Metallian Heavy

Gothenburg’s Runemagick has signed to Aftermath Music. After three albums on Century Media, the fourth album tentatively entitled Requiem Of The Apocalypse, will appear this summer....Spain’s Haemorrhage are releasing their fourth album Morgue Sweet Home this month. The band has also been confirmed as the first grind band ever to appear at the With Full Force festival...Cold Blooded Murder, the seventh album of Obscenity, is ready. Mastered at Morrisound, the band will appear at the No Mercy Festival this year...Occult, Ragnarok and Anorexia Nervosa have been forced off the Dark Funeral tour in Europe. The headliner was facing financial losses, for among other things, bus rental, and had to send one bus back...Lividity will release its third porno grind CD this summer on Morbid Records...Till Only The Sick Remain will be supported live at the Morbid Fest 2002 in September. Also on Morbid, Evil Incarnate has recruited drummer Skull of Krabathor and working on its next album tentatively entitled Waiting For His Return...Dismember is entering Das Boot-studio in May to begin recording its debut for Hammerheart Records...Due to producer Erik Rutan’s busy schedule, Divine Rapture will now enter Dimensional Sound Studio in May to record its album. The band is also appearing on a Morbid Angel covers CD due from Hellspawn Records...Proscriptor/Russ Givens of Absu recently auditioned for Slayer...Gaahl of Gorgoroth is in jail after getting into a fight...Darren Cesca is the new Virulence drummer...Pascal Grevinga (ex-Cantara and God Dethroned) is the new guitarist of Sinister...New releases from Rage Of Achilles are Mightyfew’s Cinema MCD (Australian hardcore), the grindcore split CD of Anatomi-71 and Nemo, Ratad’s Garcia MCD (Swedish death metal) and UK’s Mistress with its self-titled debut...Serberus, who recently signed with Crash Music, will see their debut CD out in May. The cover art of the album is done by Jacek Wisniewski (Vader, Decapitated, etc.) and titles will include Our Dying Grace, Dark Dream, Gates Of Fire and In Eternity. The band also reports the entrance of a new drummer called Jeremy Portz...Neuraxis is working on a new album called The Truth Beyond. The album will be produced by Pierre remillard and is scheduled for the summer...Gurkkhas has two new members. They are Roman Bellec and Nicolas Haron on bass and drums respectively...Paul Baloff (41), singer for Bay Area thrashers Exodus on the debut album Bonded By Blood and recent reformation, passed away shortly before noon on Saturday, February 2, 2002 at a hospital in Oakland, California. The decision was made to suspend life support following a stroke-induced coma. Exodus, with Baloff, were in the process of recording a new album and have replaced him with ex-vocalist Steve Souza. The band is playing at the Wacken Festival this summer...Terror 2000’s new album Faster Disaster features the bonus track Mental machinery (live) on the Japanese version...Moribund Records has released Fornicator’s debut CD. The band is described as Snuff/Porn/Death/Grind...Two former members of Spasme, which broke up after losing their singer to Cryptopsy, have a new band called Rostrum... New releases on Bloodsoaked records are Blood Vomit’s Up From The Grave ( a la Impetigo) and Beyond Fatal’s Sanctuary In Misery...Impious is in Studio Mega recording an album tentatively called The Killer. Several songs titles are Stabbed 69 Times, Sick Sex Six, Digital Devil...Blood Red Throne’s Affiliated With The Suffering MCD will be out in May. The band has a new drummer, Espen "Beist" Antonsen, and will begin writing immediately for its next full length... Entombed’s drummer Peter Stjarnvind and bassist Jörgen Sandstrom have joined Candlesmass. An album is expected this summer...Nuclear Assault is back together with classic line-up intact. The band is performing at the Metal Meltdown IV...Due to problems with the booking agent, the Callenish Circle/Skyfire BeNeLux tour has been cancelled.The former band will support its new album Flesh_Power_Dominion by touring with Vomitory and Amon Amarth in April...The next Deranged album is called Plainfield Cemetary and is due in the autumn...Disbelief has a new album ready called Shine. The band is also appearing at the No Mercy festivals this year...Recorded at Berno Studio, Viu Drakh’s new CD Death Riff Society is now out through Moonstorm Records. The Germans also have a split 7” with Driller Killer on Xetal Records...Unique Leader Records has signed Spawn Of Possession (Sweden) and Decrepit Birth (USA)...Bane Of Existance is recording a new demo featuring five songs. The band is also appearing at the New England Metal & Hardcore Fest in the USA...Cryptopsy has released its 1993 demo Ungentle Exhumation on CD. The CD is obtainable via the band’s address or web site...Artillery is looking for a new bassist and a drummer. Those who can audition in Denmark may email immediately...While awaiting the release of their debut on Low-Life records, Sweden’s Brutaliator (featuring Stefan Karlsson of Soulreaper) is writing and rehearsing for a second album...Heimdall has signed to Scarlet records and begun working on its new album The Almighty. The album is expected in June and will feature returning drummer Nicola Calluori and new singer Giacomo Mercaldo...Enthroned has signed to Napalm Records. The Belgian black metallers will spend most of May in studio recording a new album...Satyricon is releasing a tenth anniversary album later this spring entitled Ten Horns - Ten Diadems...The next Behemoth album already has a title: Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond). Expect it in the autumn...Bal-Sagoth is quietly working on its sixth album which will be the last chapter in the Second Trilogy. The band is slated to play at England’s Bloodstock 2 festival this summer...Luciferion is alive and will release a third album through Listenable in the autumn...Barry Savage, formerly of Cancer, has joined Lock Up on guitars for their live trek...After much delay Arise Records is releasing the Imbalance album of Mourning Caress this month. Recorded at Stage One with Andy Classen, the non-European version of the melodic death metallers is expected to feature a cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train...Pessimist is supporting the release of its Slaughtering The Faithful CD by touring the US East Coast in late April. The band is also recording its live performance at a WNYU Radio showcase performance.

