Metallian Heavy

DARKTHRONE will release a new album, Circle The Wagons, on April 5th through Peaceville Records. The album is supposed to be more “rock and roll” and features songs like Running For Borders, I Am The Graves Of The 80s and Stylized Corpse.

THINE EYES BLEED has recruited guitarist Nigel Curley (EXCRUCIATING THOUGHTS and ATAXIA) over Nigel Reid. The new man is closer geographically to the rest of the Canadian group.

German death metal band DEFEATED SANITY will release its album, Chapters Of Repugnance, on May 4th through Willowtip Records. The album was recorded at Soundforge Studio in Berlin and features a guest appearance by A.J. Magana from DISGORGE on vocals.

After a seven-year hiatus ASTRIAAL has returned with a second album, entitled Anatomy Of The Infinite. The album is due to be released in the autumn of 2010 through the Australian label Obsidian Records.

Denmark’s HORNED ALMIGHTY has signed a deal with Candlelight Records. The band will enter the studio in April to begin recording its next album, Necro Spirituals. The next album is due in late 2010.

THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME is a new black metal band featuring KRIEG’s N. Imperial and PROFANATICA songwriter J. Gelso. The band’s self-titled debut album is out in April. The album’s song titles are Denial Of The Holy Spirit, Jahbulon, Via Crucis, Isaiah 14:12, Dead Eucharist, Lust And Sacrilege, Ascension Of Lies, Alchemic, Seven Devils Of Ejaculation and Kingdom Of Perversions.

After releasing the debut mini-CD Man Devour The Man in 2009, Spain’s THE MURDER INDUSTRY signed with Xtreem Music for the release of its debut album which is already recorded and due for release by mid-March.

Norwegian black metal band GRAVDAL will release a new full-length album, called Torturmantra, in May through Unexploded Records. It was produced by ENSLAVED‘s Herbrand Larsen. The band is touring with GORGOROTH and KEEP OF KALESSIN.

Season of Mist has signed LENG TCH’E. The band has finished its new album at Parlour Studio in Kettering, UK with producer Russ Russell. It is expected in the summer.

UK-based black metal band ZEBADIAH CROWE has just released its third album, Grawl! The Many Deaths Of The Great Beast in the USA through Apocrypha Records. The band recently concluded the final leg of the Funeral Nation Tour headlined by MARDUK and ANAAL NATHRAKH.

WORLD UNDER BLOOD, the melodic death metal side-project featuring CKY guitarist/vocalist Deron Miller alongside Tim Yeung (DIVINE HERESY, ex-HATE ETERNAL) on drums, Risha Eryavec (ex-DECREPIT BIRTH) on bass, and Luke Jaeger (ex-SLEEP TERROR) on guitar, has signed to Nuclear Blast Records. An untitled album is in the works.

KATATONIA will release a new EP, called The Longest Day, on March 15th through Peaceville Records In addition to the already released title track, the EP features a previously unreleased song called Sold Heart, a remix of Day And Then The Shade and Idle Blood. The disc also features a video.

Death Motivation is the title of THE MURDER INDUSTRY’s debut full-length and includes eight songs.

MORTAL SIN has lost guitarist Mick Sultana due to “personal reasons.” A replacement is sought. A new album is due later this year.

The reconstituted DIABOLIC will release its next full-length album, Excisions Of Exorcisms, on April 20th through Deathgasm Records. The album was recorded at D.O.W. Studio in Florida with producer Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez (MORBID ANGEL and TERRORIZER). Joe Petagno who has worked with MOTÖRHEAD in the past illustrated the artwork.

SOULGRIND will release its ninth album, The Tuoni Pathway, on May 3rd through Femme Metal Records. The album will feature a guest appearance by Roope Latvala of CHILDREN OF BODOM.

Germany’s EQUILIBRIUM has lost vocalist Helge Stang and drummer Manuel Di Camillo. The band missed its show at the Winterfire Festival in February.

THE WRETCHED END is a new Norway-based band featuring guitarist Samoth of EMPEROR, bassist Cosmo of MINDGRINDER and drummer Nils Fjellström of DARK FUNERAL and AEON. The band is in the studio recording its debut album, which is due in the autumn. The death metal band is seeking a label.

AEON has picked Path Of Fire as the title for its third album, which is due later this year through Metal Blade Records. The CD was recorded in September 2009 at Empire Studio in Östersund, Sweden.

