, RAVEN has now signed with Metal Blade for the North American release of the album on March 30th.

ETERNAL REIGN has left its record label, LMP, "due to musical differences." The group's completed third album, The Dawn Of Reckoning, is looking for a new home.

Finland’s KIUAS has completed its fourth album for an April 1 release through Spinefarm Records. Janne Joutsenniemi produced the album at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki.

Following the disbandment of HANOI ROCKS Michael Monroe has formed his own band with bassist Sami Yaffa who has played with HANOI ROCKS, NEW YORK DOLLS and JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS and guitarist Ginger of THE WILDHEARTS. MONROE is performing select shows in the US in March.

TEXTURES singer Eric Kalsbeek has left the band in order to focus on his job and his family. The singer wishes to concentrate on his family and job. TEXTURES is seeking a replacement as it plans to issue another album in 2011.

White metal band DELIVERANCE will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year with a couple of new releases and live shows. A new studio album, The Annals Of Subterfuge, is due later in the year through Retroactive Records. Also upcoming is Temporary Insanity - A Salute To Deliverance, which is a two-CD all-star tribute to DELIVERANCE from Roxx Records, in conjunction with the Christian Metal Realm (CMR). The band itself is contributing a song to the disc alongside THE CRUCIFIED, VENGEANCE RISING and others.

Massacre Records has announced a March 26th release date for At The Graves, the long-announced three-disc DVD package from KING DIAMOND.

ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN is a new band featuring former BRAND NEW SIN members Joe Altier and Brian "Slider" Azzoto. The group performed its first show in December, 2009 and is recording a demo.

LIZZY BORDEN has three California dates in February in San Diego, Santa Clara and Santa Rosa. These first of the new year shows will be a best of LIZZY BORDEN set incorporating songs from the entire catalogue including the latest record Appointment With Death.

Doom metal band THE 11TH HOUR featuring GOREFEST’s Ed Warby (drums, guitar, bass, vocals, programming) and DEMIURG’s Rogga Johansson (vocals, additional guitar) has added bassist Daniël Huijben (CIRRHA NIVA).

LOUDNESS, which just released a CD and DVD set called Live Loudest At The Budokan '91, in December through Warner Music Japan, has announced European shows for July.

Inspired by KEEL? After disappearing over eleven year ago, the original line-up of Colorado's LEVIATHAN reunited for a show on January 9th at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, Colorado. The show was filmed for a CD/DVD package due in the autumn.

HANKER has been rejoined by drummer Luc Guay (1990-2005). The drummer had left for personal reasons, but now replaces his replacement Sylvain Tremblay.

WONROWE VISION, the solo rock band of Steve Rowe of white metal band MORTIFICATION, has finished recording its debut album. The band which also features former MORTIFICATION guitarist Lincoln Bowen is looking to self-release the demo in May.

JERSEY DOGS, the '80s band of former ATTACKERs Lou Ciarlo and Mike Sabatini, will release some MP3 files, called Live @ Streets, on February 16th. The material was recorded at Streets in New Rochelle, New York on February 3rd, 1990 during the band’s Hope We Go On Tour as support for BIOHAZARD.

Gothenburg, Sweden-based metal sextet MARIONETTE will have its sophomore album Enemies released in North America on February 9th through Listenable Records/Koch Entertainment.

SOILWORK has picked The Panic Broadcast as the title for its next album, due in the summer through Nuclear Blast Records.

Ulterium Records and Nightmare Records have signed a deal for the North American release of SINBREED’s debut album, When Worlds Collide. The album will be released in Europe on March 26th, while the North American release date is set to April 6th.

Top Secret! ICED EARTH has cancelled its tour of Argentina, Chile and Colombia “due to circumstances out of our control.” The band’s Mexican and Brazilian shows are proceeding this month.

Metal Blade Records has announced March 16th as the release date for a special-edition of the 1991 Parallels album of FATES WARNING. The package will include a second CD of live and demo material. The package will also include a DVD with three hours of material including a documentary on the making of the album.