Metallian Hard

Arachnes’ new album Apocalypse will be out, through Scarlet Records, in June...A new Swedish project band is Dream Evil featuring guitarist and producer Fredrik Nordström, Hammerfall backing singer Niklas Isfeldt, Gus G. of Mystic Prophecy and Firewind on guitars, bassist Peter Stålfors and King Diamond, Mercyful Fate and Memento Mori drummer Snowy Shaw. The band’s debut is called Dragonslayer and is described as power metal...Belgium’s Panchrysia has signed with LSP Records for two albums. The band is entering the studio to record its debut in May...Underground Symphony has signed Sabaton. The band is in the Abyss Studio recording a new album called Metalizer which is scheduled for release in June. The label is also re-releasing the band’s independent debut Fist For Fight...Arizing's debut CD, Womb, is released 26.03.2002 through Medea Records...Darkane is about to record its third album. The band is entering Dug-Out Studio and an album quoted as, “more varied” is expected in August...The English/French progressive metal band Horizon has its album The Sky’s The Limit available through Massacre records...Akira Takasaki of Loudness has a new solo album in Japan called Made In Hawaii...Germany’s Mystic Circle has begun working on its next album entitled Damien. The album will follow the concept of the Omen movies...Mort Records has released a compilation Chinese metal bands called Underground Metal Attack From China...Memory Garden, who are not with Metal Blade any longer, are cooperating with Dan Swano and have a new album ready to be recorded...Massacre Records has released a new Pretty Maids album called Planet Panic. The Danes will be touring across Europe this spring...Former Stryper man Michael Sweet is working on a new solo album expected in the autumn...Titan Force (featuring Jag Panzer singer Harry Conklin), Powergod and Wizard are playing the warm up show to this year’s Bang Your Head festival in Germany. Headlined by Slayer, and featuring bands like Candlesmass, Nevermore and SA Adams, the festival is taking place on 28/29 of June at Balingen Germany...Canadian crossover old-timers DBC will release a full length worth of unheard material under the Unreleased title via Galy Records...Die Apokalyptischen Reiter has signed with Nuclear Blast and hopes to have a new album before Christmas. A tentative title is Everything Is True Have A Nice Trip. France’s No Return is also on the German label...Atlanta’s Progpower USA III has been announced for Friday November 15 and Saturday November 16, 2002. Bands due to attend are Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray and Angra among others. Tickets are announced as available for $80 (US) for a two-day pass as of July. Elsewhere Blind Guardian will be recording numerous shows this year for a live disc due in 2003...Sinner has reformed and is working on a new album called There Will Be Execution. The album is expected via Nuclear Blast next January...220 Volt is back and will celebrate its twntieth anniversary by playing at the annual Sweden Rock Festival and will also release a new album...Night Ranger has announced an extensive USA tour for this summer...The forthcoming Dio album is called Killing The Dragon and will be available through Spitfire in May...Breakin’ Chains is the title of a new compilation album of Silver Mountain. The album features rare and early demo material from this Swedish classic band. The CD features multimedia material and has currently only seen release in Japan...Monday April 29 will bring a new My Dying Bride album called Voice Of The Wretched (Live). The