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AXAMENTA has signed with Karmageddon Media. The band will enter Hanssen Studio in Denmark in May for the recording of its new album. The album will be recorded with Jacob Hanssen...Red Stream Records has the following releases planned for next month: HIDDEN's Alexisstar Morphalite CD, BLACK WITCHERY's Upheaval Of Satanic Might CD and re-releases of DARK FORTRESS' Profane Genocidal Creations and Tales From Eternal Dusk CD...WINTER SOLSTICE has lost vocalist Matt Tarpey and replaced him with Peter Walters...VEHEMENCE's new vocalist is Sean Vandegrift, the former vocalist for FROM A SECOND STORY WINDOW...GOREROTTED is at Aexxys-Art Studio (Munich, Germany) recording its third album A New Dawn For The Dead...NEURON has signed with Crimes Against Humanity Records and expects to have a CD out this spring...SIX FEET UNDER's 13 will be out on March 22nd...TIME KILLS EVERYTHING is a new project featuring members of MALEFACTION, FUCK THE FACTS and HE BROKE. The band has released a debut self-titled CD though Capital Kill...Bucho Discos has recently released a FUCK THE FACTS/SUBCUT split 7" EP...Norway's PICA FIERCE has put together what it calls "the world's first full-scale metal opera" called Faust. To be followed by a tour and a CD, the first performance is at Kristiansund on the 11th and 12th of March...ALLHELLUJA is a new band on Scarlet Records featuring vocalist Jacob Bredahl of HATESPHERE and drummer Stefano Longhi of Scarlet Records, HATESPHERE's old label. ALLHELLUJA has just finished recording a debut album called Inferno Museum...THE HIDDEN HAND has announced the departure of Drummer Dave Hennessy. The new guy behind the kit is Evan Tanner...HOLY MOSES' new album is entitled Strength Power Will Passion not Strange Power Will Passion. The mistaken title was given by the band's label Armageddon Music...MURDER 101 is a new band featuring Jason Blachowicz (DIVINE EMPIRE, ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION) on bass and drummer Cesar Placeres (HIBERNUS MORTIS) on drums...Scarlet Records has issued a NECRODEATH compilation called 20 Years Of Noise (1985-2005)...Cruz Del Sur Music has finally issued MAHAVATAR's Go With The No! and SLOUGH FEG's Atavism albums. In related news, guitarist John Cobbett (HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE/LUDICRA) has left SLOUGH FEG. Angelo Tringali of COLD MORNING has taken his place. Elsewhere, the label has terminated the contract of EVEN VAST even before the band began recording. The label's statement says, "simply has to do with the unpredictable situation of the market, and not with the band's musical skills."...DETONATION's second full-length album Portals To Uphobia will be out later this year featuring album cover artwork by Niklas Sundin...Karmageddon Media has issued the Cambodia EP as an appetizer for HEARSE's third album which is scheduled before the summer of 2005. The EP features nine songs with a playing time of over 40 minutes...NOCTA has signed to Sleazsy Rider. The band's debut album Wicked Woman will be released on March 15th, 2005...Profound Lore Records will soon issue DEAD OF WINTER's debut album At The Helm Of The Abyss CD...INSECTED has record its first demo called Killing For Recreation, last May at Nemesis studio and Unreal studios. The band features Tristessa of LLOTH and ASTARTE on bass and vocals and Nicolas sic Maiis, of LLOTH and formerly of DARK VISION and BLACK AT HEART as the main vocalist...UNHOLY GHOST founding member and lead guitarist Kelly McLauchlin has announced he is leaving the band, in order to continue on with his other band PESSIMIST and other musical interests...BLOOD OF CHRIST has recruited bassist Shane LeBanc and drummer Trevor Brook-Allred...DESASTER has signed a deal with Metal Blade Records. The band's next album, Angelwhore, will be released soon...NAPALM DEATH, THE HAUNTED and HEAVEN SHALL BURN have teamed up to release a charity single helping to raise money for the victims of Southeast Asian Tsunami last year. To collect as much money as possible for the tsunami victims the bands and Century Media decided to offer the single to fans directly. It was strictly limited to 1,000 hand-numbered copies and were sold at only two European shows in January...GORY BLISTER has signed to Mascot Records. The band's brand new record is scheduled for the summer...NILE bassist Jon Vesano has left the band for personal and business reasons. In the meanwhile, NILE, whose new album is called Annihilation Of The Wicked, has recruited Steve Tucker (ex-MORBID ANGEL) for its upcoming European tour and Krieshloff of LECHEROUS NOCTURNE for its tour in America with KING DIAMOND...THE DUSKFALL has picked Lifetime Supply Of Guilt as the title for its next album which is due through Nuclear Blast Records in the autumn. The band will enter Dug-Out studio in Sweden in April and work with producer Daniel Bergstrand...MINDGRINDER and drummer Dan have parted ways. The new man is Nex (EVILIZER, ex-DISIPLIN)...FUELBLOODED (which was once called SACRAMENTAL SACHEM) has recruited guitarist Danny Tunker who is ex-FORM...DARKANE's guitarist Christofer Malmström has signed a deal with France's Listenable Records for his solo project, NON-HUMAN LEVEL...GORGOROTH singer Gaahl was sentenced to 14 months incarceration for the beating of a 41-year old man and threatening to drink his blood in Norway in 2002...RIBSPREADER's second album, Congregating The Sick, will be released in April through Karmageddon Media. The band is singer and guitarist Rogga Johansson, bassist Patrik Halvarsson and drummer Mattias Fiebig... Former TESTAMENT guitarist Alex Skolnick has rejoined the band for a series of reunion shows with vocalist Chuck Billy, guitarist Eric Peterson, bassist Greg Christian and drummer Johnny Tempesta. The tour will last for a total of nine shows in Europe in May...Former MARDUK members Legion (a.k.a. Erik Hagsted) and bassist B.War have a new California-based band called REBELANGELS...APOSTASY release a second album in April through Black Mark. The album is called Devilution...GRIEF will reunite for one show at the first annual New England Grind And Doom Fest on July 17th at Emerald Hall in Braintree, Massachusetts...SOLAR DAWN has officially called it a day following long period of inactivity...According to the band, the next BORKNAGAR album will be an acoustic one revolving around the epic and progressive side of the band's music.