Bay Area thrash band DEFIANCE has recruited drummer Burton Ortega of KAOS.

ARCH ENEMY guitarist CHRISTOPHER AMOTT is working on a solo album called Follow Your Heart. It is reportedly psychedelic rock.

After being dropped by Century Media LUNA MORTIS has called it a day. The band had vowed to carry on and was, in fact, due to tour the USA with PRIMAL FEAR in May.

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN’s Option Paralysis is out on March 22nd through Season Of Mist.

DEW-SCENTED has picked Invocation – another album title beginning with ‘i’ – as the title for its new album, tentatively due in May through Metal Blade Records. The band entered Soundlodge Studio with producer Jörg Uken to record the album.

After many hiccups and delays, the DEADBIRD/BURNED UP BLED DRY split is out now. DEADBIRD’s tracks were recorded back in 2006. The 7“ was issued on February 24th, 2010.

Moribund Records has issued BLOODCULT’s We Are The Cult Of Plains album.

The Polish “thrash/groove metal band” CHAIN REACTION will release its second full-length album in the spring of 2010. Italy’s Kolony Records will release the European pressing. The band recorded the album, called Cutthroat Melodies, in July of 2009 at Zed studio.

Former singer Steve “Zetro” Souza rejoined EXODUS at its February 8th concert at the Grand Ballroom in San Francisco and sang the tune Toxic Waltz with the group. The band’s Exhibit B: The Human Condition album is out in May.

NOMINON, featuring vocalist Henke Skoog (EVISCERATED) and bassist Martin Petersson, will release its fourth album Monumentomb on March 23rd through Deathgasm Records. A series of Swedish shows are planned in order to introduce the album and the singer.

ENTOMBED has announced shows in the USA and Canada complementing its Maryland Deathfest appearance. Support will come from OBITUARY, MERAUDER and WOE OF TYRANTS. The new WOE OF TYRANTS album, Threnody, will be released worldwide on April 13th through Metal Blade while the band is on the road with OVERKILL and VADER.

More pride! HIMINBJORG is “proud” to announce a new album on its own label, European Tribes. Chants D’hier, Chants De Guerre, Chants De La Terre (Songs Of Yesterday, Songs Of War, Songs Of The Earth). This is the first time the band’s album is sung in French. The CD will be available on the band’s website.

LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR’s fourth full-length, Evil Power, will be released on April 13th on The Grind-House Records, an independent record label started by Steve Rathbone, Chris Wozniak (both from LOTM) and Josh Diebel (former head of Alleysweeper Records). The record will be distributed by Southern Lord Records, which has released the band’s previous three albums on CD and vinyl, two EPs and DVD.

FATAL EMBRACE has signed a deal with Metal Blade Records for the release of the new album, The Empires Of Inhumanity.

ARMA GATHAS, the metal band featuring former CATARACT guitarist Simon Füllemans has signed with Metal Blade Records. The band’s debut album, Dead To This World, will be released on April 27th through Metal Blade Records. The CD was recorded in November of 2009 at the Barracs studios with producer Sky Hoff.

Italy’s techno-metal band SADIST will release a new album, called Season In Silence, on March 19th through Liveglobal. The album was produced and mixed by Tommy Talamanca.

KREATOR has signed on to Nuclear Blast Records. The band is touring North America with VOIVOD and KATAKLYSM in March.

ACHERON has picked not one but two guitarists. Art Taylor has been unofficially with the band for a year now. Eric Stewart is a former member of MANGLED FAITH and INFERNAL FAITH. The two were previously in a KING DIAMOND cover band called THEM. Former guitarist Maximus Otworth couldn’t continue in the band due to his living too far away. He is presently playing in the band THE EDDINGTON LIMIT.

Reformed thrashers EXUMER has been confirmed to play in Sofia, Bulgaria on April 1st 2010. EXUMER will co-headline the Thrash Attack Festival in Sofia with SAVAGE GRACE.

THE RED CHORD will be performing with original drummer Michael Justian at all its upcoming shows. Justian has not performed with the group since the Maryland Deathfest of 2004 and replaces recently departed drummer, Brad Fickeisen. Justian left THE RED CHORD at the end of 2003, joined UNEARTH in 2004 and also spent time with TRAP THEM, EARTH CRISIS, SHAI HULUD and 108 in the interim.