JOE SATRIANI will release Live In Paris: I Just Wanna Rock on February 2nd through Epic Record. It was taped on May 27, 2008 at The Grand Rex Theater in Paris, France. It is a live two-disc CD and a DVD.

Norway’s GAIA EPICUS has completed its fifth album, Dark Secrets and expects to see it released this spring. The band has been booked for the Canarias Hard & Heavy Meeting on December 3 and 4th, 2010 at El Duke's in Playa del Ingles, Spain.

The Greek Arkeyn Steel Records will reissue One Small Voice, the 1989 album of HEIR APPARENT, in a limited edition of 2,000 copies as a CD/DVD package. It will come with bonus songs and a live DVD, Live At The Riviera - 1988.

AEROSMITH guitarist JOE PERRY (originally billed as AEROSMITH), LED ZEPPELIN guitarist Jimmy Page and the BLACK EYED PEAS are among the bands on the first annual Show Of Peace concert, which will be televised internationally on April 17th from the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing, China. The free Show Of Peace will mark Earth Day. The United Nations' Pathways To Peace recognized LED ZEPPELIN guitarist Jimmy Page when presenting its first-ever award.

PRIMAL FEAR is finalizing a deal to release a DVD called 16.6 - All Over The World and a live CD, Live In The USA. The band and LUNA MORTIS are touring the USA in May.

CLOVEN HOOF has decided to release a five-song demo entitled Throne Of Damnation. It will feature three new songs, Prime Time, Running Man and Freak Show along with new versions of Whore Of Babylon and Night Stalker. The disc is available at

NWOBHM band BLACK ROSE will release its third album, possibly entitled Cure For Your Disease, early this year. The band was last heard from in the late ‘80s.

It’s called a demo! FIREBALL MINISTRY will release its self-titled fourth ‘album’ independently on March 16th. Fireball Ministry was mostly recorded at Grandmaster in Hollywood.

AMORAL have lost guitarist Silver Ots to demotivation. Valtteri Hirvonen, who has already toured with the band, has joined the act. Singer Ted Pilot has left FIFTH ANGEL ostensibly because he is too busy. He will, nonetheless, continue in a solo capacity. Pilot was replaced by solo artist Tim Branom. The band is playing at the Keep It True Festival in April. In the meantime, FIFTH ANGEL bassist John Macko and IMAGIKA guitarist Steve Rice are recruiting a vocalist for their contemporary hard rock act. Candidates may contact

AVANTASIA will mark its comeback with a new release to be issued on April 3rd as two separate albums and in a limited deluxe edition entitled The Wicked Symphony and Angel Of Babylon.

Former ANNIHILATOR touring bassist Dave Sheldon is now back on guitar and heading his own band called EXES FOR EYES. ANNIHILATOR, now on Earache, is seeking a bass player.

LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE has picked The Grandiose Nowhere as the title for its next album, which is due in April through Napalm Records.

EXTREME will release a new DVD and CD, entitled Take Us Alive, in April. The recording was shot on August 8th, 2009 at the House of Blues in Boston.

JON OLIVA'S PAIN will release its fourth album, entitled Festival, on February 19th through AFM Records. The promised live DVD is now postponed to the autumn.

Former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Gilby Clarke was hospitalized on Sunday, January 10th after he was the victim of a hit-and-run motorcycle accident. He injured both his legs and had to undergo surgery.

Drummer Jason Bonham (BONHAM and LED ZEPPELIN) and singer and bassist Glenn Hughes (DEEP PURPLE, HUGHES/THRALL, Solo and BLACK SABBATH) have recruited guitarist Joe Bonamassa for a new project called BLACK COUNTRY.

FIREWIND has lost drummer Mark Cross (ex-HELLOWEEN and METALIUM) due to disagreements with band leader Gus G. ULI JON ROTH’s Michael Ehre has joined the band and will play planned shows in Mexico this month.