Metallian Hard

GREAT WHITE is heading out on a short Western Canadian tour this month. The band's line-up consists of Jack Russell (vocals), Mark Kendall (lead guitar), Tyler Nelson (guitar), Derrick Pontier (drums) and Scott Pounds (bass)...The second MASTERPLAN album Aeronautics is now available. The album was mixed and mastered by Mikko Karmila and Mika Jussila in the Finnvox Studios in Helsinki...EVEMASTER has re-recorded most of its debut album MMIV Lacrimae Mundi to be released through Rising Realm Records. The band re-recorded drums and guitars with Jaska Raatikainen of CHILDREN OF BODOM behind the drum kit. The band also recorded a cover of DIO's We Rock for the new edition...TAD MOROSE has been tapped to headline April's Chicago Powerfest which is taking place on April 8 and 9th...LABYRINTH has shot a video for the song L.Y.A.F.H.from its upcoming album Freeman...Candlelight Records USA has signed a North American agreement with Sweden's Regain Records. The new partnership will see the marketing and distribution of all new and reissued catalog titles through Candlelight's growing stateside operation. The first scheduled release will be the new album from Sweden's MARDUK...ANTHENORA is writing new songs for its second album which will be probably released in July through Locomotive Music. The group will begin recording in April at the Remaster's Studio...MOTORHEAD and CORROSION OF CONFORMITY will hit the road for a North American tour this month...VOID OF SILENCE is no more as the band has ceased all activity...World Chaos Productions has issued PASTIC EARTH's (Japan) S.E.A.M.-01 album...SHINING has signed to Osmose Productions. The band has signed a deal for two albums. A new album, V/Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni, is to be recorded in April. The label will re-issue the band's first two albums I/Within Deep Dark Chambers and II/Livets Ändhållplats in digipack versions. Although the band was announced as defunct a year ago, a new line-up featuring Ludvig Hvit (SPIRITUAL BEGGARS and FIREBIRD) on drums and John Doe (CRAFT and TWIN EARTH) on solo and rhythm guitar is now active...WITHIN Y's new guitarist is Niknam Moslehi...ROBERT PLANT AND STRANGE SENSATION has signed a record deal with Sanctuary Records. A new album, Mighty Rearranger, will be released May 3, 2005...JACOBS DREAM has a new album called Drama Of The Ages out on Metal Blade Records on May 3rd 2005. The album will debut the new singer, Chaz Bond. Aside from Chaz, the band is back to its original members...VALKIJA's debut for Sonic Age Records is entitled Avengers Of Steel...Scott Banks will be filling in on guitar for the remainder of MAD MARGRITT's southeast tour following the unexpected departure of guitarist Davay Ray. The band is currently looking for a permanent replacement and anyone interested in auditioning can contact the band at VANCE singer Oliver Hartmann has a solo album called Out In The Cold which will be out VANCE has recruited former HELLOWEEN drummer Mark Cross. The band is working on its new album, Chained...Former on April 25th through Frontiers Records...NEVERMORE's next album will be called This Godless Endeavor. The album is due out in late summer...SINISTHRA (known as NEVERGREEN until January) has inked a deal with Arise Records. The Finnish band's debut album Last Of The Stories Of Long Past Glories was recorded at Sonic Pump Studios and is due for release in May 2005...BIOMECHANICAL singer John K has officially left the melodic metal band BALANCE OF POWER in order to concentrate on his main band. BIOMECHANICAL's Empires Of The World is due out on Earache in May...CRISIS has reacted to the arrest of drummer Ryan Ball following an armed robbery in Pennsylvania on February 28th, 2005. "Contrary to published news reports Ryan Ball was let go from his