The new work of Italian thrashers IRREVERENCE is entitled Upon These Ashes and is due in March through Noisehead Records. Tom Angelripper of SODOM has finished the recording sessions for his guest vocal parts on the song Echoes Of War.

Guitarist Matt Wilcock has left AKERCOCKE due to musical differences. The UK shows with DARK FUNERAL this month will be his last contribution to the group.

UK-based black metal band THE ORDER OF APOLLYON (featuring members of CRADLE OF FILTH, AOSOTH, TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED and AKERCOCKE) has inked a three-album deal with Listenable Records. The release of the debut album, The Flesh, has been scheduled for April in Europe with a North American release date in the works.

California black/death metal trio VALDUR recently unleashed a new 7″ through Satans Might/Cult Of The Horns. The 7″ includes two new VALDUR tracks, Berserrker and Demon Wisdom. In related news, VALDUR guitarist/vocalist Thor, bassist William and drummer Sxuperion will appear on a three-way CD split to be release through Necrovomit Productions later this year. “We got asked to do it and we had a really old song that we submitted, recorded in 2003,” elaborates Sxuperion. “The split will be with KILLGASM and SHITESTROM. We will have two songs total.”

Bindrune Recordings is releasing three new albums: NECHOCHWEN’s Azimuths To The Otherworld, BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL’s A Banishing Ritual, and CELESTIAL’s Where Life Springs Eternal.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Fresh off a European tour with label-mates DIVINE EVE, along with HATE, NOCTUM and NERVE, INCANTATION has announced its inclusion in two summer metal festivals. Taking place July 15th – 17th, INCANTATION will be a featured headliner at the Obscene Extreme Festival in the Czech Republic and is also playing Austria’s Kaltenback Open Air Festival as well.

Singer Lenny Warmbrandt , drummer Steve Asheim (DEICIDE), bassist Xaphan (KULT OF AZAZEL) and Gio Geraca (MALEVOLENT CREATION) have banded together in a band called EVIL AMIDST. The group is recording an album, but has no label yet.

1349 will release a new album, called Demonoir, on April 26th through via Indie Recordings. Peaceville will handle North America.

Even more changes in HATESPHERE! Singer Jonathan “Joller” Albrechtsen has left HATESPHERE. He is temporarily replaced by Morten “Kruge” Madsen (MEVADIO). The band is touring North America with AUGURY and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. In the meantime, Canada’s AUGURY has recruited Christian Pacaud (MAG) on bass and former NEURAXIS man Tommy McKinnon on drums after losing bassist Dominic ‘Forest’ Lapointe and drummer Antoine Baril.

The sixth album from Swedish black metal band SETHERIAL is Ekpyrosis. A release in the autumn is expected.

GLORIOR BELLI has recruited drummer G. (FROSTMOON ECLIPSE and DEATHROW) in time for the recording of The Full Intrepid Experience Of Light album.

Selfmadegod Records will release Peel Sessions, a CD by AGATHOCLES in March. The album includes 15 songs recorded at BBC Radio for John Peel back in 1997.

HOUR OF PENANCE will release its fourth album, Paradogma, on March 30th through Unique Leader Records. The album was recorded at 16th Cellar studio in Rome with producer Stefano Morabito.

Switzerland’ s BREACH THE VOID (previously known as ETNA) has signed with Coroner Records for the release of its debut album scheduled for June of 2010. The band features drummer Alex Anxionna (formerly of SYBREED). The band has just finished the mastering process for its album at Antfarm Studio by Tue Madsen.

TRIDENT, featuring guitarist Johan Norman of DISSECTION, will release its debut album, World Destruction, on March 22nd through Regain Records. The CD was recorded with Andy La Rocque at Sonic Train Studio in Varberg, Sweden.

Seattle’s BLACK BREATH, which issued the Razor To Oblivion EP last year, is issuing an album called Heavy Breathing on March 30th through Southern Lord.

MAYHEM‘s Deconsecration Part II tour of the USA and Canada has been cancelled due to financial difficulties.

Metallian Hard

WHITESNAKE has signed to Frontiers Records. The band is writing a new album.

The American CYNIC will release a brand new EP called Re-Traced in May. It features “reinterpretations” of four songs from the band’s Traced In Air album plus several previously unreleased songs.

KIJU has a new demo. It is called Ignite The Revolt.