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY has signed to E1 for North America and Roadrunner Records for Europe. A new album is due this summer.

DIRTY LOOKS’ first three albums will be re-released by FnA Records with bonus tracks.

Former DOMAIN guitarist Axel Ritt has joined GRAVE DIGGER. He replaces Thilo Herrman who left last year amidst acrimony.

THE FYREDOGS, the German rock band whose vocalist is GRAVE DIGGER’s Chris Boltendahl, has completed its debut album at the Comude Studios in Koeln, Germany. It is entitled Hellfyre Rock 'n' Roll and will be released on March 12th through Golden Core/Zyx Music.

Sweden’s CULT OF LUNA will release a book and an audio book called Eviga Riket next month through C.O.L Press. The book is "a short story covering the life and times of Mr. Holger Nilsson, the full story behind the 'Eternal Kingdom' [CULT OF LUNA's latest album] theme.” Eviga Riket will be in both Swedish and English.

After craving one for years JUDAS PRIEST won a Grammy in the Best Metal Performance category at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards, on Sunday, January 31 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

ICARUS WITCH is on the road alongside former IRON MAIDEN vocalist PAUL DI’ANNO. Not only is ICARUS WITCH the direct support for the full tour, the band is also acting as Di'Anno's backing band, taking on double-duty every night of the tour. ICARUS WITCH has completed its third full-length album, entitled Draw Down The Moon, which is to be released February 9th through Cleopatra Records/Koch Distribution.

ANACRUSIS has issued the following: "We're finally finishing up recording the final tracks for the 'new' ANACRUSIS CD. The title of the album will be 'Hindsight: Suffering Hour & Reason Revisited'. The two-CD set will feature both our debut album, 'Suffering Hour', and our second release, 'Reason', along with the classic ANACRUSIS demo track 'Apocalypse', all fully re-recorded by the original lineup of Kenn Nardi, Kevin Heidbreder, John Emery and Mike Owen. The band exited the stage in the mid-’90s after several years on Metal Blade.

E1 Entertainment has picked up SPV for distribution across North America.

Beth Schuldiner, the sister of Chuck Schuldiner of DEATH/CONTROL DENIED, is compiling the essays and writings of the bands’ fans into a volume dubbed "Symbolic What Chuck's Music Means to Me - The Journeys of Chuck Schuldiner's/DEATH Fans."

My metal lifestyle does not include coveting, watching or being at the Grammy Awards or equivalent.

Metallian Demos

The young French band Omaïnen has a clear cosmic theme with the song titles, demo name and front and back covers of astral phenomena. The band’s music is not as much, but to a certain extent, reflective of the same. Routes To Nowhere mixes a singer whose drones represent alternative sounds, while the semi-thrashy music whirls in its complexity. Chugging abrasiveness or more melodic guitar musing is represented on most songs with the shifting disharmonic riffs never absent. The demo’s favourite moments are on the closing cut, Inner Space – Outer Void, where the extended guitar work shows the group is capable of something superior should the act wish it. Even the song Shifting Sight hints at the brilliance of the lead guitarist. Omaïnen presents a mixture of music from Nevermore, Anacrusis and Voivod. The band can be contacted at - Ali “The Metallian”

Do not let the band’s name fool you. The only thing this band tears down is the notion that there is any salvation for Finland. Do these wimps really reckon they are a metal band?
Teardown is quintessentially Finnish. “The past is now – I wanted to forget.” You know the drill. Some semi-rock/metal music in the background feigning heaviness with simplistic riffing topped up with a moaning female singer attempting to convey her passions. “I aaaaaaammmmm sooooo sensitive aaaaaahhhhyyy.” The disc has three songs on it, All Should Be Gone, Prisoner and Solitude, and the last one is even poppier than the other if that is possible. “Let me fall in (sic) my own inner slowness.” Oh, good production though. Metal fans would feel Cyanotic listening to this disc. Gathering fans will… well, there is no such thing. The band’s website is at - Ali “The Metallian”