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Former members of Diabolic and Pessimist have come together to form a new band called Unholy Ghost. Paul Ouellette, Jerry Mortellaro, Aantar Lee Coates and Kelly McLauchlin have already recorded a 3-song demo at XXX Studios in Tampa. The band hopes to record an album this summer...Bal-Sagoth, who are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year, are working on their sixth album. The band is also working on a series of graphic novels, based in the mythological world depicted in their lyrics. Elsewhere, an American film studio is interested in producing an animated Bal-Sagoth-based movie...The Defaced's new album Karma In Black will be released by Nuclear Blast on March 25. The band has shot a video for the song Once In Black...Dew-Scented will enter Stage One Studio with producer Andy Classen in April to record its next album for Nuclear Blast. The final product is expected in September...Gorgoroth's Twilight Of The Idols (In Conspiracy With Satan) will be issued through Nuclear Blast in May. Several songs are: Teethgrinding, Forces Of Satan Storms and Of Ice And Movement...Incantation is heading to South America to support its Blasphemy album. Guitarist John McEntee has taken over the vocals...Nervochaos has a new demo called Necro Satanic Cult...Tumba Records has an album out called Faces Of Exploration by Collapse Nr...Slayer has confirmed it is headlining this year's Wacken Festival...Morbid Records has a new Blood album coming this month called Dysangelium...Morbid Records is issuing the licensed Neuraxis' Truth Beyond... album in Europe and Asia. The label also has the following albums coming soon: Waco Jesus' Filth, Greenfly's (featuring Dani and Ramon of Haemorrhage) Globalization, Prostitute Disfigurement's Deeds Of Derangement and Harmony Dies' Impact...Evil Incarnate is entering the studio to record the Waiting For His Return album...The Crown has booked Studio Fredman for June to record its next album. Several titles are: Are You Morbid?, Cold Is The Grave and. Kill 'Em All...God Dethroned's Into The Lungs Of Hell is now out through Metal Blade...Destructive Records reports that Swedish death metal band Stormrider is recording at Abyss Studio. The album will be out by May...Pyrexia has reformed and will play at the March Metal Meltdown. The first order of business is to re-release the band's back catalogue...King Fowley's Battlezone Records is issuing an EP by speed metal band As We Destroy...Candlelight Records will release Yattering's Genocide in April...Swedish side-project Dimension Zero, featuring current and former members of In Flames and Marduk, has begun recording sessions a sophomore full-length album entitled This Is Hell which is tentatively due for a summer release...Grave's drummer Jensa Paulsson, one of the founding members, has recently left the band due to work and family-related issues. He has already been replaced by Kaamos drummer Cristofer Barkensjö...Brick Bath is supporting its new album Rebuilt with a US tour this summer. The band also expects to play in Canada later in the year...Houwitser will enter the Excess Studio in Rotterdam, Holland on March 28th to record a new album called Damage Assessment...Brazilian thrashers Dragster have changed their moniker to Mad Dragzter. The band is working on its first album called Strong Mind which is due in late summer...In Aeturnum has signed a deal with Regain Records after leaving Necropolis Records...Keyboardist Malko Pouchin has left No Return. The band still expects to have a new album this summer through France's Kodiak Records...Origin's drummer John Longstreth will also drum for Skinless on the upcoming record, From Sacrifice To Survival, as well as tour subsequently with the band...Circle Of Dead Children has entered Austin Enterprise Studio and is ending the recording for the upcoming Human Harvest album for Displeased Records...Denata is at Studio Hellsmell mixing its new album Art Of The Insane for Arctic Music. The band hopes the album, which includes songs like Convicted, No More Dawn and Insomnia, will be out this summer...The Crown was recently denied entrance at two border crossings into Slovenia ostensibly without reason. While a third crossing admitted the band, the opening band and equipment were not. Two shows were cancelled...Osmose has signed Dutch death/thrash metal band Detonation for three albums. The debut full-length album An Epic Defiance was recorded at Excess Studios in Rotterdam at the end of 2002 and will be released this summer...Dismember is currently working at the SAMI Studio in Stockholm completing the upcoming full-length album entitled Where Ironcrosses Grow. The cover artwork is being illustrated by Dan Seagrave and Hammerheart records expects to release the album in September. Two song-titles are Me-God and Chasing The Serpent...Shane Embury of Napalm Death and Kevin Sharp of Brutal truth may be working on a new project together. The two met again during Napalm Death's current US tour...Massacre Records has signed Norway's Helheim...Aeternus' new album is called A Darker Monument and is available through Nocturnal Art Productions...Greece's Godless has a new web site at has signed Konkhra. The band's new album Reality Check is due next month. Konkhra has already shot a video for the song Warmonger. Also on Code666, Norway's Manes is back from a five-year hiatus with a new album called Vilosophie...Withering Surface have parted ways with drummer Nikolaj Borg. Nikolaj and Withering Surface guitarist Jacob Krogholt will continue to work together in their punk/blues band The Bondage Corp.. The band is expected to enter Berno Studio this summer in order to record a new album...Toronto's Blood Of Christ is entering the studio this spring to record a new album for Skyscraper Music. The album will sport the title BoC - Breed of Chaos...Testament, Death Angel, Vio-lence, Impaled and Cattle Decapitation is the confirmed lineup of Bay Area Thrash Festival taking place in San Francisco on Saturday, March 29, 2003 at the Avalon Ballroom. In related news, Cattle Decapitation will begin filming their music video for the song To Serve Man this month...Strommoussheld's Behind The Curtain album will be released imminently by Avantgarde Records...Vermin of Axis of Advance is doing session bass playing on Revenge's upcoming US tour...Asgeir Mickelson of Borknagar and Vintersorg will play session drums for Testament during April's No Mercy Festival. The band's drummer Jon Allen will stay home due to family issues, according to the band...Usurper has parted ways with drummer Dave Hellstorm. In the meanwhile the band's debut for Earache Twilight Dominion will be released shortly by the label...Fleshgrind has signed a new contract with Olympic Recordings and will enter the studio in May to record an album called Murder Without End..Darkane will support Meshuggah during a string of live dates in Scandinavia this month...Diabolical has announced the addition of drummer C. Stjärnlöf who replaces Henric Ohlsson. The latter will be concentrating on Theory In Practice...Faustian Moon has been reformed...Limbonic Art has called it a day...Defiled has signed to Season Of Mist...Possessed's vocalist Jeff Becerra has a new band called Side Effect. One song can be heard on a MLP release of Possessed's demo on Agonia Records...Some news from Goregiastic Records: the label has signed Finland's Torsofuck. The band's debut full-length Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy is due this summer. Saproffago's Bestial Horrible Thoughts debut is due late spring. The Dutch band Caedere will also record in April towards a summer release.