MASTERPLAN, again featuring singer Jorn Lande, has picked Time To Be King as the title for its new album. It is due on April 16th.

Spinefarm Records has reissued Alley Of The Damned and Sonic Firestorm the first two full-lengths from DRAGONFORCE. Both titles feature updated packaging and bonus audio and DVD content.

CATHEDRAL will release its next full-length album, The Guessing Game, on March 26th through Nuclear Blast. The CD was recorded at the Chapel Studio in the U.K. and was produced by Warren Riker (DOWN and CROWBAR).

Inspired by KEEL? The new ACCEPT, featuring American vocalist Mark Tornillo (ex-TT QUICK), will appear live for the first time on May 8th at New York City's Gramercy Theatre. The band has recorded an album tentatively called Blood Of The Nations with Andy Sneap and is seeking a label. The band has been booked for the Rock Hard festival in Germany and is performing ‘secret’ and not so secret shows in Europe.

POWERWORLD, the band of former FREEDOM CALL and MOON'DOC bassist Ilker Ersin, has recruited former THRESHOLD singer Andrew "Mac" McDermott. The latter man had disappeared from the scene and THRESHOLD without notice. For more information see the THRESHOLD interview on Metallian.

Daniel Zimmermann has left FREEDOM CALL due to scheduling conflict with his other band, GAMMA RAY. GAMMA RAY is touring Japan next month.

GUNS N' ROSES played a surprise show on Thursday, February 11th at a private party for fashion designer John Varvatos at his New York City store at the old CBGB location as part of NYC Fashion Week. Reportedly, Axl Rose was three hours late to the show.

ADAGIO has asked its Finnish singer Christian Palin to leave the band. The band has quickly recruited vocalist Mats Levén (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, THERION and TREAT) at least for its upcoming European tour as the support band for KAMELOT.

AMORPHIS will release a live DVD, Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes, in June through Nuclear Blast to commemorate the band's 20th anniversary. The footage stems from November 20th, 2009 at Club Teatria in Oulu, Finland.

London, England’s FURNAZE has grabbed an opening slot for OBITUARY and is planning North American shows. The band is temporarily using Adrian Erlandsson of CRADLE OF FILTH, THE HAUNTED, PARADISE LOST, etc. on drums following the departure of PICTHSHIFTER’s Jason Bowld who was too busy elsewhere. The band is set to announce new distribution for its No Stairway To Heaven demo.

THEATRE OF TRAGEDY is calling it a day. The band’s last show is on October 2, 2010 in Stavanger, Norway, which is exactly 17 years after the band’s inception.

After years of acrimony, lawsuits and vows to the contrary bassist Dave Ellefson has returned to MEGADETH. The band is touring the US as the twentieth anniversary of the Rust In Peace album, which featured Ellefson. No word if guitarist Marty Friedman is also returning. Bassist James Lomenzo is out of a gig.

Tony Turunen, who is the brother of former NIGHTWISH singer Tarja Turunen, has joined Finland’s CELESTY.

Chilean metal band SIX MAGICS has a new album, Behind The Sorrow, released by Coroner Records.

Guitarist Pasi Sipilä was asked to leave CHARON. The band had reportedly been unable to progress or write music with him. The band is still aiming to enter the studio in March. In the meantime, singer Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto has contributed vocals to the song Reflections by the Portuguese band KANDIA.

He was a swell guy! DIRTY LOOKS' new bassist, Gregory Pianka, was killed in a bar stabbing on February 5th in the US. The band is working on its next album, I.C.U.

Guitarist Jesper Strömblad has permanently quit IN FLAMES. He said in a statement, "I have decided it is best for me to leave IN FLAMES and to quit the band permanently. Jesper had spent much of last year in rehabilitation fighting alcoholism.

He was a swell guy! Former TWISTED TOWER DIRE singer Anthony "Tony" Taylor was killed in a motorcycle accident when he lost control on February 6th Naples, Florida. He was 42 years old.

HELSTAR has parted ways with drummer Russell De Leon and replaced him with Mikey Lewis. The new man had already been playing with the band since the summer.

Classical rock band THERION is completing its new album, Sitra Ahra, which will be mixed at the Polar Studio in Stockholm. This album features former CANDLEMASS vocalist Thomas Vikström.