album was recorded in Tilburg, The Netherlands in March, 2001 at the end of the three-country Peacefest shows...Tesla has undertaken an acoustic tour in preparation for their studio date. The band still intends to tour this summer with Cinderella in support of a new studio album...Drive, She Said has completed work on its new album Real Life...Michael Monroe’s next CD is an EP called Take Them And Break Them. The album is a tribute to the man’s deceased wife...Mr. Big, whose popularity has always been high in Japan, have a new album called Mr. Big In Japan. The band claim the album will have a limited run of 100,000 copies...Rumour has it that in absence of anything Van Halen-related Mark Anthony has joined Sammy Hagar...Adriangale has completed work on its forthcoming album. Several song titles are Heartbreak Guaranteed, Good Enough and Dark Horse. The album is expected in May...Ivory Knight is putting the finishing touches to new songs which it intends to record shortly for a full length release this summer...Lillian Axe will release a live album this summer...Ex-MSG and Blue Murder man Kelly Keeling has signed a solo deal with Mascot Records...Progressive metal trio Degree Absolute has signed with Sensory Records. Neil Kernon is producing the band’s debut due in September...Kim McAuliffe, Denise Dufort, Kelly Johnson and Enid Williams, the classic Girlschool line-up, has a new album called 21st Anniversary - Not So Innocent...Funny Money has begun writing songs for a new album. The band is also touring across the USA during April...Chicago’s Nine24 has a new album through Knivel records entitled 6-Pack.

Select Top 5 Releases

Ali "The Metallian" - Editor
1- Immortal - Sons Of Northern Darkness - Nuclear Blast
2- Sodom - M-16 - Steamhammer
3- Mental Horror - Proclaiming Vengeance - Deathvomit/Necropolis
4- King¹s-Evil - Deletion Of Humanoise - Worldchaos
5- Royal Hunt - The Watchers - Majestic/Century Media

John Devadasan Perinbam - Singer for Ivory Knight
1- Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia - Nuclear Blast
2- Tristania - World of Glass - Napalm
3- Control Denied - Fragile Art of Existence - Nuclear Blast
4- Symphony X - V - Metal Blade
5- King Diamond - Abigail II - Metal Blade

Tim Henderson - Editor for Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles
1- Opeth - Blackwater Park - Music For Nations
2- Slayer - God Hates Us All - American/Sony
3- Kreator - Violent Revolution - SPV
4- Witchery - Symphony For The Devil - Music For Nations
5- Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia - Nuclear Blast

Metallian Demos

It is a pleasure to hear this demo CD. It is great - with one exception, but more on that later. Gothenburg’s Blessed - don’t stop reading, wait, hold on it’s not Dark Tranquility/Depeche Mode stuff, read on - is a trio founded in 1986 and Consume 3000 is the band’s second demo. The four tracks, Burned By The Light, Your Skin Is My Temptation, Into Organic Black and Fading Wings Of Art, are pure speed metal hell. The strangely effected vocals, the very fluid guitars and the nicely executed breaks and tempo changes all point to a speed metal which clearly is its own man but, when forced, can best be compared to Hypocrisy’s Penetralia. Fading the most Swedish sounding of the bunch and hints at the early days of that scene. Despite the above, the band fails to be complete because Blessed is backed by a drum machine. Yikes! A real drummer has been recruited for the future and so things can only improve from here on. Send them a couple of Dollars for this C/O Ungell, Tunnbindaregatan 3A, 417 03 Gothenburg Sweden.