Metallian Hard

The original lineup of Dammaj has reformed fifteen years after breaking up. They released an album through Par Records in 1986. Currently several shows are being booked following which the band intends to write newer songs...Dream Evil will release a seven-song EP this spring called Children Of The Night. Beside the song of the same name, the MCD will feature two live songs, two Japanese bonus songs, an acoustic song and a video for the title track. The band is hoping as well to see the video on music stations soon. Dream Evil will tour Japan in June with Kamelot...Rheingold, the next Grave Digger album, is expected in June. The concept album is divided into four parts (Rheingold, Valkyrie, Triumph-Glory-Agony and Twilight of the Gods) and inspired by Richard Wagner's The Ring of the Nibelungs...Stratovarius have lifted the song Eagleheart from their current album Elements pt. 1 to serve as a European single...To/Die/For's new album Jaded will be issued in April...Chinchilla have finished recording their fourth album Madtropolis at the House Of Music Studios in Germany. Former Motorhead guitar player Fast Eddie Clarke contributed a solo to the song When The Sand Darkens The Sun. The band's current line-up is Thomas Laasch (vocals), Udo Gerstenmeyer (guitar), Josh Häberle (bass), Criss Schwinn (drums) and keyboardist Artur Diessner...Katatonia's sixth album is entitled Viva Emptiness and out through Peaceville in March. A 3-track CD single called Ghost Of The Sun will precede the album...Ancient has started working on its fifth album. The band will be recording in producer Jacob Hansen's studio in Denmark. No album title has been announced...Canadian guitarist Chad Tarrington has joined Halford...Bassist Jay Wegener (formerly with Heir Apparent and also Reverend) has joined Byfist...Downfall has replaced drummer Kalle Tulonen with former Diablo drummer Timo Kemppainen...Soilwork has completed work on its new album which is entitled Figure Number Five. The album will be released by Nuclear Blast in April...In Flames will tour America with Mudvayne and Ministry this month. The band is also searching for a new North American contract now that its deal with Nuclear Blast has come to an end..Extol has just recorded a third album (tentative title is Idiosyncratic Synergy) at Toproom Studio in Oslo with producer Borge Finstad. The album will be released by Century Media this summer. Guitarist Tor Magne S. Glidje has recently left the band. The band's original guitarist Ole Børud has returned...Spiral Architect singer Øyvind Hægeland has joinedArcturus as a replacement for Kristoffer Rygg (a.k.a. Garm orTrickster G.)...Locomotive Music announced that Spain's Tierra Santa are back with their fifth full-length album called Indomable...To support The Blessed Hellride, which is out in April, Black Label Society is touring the USA this month. Former Ozzy Osbourne bassist Robert Trujillo will accompany the band...Heir Apparent has added former Etheria man Mike Blair as new vocalist...Rage's next album is called Soundchaser and is due out in September...Savatage is entering the studio this spring to record an album. Their album is not expected before autumn...Anthrax's negotiations with ArtistDirect for a North American deal have broken apart. Consequently We've Come For You All will be released in North America by Sanctuary on May 6, 2003. A single called Safe Home will precede the album...Mike Tramp's More To Life Than This, is due out in Europe on March 17 through UlfTone Music...Blaze will hit North America with a spotlight performance at the March Metal Meltdown festival in Irvington, NJ. The band's live album entitled As Live As It Gets is a two-CD set which will be released by SPV on April first...Prog-metal guitarist and singer Jerry Fielden is reforming Landslide, his hard rock band from the 70s. Landslide is rehearsing for a CD and possibly a series of shows in 2004...The Music Cartel has issued Murder 1's On High album...Seven Witches will release Passage To The Other Side in April through Noise Records. Beside band founder Jack Frost, the band is bassist Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Fates Warning, Engine), vocalist James Rivera (Helstar, Destiny's End, Flotsam & Jetsam) and longtime drummer Brian Craig. The band is currently touring North America...Sweden's Evergrey will see the release of Recreation Day through InsideOut Music America on March 11th...St. Vitus is reforming to play at With Full Force 2003 Festival in Germany... Katatonia's new album is entitled Viva Emptiness...Massacre Records' signees Horizon are searching for a new singer...A new L.A.