HALCYON WAY is working on a new album for Nightmare Records. It features the debut of new vocalist Steve Braun. The band has confirmed tour plans with FOZZY in the UK in May, 2010. The tour will have the band performing four shows over three days in Scotland and England. The last day will feature a 2:00pm matinee and a 7:00pm evening show.

O.M.T. (OUR MALEVOLENT TYRANNY) has issued its debut album, Anamantium, through the Rising Records label. The album was originally scheduled for a European release in late 2009, but was delayed due to the collapse of SPV. A new distribution agreement for the world (excluding Japan) with Plastic Head Distribution (PHD) has enabled the CD to become available in all major territories around the globe. Anamantium' was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Daghorn (CRADLE OF FILTH and MARILLION) at New Rising Recording Studio in the UK.

MANTRIC, featuring former members of EXTOL, will release its debut album The Descent on April 26th through Prosthetic Records. The album was recorded in Norway with Tue Madsen mixing in Denmark.

EMERGENCY GATE will release a new album, entitled The Nemesis Construct, on April 30th through Twilight Zone Records.

US metal band SATAN'S HOST has had singer Harry ‘Leviathan’ Conklin rejoin it. The band will issue an album through Moribund Cult Records this year.

MAGIKA has recruited guitarist Robert Kolowitz of HELLHOUND.

After much rumour and the original line-up getting together on stage last year the ‘80s ensemble of DOKKEN is only possibly getting together again. George Lynch confirmed and quickly retracted as premature such an announcement. A new album is due later this year.

KINETIC is in pre-production for songs for the band’s newest recording, Human Horror Industry. The follow-up to Corrosion will be produced by Nick Glykiotis.

Sweden’s CRASHDÏET performed its debut album, Rest In Sleaze, in its entirety at the annual Rest In Sleaze festival, which took place on February 6th at Fryshuset in Stockholm, Sweden. Rest In Sleaze was initiated in 2007 as a tribute to CRASHDÏET singer David Hellman who committed suicide in January of 2006.

Drummer Craig Nunenmacher has left BLACK LABEL SOCIETY. The band recently re-signed with Roadrunner Records and is due to issue an album this summer. BLACK LABEL SOCIETY recruited drummer Will Hunt (EVANESCENCE, STATIC-X, STUCK MOJO and TOMMY LEE) to play on the band's upcoming album and tour.

Bassist Simon Holzknecht has left EDENBRIDGE "due to personal reasons." The band is seeking a replacement in Austria and can be reached at The band’s Solitaire album is still due in May.

Scarlet Records will issue WUTHERING HEIGHTS’ Salt album in April. Sensory has picked up the album for the USA. The album was recorded in Sweden and Denmark.

MASTERS OF REALITY is a Swedish BLACK SABBATH cover band featuring singer Mats Levén (KRUX, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and THERION), guitarist Stefan Bergström (SKINTRADE), bassist Michael Höglund (THUNDER) and drummer Jejo Perkovic (INFINITE MASS and CANDLEMASS).

Finland’s KIUAS will release its fourth album, called Lustdriven, on March 31st through Spinefarm Records. The album was produced at Sonic Pump Studio in Helsinki by Janne Joutsenniemi.

Finland’s KINGS OF MODESTY - described as in the vein of QUEENSRŸCHE, DREAM THEATER and KAMELOT - has its full-length debut, Hell Or Highwater, issued through Escape Music.

ANTHENORA will release an album called The Ghosts Of Iwo Jima on the 26th of March through My Grave Yard Production.

BLITZKRIEG, SATAN and AVENGER singer Brian Ross has a new band called Metalizer. The band will cover old NWOBHM cuts and features Glenn S. Howes (BLITZKRIEG and TYGERS OF PAN TANG) on guitar and Alan Ross on second guitar and Huw Holding (AVENGER) on bass. A drummer is being sought.

AEROSMITH is reporting that Steven Tyler is back with the band after a short hiatus in rehabilitation.

Canadian writer Blair Gibson has completed a self-published book called SALUTE TO HEAVY METAL BAND NAME ORIGINS. The book features 500 bands. For more information head to

Former HEIR APPARENT drummer Jeffrey McCormack has joined FIFTH ANGEL.

AVENGED SEVENFOLD, whose drummer James 'the Rev' Sullivan tragically died in December of 2009, is recording a new album with DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy. Apparently, Sullivan was a fan of Portnoy.