duties as the CRISIS drummer over two weeks ago," the band wrote in a statement. "We are currently working with another drummer, Justin Arman (ex-SOCIETY 1)." Apparently, Ball's immigration status was not in order and he was let go from CRISIS after a very short tenure...UDO's drummer Stefan Schwarzmann has now joined the reformed line-up of Accept...Century Media Records will release BRAND NEW SIN's album Recipe For Disaster on May 31st...Pink Cloud Records has issued a GLENN HUGHES live album, entitled Freak Flag Flyin'...MYSTIC PROPHECY has recruited former PRIMAL FEAR drummer Klaus Sperling and SYMPHORCE's guitarist Markus Pohl...FORCE OF EVIL will have a new album called Black Empire on March 21st through Escapi...The new band of Ex-DOKKEN and WHITESNAKE guitarist Reb Beach and KING'S X's bassist/vocalist Doug Pinnick will not be called DEVIL CHILDREN as previously reported...ZAN CLAN, featuring former SHOTGUN MESSIAH singer Zinny Zan, will release a new album, We Are Zan Clan, Who the Fu*k Are You??!, on April 13th through GMR Music...DIAMOND HEAD's new album, All Will Be Revealed, is out now...CRYSTAL EYES has announced April 1st as the release date for its new album, Confessions Of The Maker...METALIUM will release its new album, Demons Of Insanity - Chapter Five, on April 25th through Armageddon Music...LOUDNESS will release a new live DVD called Loudness Live DVD: Rock-Shocking The Nation this month...HAVOCHATE which features former TESTAMENT bassist Greg Christian has signed to with Indecent Media. The group's new album is called Cycle Of Pain and will be out on March 15th...SENTENCED have thrown in the towel. The band will release another album called The Funeral Album and do select shows this summer in Europe before disbanding...Former VINNIE VINCENT INVASION drummer Bobby Rock has joined the New York-based glam band CARNIVAL OF SOULS...DANGER DANGER has almost completed the work around its Live & Nude CD which will feature former lead vocalist Paul Laine...IMPELLITTERI's Pedal To The Metal CD is now out through SPV...Beginning the 5th of March ARTHEMIS will be at New Sin Studio for the recording of its fourth full-length album, Back From The Heat, which is scheduled to be released in Japan on the 21st of June by Avalon/Marquee Inc.

Metallian Demos

The latest by The Great Kat is a DVD that includes six videos and a few extras. In Zapateado, Torture Chamber, Castration, Live In Chicago, Dominatrix and War one can clearly see what she is all about. She eagerly and unashamedly promotes America as the land of the free and one wonders if it is indeed the only place where she can be allowed to make videos dealing with such subjects and including such imagery as castration and torture while at the same raising the flag of the country. The extras included are a FAQ and a few additional images for all Kat slaves to enjoy. Check, or for more. - Anna Tergel

An opener that might lead to uncontrollable shaking or seizure with its odd riffs and tempo changes is the best way to describe Rectitude. Exchanges between clean and growling vocals along with acoustic and fast riffs are repeated in Wisdom. More of the same breaks and speed changes can be found on Liberty. Some parts of the nine minutes plus Logos are more promising and the trio would have been wise to keep that aggressiveness throughout. With a title like Antichrist one is entitled to expect more from a song but one can only attribute the title to the lyrics. The bio claims that each song is based on a different philosopher's work and inevitably Nietzsche is to be found on the list. Desperation, the title track, and an intentionally untitled eighth song provide several metal passages but none is too convincing.
Requiem Aeternam featuring Alex Hernandez (ex-Immolation) on drums struggles to impress. - Anna Tergel