-based project is Pagan War Machine featuring Abbatoir's Steve Gaines (bass/vocals), Marcelo Lima and former Dark Angel guitarist Jim Durkin on guitars, and "Mayhem" Mendez on drums who is also a member of Dreams Of Damnation...Bassist Obersten has left Grope. He is relocating to San Francisco...Fullstrike, the project of Hammerfall's guitarist Stefan Elmgren, former Lost Horizon singer Niclas Jonsson and former Crawley bassist Chris Savage Goldsmith, is recording a new album in the spring for an autumn release by Spitfire Records...Gamma Ray's Skeleton In The Closet live album is now out through Japan's JVC Records...Annihilator's Double Live Annihilation is out this month through AFM Records...In order to support its new album Damnation And A Day (produced by Doug Cook of Anathema, Cathedral fame as well as mixing four previous Cradle Of Filth releases), Cradle Of Filth has hit the road in Europe. The band will hit North America next...After completing the current set of North American shows with Dokken and Scorpions, Whitesnake is hitting Europe beginning in England on May 8th...Eidolon is recording its new album entitled Apostles Of Defiance. The album is due this autumn and the band will be playing this summer at Wacken in Germany...In a press statement Hammers Of Misfortune has announced the departure of bassist/female singer Janis Tanaka who has been touring with P!NK for a year. Her stint with the P!NK tour has shown no signs of ending according to the band. She has been replaced by two new members Sigrid Sheie (piano, Hammond organ, backing vocals) and Jamie Myers (bass, Lead female vocals). The band has already recorded a new album for which it is seeking a label...Founding guitarist Chris DeGarmo has rejoined his former bandmates in Queensryche. The band is recording a new album due out this autumn through Sanctuary Records...Thor is releasing a new version of the Triumphant for the US market featuring alternate versions of March To Glory, I Am Thor, Intercessor, Vikings Funeral, Call Of The Triumphant, Anger #3 and Slave. The new version will also feature a track featuring Seth formerly of A.C. This CD will possibly be out through Crash Music...The latest Praying Mantis album entitled The Journey Goes On will come out in April. The line-up on the album is brothers Chris Troy (bass, vocals and keyboards), Dennis Stratton (ex-Iron Maiden on guitars and vocals), Tino Troy (guitars, vocals and keyboards) with special guests John Sloman (ex-Lone Star, Gary Moore), Dougie White (ex Rainbow, Malmsteen) and Martin Johnson on drums...Following the departure of vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Neal Morse in October 2002, drummer Nick D'Virgilio has become Spock's Beard's frontman! He will continue to drum in the studio, but a tour-drummer will be utilized by the act in the future...Arise Records will release Steel Attack's Predator Of The Empire in April. This will be the Swedish heavy metallers' third album...Shadows Fall has been confirmed to play at this year's OzzFest in the USA. The tour will run through June, July and August...Mascot Records is releasing a new collection of Jason Becker's demo material called The Blackberry Jams II in April...At a recent Rhode Island concert, Great White's stage pyro show lead to the death of 97 fans when the club was engulfed in a blaze of fire. The band's latest guitar player Ty Longley has also died in the accident. Great White had just begun their set when the fire broke out. An additional fifty people remain hospitalized...Former Vanize guitarist Rolf Munkes has joined Germany's Majesty. Majesty's Tarek Maghary will focus on his vocals from now on...Former Suicidal Tendencies and Ozzy Osbourne bassist Robert Trujillo has joined Metallica. The band will also play with Black Label Society live this spring...Threshold will be recording a live DVD and double album in Holland on June 6th...Former Heathen and Die Krupps drummer Darren Minter is back with a new band called Deconstruct...keyboard player Patrik Vaestilae has left Insania...Chaos Theory has thrown in the towel.