It is a strange world where a band of the sheer grinding magnitude of Inhumate can exist unsigned while multitudes of inferior acts infest the metal scene. Perhaps it’s the band’s French origin? Possibly this manifestation of musical violence is too heavy for A&R to fathom? Could it be that crushing riffs don’t sell in the age of mallcore and keyboard-ridden ‘metal’ bands? Will it help if Inhumate wears a Pinnochio mask? Extreme and progressive fans forgive my rant and order Growth. The music is fast and brutal, the band has composed a lyrical theme continued from release to release, the singer sounds like he originates from one of the planets pictured on the back cover and the sound is big and completely professional. This will eradicate half of Finland in 01 seconds. 1 Rue Du College, 67170 Brumath France.

Coming across as a mix of Nine Inch Nails and Ministry with the odd sprinkling of a Black Sabbath riff, American duo Binding has released this MCD in advance of a full length due later this year. Glossing over the obvious use of drum machines, pitch shifter and effects prevalent in this style of music, Binding needs to rework the vocal approach. Not the most accomplished attempt out there, the singing needs to either be further industrialized (i.e. more effects) or perhaps be improved through a new member coming in to replenish the duo. Whatever the future, it’s a road travelled withour metal fans. The disc is yours for $5 from P.O. Box 5965, Bellevue, WA. 98006 USA.

Followers of Yetzirah, Assiah, grubs and Yesod listen up! Vocally reminiscent of essential underground death metal (say a Seraphic Decay 7”) while musically closest to early Gorguts, early Slayer (feel the mid-section of Yetzirah), Mythos, Vader and Demigod, Unfragment lives to die an occult death. At times it seems the singer is puking his guts independently of the music surrounding him. It’s not as bad as you might think though. In fact it has a cool effect. The riffs are real and the band is no fluke by any means. This death metal has teeth and gallops hard. Occult lyrics and plenty of variety seals the deal on this speed fest. Seeing that Unfragment is already many blood spurts ahead of the competition it’s interesting to note they are currently recording a newer demo. Unfragmnent is ready for a record deal now! Send $9 to Unfragment c/o Jérome Guibert, La Chaise 49 450 Roussay France and get a real underground release for a change.

These Ottawa nuts must be the hardest working band in all of Canada. Here they are back with a new independent CD full length that takes the band’s grindcore one step further. The tracks might be short, but they certainly are not to the point! The blasting, gargling, torment and bashing is complemented by social commentary, samples, Metallica impersonation and jazzy intermissions here and there. It’s as far removed from having a commercial potential as Taco Bell is to serving its customers something nutritious. If you are tired of listening to the same old same old then this might just be the thing for you (are you nuts?). The CD is yours in exchange for $10 from 23 Tower Road, Nepean K2G 2E4.

Formed as Teutonic Cruelty in 1991, there will be no prizes for guessing this band’s nationality. The reward comes by listening to the five songs on Teutonic Invasion - incidentally the name of an early Rock Hard German sampler. Teutonic plays undefiled heavy metal with no deference to the latest Fads. They put their best foot forward first. World At War is a classic belter very reminiscent of Warlord. If you liked Mrs. Victoria (and you know what I mean) then you should get Teutonic! Victory is a sing-along anthem and so it goes. The German quintet of Mark, Wersi, Ventor (on loan from Kreator?), Stef and Lothar raise the flag of metal proudly and “bang your head to the sound of metal.” The band should work on incorporating more and better quality leads into its repertoire and there will be naught to complain. A fist in the face of mallcore/rapcore/hardcore and other kerrap is yours c/o Graf-Heinrich-Str. 5, D-86687 Kaisheim Germany.

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