MYSTIC PROPHECY has parted ways with short-term drummer Matt C. who will now focus on CHAOSANCT and SOLSIKK. The man drummed for the group during the tour as opener for STRATOVARIUS. Interested replacements in Germany can contact the band through

So much “pride" on the metal scene. Every band is “proud” to be on every label and every label is “proud” to have signed every band.

Metallian Demos

Thrashy band from Finland equals Meshuggah, right? Not far from the truth in Curimus’ case but add a bit of Lamb Of God too. This quartet has been around since 2004 and claims to work continuously to develop their style. The three songs - Havoc Mind, Masked Reality and Bleeding For Nothing - however don’t win much praise for originality but channel a good deal of anger. Perhaps predictably the majority of the anger originates from the mouth of Marko Silvennoinen. There is some melody and catchiness there and accompanied by the slow, clunky rhythm that is present throughout. Look out for more from this Loimaa-based band and contact them via - Anna Tergel

This is a debut five-song demo courtesy of these Austrians. One rather unusual aspect of this release is that all lyrics and cover art is by Fatima Wollgast who is otherwise not a member of the band. Musically the songs are short of any heaviness, partially but not fully due to the production. The pace and drumming don’t particularly go anywhere either and the resulting product is a rather unconvincing thrash and death metal mix. The 18-minutes or so are spent jamming around as if the band is trying to discover itself. At times they seem to have settled on Sepultura for inspiration, especially in the vocal department, and Pestilence but Zementer is otherwise not noteworthy. Check the band out at - Anna Tergel

What an obvious name for a metal band and somewhat surprising that another group had not taken it and toured the world with it already. These five guys hail from New York. The style is metal stoner heavy doom and what a sound it is too. It harks back to Trouble, Candlemass, Black Sabbath and ‘80s metal, but with a difference. Borrowed riffs are used in the songs, but ultimately this is upbeat doom metal. Sure, an irony, but what a great band.
The disc starts with a full-length instrumental track to set the mood. It is like the old days when bands would place a kicking instrumental at the start to show off their ability to compose and establish their sound. Drink From The Chalice (strange because the wizard on the cover is drinking from a bowl) is one hell of a heavy metal song. It is a chaotic song with particularly the drumming beating hard in its own untight manner. Mercyful Fate’s Come To The Sabbath easily comes to mind. The lead solo is heartfelt and the singer Aaron Ashby puts a lot of feeling into his voice. The organic and honest production just tops it all off perfectly. Wizardry is strangely honest in its sound. The tracks, once again, merge into one another and the following song Under The Wizard’s Sleeve comes along as another good, yet accessible cut. Wayfarer wades into the psychedelic realms and is glum. The bass sound rules, while the singer shows off his range again. Much better is The Good Witch with the energy level going up again. This one kicks off with a patented Candlemass riff and reverts to the Swedish lords of epic doom metal again and again. Sadly, the band has deemed it necessary to insert an orchestral fluff part into the song too. Death Rides On Tuesday is fascinatingly good. The Wizardry sound lets in a little Iron Maiden too, but overall the song itself is quality material and extraordinarily mature for such a young band.
This is one demo disc to check out. The cursive and elongated font is reflected on the mailing envelope, but here is the information you need. Wizardry, 522 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 USA or visit or e-mail - Anna Tergel

Steve Bifford is a Canadian guitarist based in Kelowna in British Columbia. It is a cool feeling receiving this disc from the guitarist who has credits in Empyria and Thor. For one, the album is inspired by Steve’s seventh or eighth reading of Lord Of The Rings. Who knew anyone in Kelowna reads? Isn’t it a trashy yahoo town? Not only that, the town hosts an accomplished guitarist. Now, this is barely hard rock let alone metal, but Steve impresses with his command of both lead playing and supporting rhythm. Both the electric and acoustic rhythms are rock-solid. Bifford has also supplied the bass, keyboards and drums and the best word for his playing is ‘fluid.’ He really does not miss a beat on instrumental tracks like the title track with its fusion sound or Wake Of The Orcs or March Of The Ents. The lone vocals appear courtesy of an Emily Jones on Fields Of Gold, which is a cover version of the Gordon Sumner (a.k.a. Sting) song. The actual cover again points to the lack of metallic content in favour of showcasing Bifford’s abilities. The aforementioned March Of… is probably a tad heavier than the rest of the tracks. Think of Bifford’s creations as the instrumental cousins to King’s X. Check him out at or - Anna Tergel