Metallian Demos

Although the demo at hand is a recent one the story of Apeiron goes back almost nine years now. Of appropriate length for a demo-CD, Endternity incorporates several sub-genres of metal. The singer is screechy and gruff, while the music varies between mostly fast and the occasional mid-pace. The band is obviously drawing from influences as varied as black metal, death metal and even Iron Maiden. The band is not the tightest on the planet with the drummer in particular needing some work, but the variety and melodic ideas work in the band's favour. They have an intricate biography and web site where you can contact them at. Please either write to or visit for more information. - Ali "The Metallian"

The moniker Olympos Mons is befitting a Greek band. This band is from Finland though. The very young duo of singer Ian E. Highhill and guitarist Jari Sundstroem were formed in 2002 and have already released the demo-CD at hand. The fact that the band is quite accomplished is partly explained by how the two had previously played together and separately in cover and original bands. So, what do the songs sound like, you ask? Well, clear influences from German power metal, Finnish epic metal and even Classical music can be detected. Sadly, the duo is using keyboards and a drum machine here. The latter is already history, but the former is here to stay. It is not quite compensation enough, but the band's mature compositions and talented singer bode well for the future. Find the band through or try listening via - Ali "The Metallian"

Anthenora was formed in 1990 and even released two demos in 1992 and 1993. Beginning in 1995 the band metamorphosed into an Iron Maiden tribute band. The boys got the itch for original material last year though and as a result recorded The General's Awakening with Tony Fonto of White Skull. This must have come about because bassist Steeve Balocco also plays in Broken Arrow with Nick Savio of White Skull. Enough trivia, what does the band sound like? That they play heavy metal is obvious. That they incorporate Iron Maiden melodies is also obvious. Additionally the quintet has a singer who is a cross between Joey Belladonna and Paul Di Anno, a good knack for melodic guitars a la Maiden and solos similar to Randy Rhoads and, as icing on the cake, has Anthrax's 'Not Man' on the cover. At least, the resemblance is striking. Opener Planet Jail is the strongest song on display, but none of the four tracks here are weak and coupled with a professional sound (although the bass is inaudible) this is one fun - in a 'eavy way of course - demo to have on the stereo. No price given so either write to or visit - Ali "The Metallian"

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