Traditionally The Netherlands has hosted two types of bands given space and attention in pages such as this. The first type consists of poser wimp acts with K&F (keyboards & female vocals), while the second is bands like Toxocara which applies the pedal to the metal and delivers brutal death metal with dogged determination. Several scene veterans - including members of Beyond Belief, Prostitute Disfigurement and The Monolith Deathcult - have come together here and save for some doomier moments on The Blood Road (Ho Chi Minh Trail) put together four whirling fast death metal tunes with macabre growls, neat guitar jabs and serious music savagery. This band is noteworthy as is, but were the drums to get a more prominent sound things would really pick up as Michiel does a very good job on this disc. Write to for more information. - Ali "The Metallian"

Technical and industrial sounding Concept 7 bridges to an essence of melodic trance harmonies. On this three-song EP prelude to their upcoming full-length assault the group uses musical imagery almost painting eeriness to their sound. Spoken words and a mix of triggering eclectic sampling Concept 7 creates a unique vision musically. Track three Corporation Tank has to be the main highlight of this EP. One thing that makes it difficult is the deficiency of guitar parts, but in trance music anything goes since everything is electronically generated. Overall, it is difficult to perceive a musical objective to Concept 7, but they most definably have a power where techno-industrial rules. To know more about this band visit - Jussi

Fast fevered frenzied extreme black metal from Belgium, Inocculta unleashes a four-song demo called Apocryphe sure to please the most underground fan. Typically one would think of a French Belgian band as a bit more melodic, well this is not the case here with Inocculta. Guitar ferocious riffing with drum pounding hatred, blending well with the style of vocalist/guitarist Spoliatorion shrilling death tones. Not a bad concept since the band utilizes traditional black metal counterparts with melodic substance. Song highlights are Inocculta and Mediocrite Universelle bestowing the listener to original unmarked black metal. Downside to Apocryphe is that the lyrics are in French, but since the music is done well that can be overlooked. To know more of this group visit their website - Jussi

Kill The Romance harbours both older and newer influences, and it is the former that gives the band its appeal. The boys have the solos, variable drumming and growls of older and heavier bands, while introducing certain linear riffs and clean screams of newer acts. The vocals are equally divided between the clean singing and the aggressive growls which is a pity for this is a good band. The band's drummer, for instance, is one talented guy. On top of that, Kill The Romance has gotten the songs Pulse Of Negative, Inner Cell, My Savior and New World Man an expensive production value which is quite amazing. The band can be reached through or by visiting - Ali "The Metallian"

Let Me Dream is a Finnish band originally formed as far back as 1989. The patient band has had an album called My Dear Succubus released by Adipocere Records in 1995 and has had several independent CDs since as well. The sextet's latest release is a nine-song disc with music that is not a favourite at Metallian Towers, but is nonetheless well-played and accomplished. Gothic metal is goth music's impure cousin and that is what Let Me Dream delivers. The vocals are a cross between the typical Finnish screams and Sisters Of Mercy, while the music is probably influenced by Cradle Of Filth, Graveworm and Atrocity. It is not exactly heavy, but this sub-genre has its fans and Let Me Dream is not as bad as some other acts in the category. The demo's best song is probably track number nine Autumn Twilight. Write to or look into the band at - Ali "The Metallian"

The Lizards is an anachronism and that is a good thing. Listen to the band's vintage hard rock sound and it is as if the whole band just crawled out of the era of acid rock. The band - Mike Di Meo, Patrick Klein, Randy Pratt and Bobby Rondinelli - embodies everything that '70s hard rock and heavy metal stood for. The band's influences come to a head on this disc which is laden with honest, organic and vintage heavy rock complete with a Hammond organ thrown in to complete the sound. The list of the bands that The Lizards remind one of is like a who's-who of the '70s hard rock scene. There are many references to David Coverdale and Deep Purple, Take A Ride stirs memories of early Rush, Down could have Coverdale on vocals and yet be a Black Sabbath song. Psychedelic moments a la Led Zeppelin are all over the disc of course. Then again, Rising Star has a lounge music aura to it and Hyperspace could have easily fit in on an early Rainbow LP as an instrumental. The Lizards is a great band for fans of the style with its cool vocals and enraptured music with the only weak link being the uninspired drumming. Head over to to find out more about this curious band. - Ali "The Metallian"

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