Unsouled is a thrash metal band from Spain and, like several other recent imports from that country, quite professional by historical standards of that country. The band’s full-length demo is mature and has the benefit of a decent production. The core of the music is not bad at all, but a certain something is missing and after much reflection that something is a mix of originality and real heaviness. The group sounds like a light version of Exodus, inclusive of the solos, mixed with Torque and Machine Head. None of the songs assert extra heaviness with the vocalist concentrating on higher notes. Old Metallica is also hinted at here and there. The sixth track is called She and is a lighter note amidst the thrashing, but that leads quickly to the regular fare of Coldness. Often, the music is just too simple and indifferent to mean anything emotionally.
Unsouled calls itself “progressive thrash metal,” but perhaps modern thrash metal is a better title. The vocalist needs a little more projection and the band’s music could use an infuse of pounding heaviness; otherwise there is nothing wrong with this act. It is an acquired taste. E-mail this band at or visit - Ali “The Metallian”

Eldorado is a huge surprise. The band hails from Spain and sounds authentically British. Moreover, the young band has travelled across the ocean to record in Toronto, Canada, which must have been cost-prohibitive for an independent band, and achieved a spectacular sound courtesy of someone called Richard Chycki.
The first few moments of the opening track, The House Of The 7 Smokestacks, is anything but promising. The voice and drum ensemble and rhythm are distinctively rock-oriented and if there is one thing one dislikes at Metallian Towers that thing is rock music. The album is anything but however. Eldorado is sheer banging hard rock and a very good one at that. The first few notes are either a case of making bad choices or an attempt to lure in hapless mainstream rock fans. All the same, this song and its follow-up, The Rocket Song, are very good hard rock tunes that establish the band’s overall affinity to British hard rock in general and UFO in particular. Atlantico is slower, but equally hard-hitting. The song begins with a melody not unlike Supertramp’s Breakfast In America before settling into a Led Zeppelin-ish Kingdom Come groove that lasts most of the song. The song is up and down and the guitar work is beyond expectation. The fantastic guitar solo ascertains the musicians’ playing ability. Falling Falling is more more groovy groovy and slow slow. It is a good cut, but not as good as I Don’t Need No Doctor. Not only its title reminds one of UFO, but also the song itself is very reminiscent of Phil Mogg and crew. During the ‘70s style jam the singer make a positive impression. Similarly impressive is Free (A Chain Reaction), especially given its vintage MSG guitar work. The vocals and rhythm section are solid, but it is those extraordinary guitars that hit the spot.
Eldorado, the CD, has a couple of weaker and less consequential cuts as well, but they are not about to deter the listener. The full-length demo is an impressive display of how hard rock needs to be done in the new century. Visit the pretty useless website or reach the band through - Ali “The Metallian”

Too bad for these gentlemen that this style of nü went out of business a couple of years ago. Not that anyone in the Metallian magazine crew actually listens to Linkin Park, Mudvayne or Incubus, but Stareblind does a fine job of mixing its breakdowns, choppy drumming, aggressive guitar tones and layered emotional and clean singing. The production is nearly top-notch and the riffs are big. Too bad that it’s so pretentious. Mixing metal with Nickelback and mallcore vocals as on Hollow or quieting down for the softer On With The Cowards may make the gang more palatable for the Much Music crowd, but we wouldn’t know anything about that here.
A couple of additional notes are needed. The biography calls the demo CD Something Left Unexplained as in the third song on the disc, but this does not appear anywhere on the cover. The same sheet also tells the reader that Stareblind was initially a side-project. Whose is again omitted. That is corporate. The band’s own website is a page on MySpace at or go to and more information can be had - Anna Tergel

It is simultaneously difficult and simple to review this disc. Well, the band is as underground as they come. The DIY package and write-up as well as the uneven composition and recording are a testament to that. It says ‘composition,’ because there is only one track on this disc. Yes, it is 12 minutes long and probably a composition made of several parts, and as asserted by the biography, features several styles under one roof (on one disc?). The composition is by and large instrumental although the occasional harsh scream flares up from the abyss to roar aggression. It/he sounds like a dying witch gone berserk. Amidst the cacophony rawness, fierceness and a melancholy violin dance in tandem. What are the chances these guys are not on drugs? The band has a home at and can be reached at signifying its Czech origin. – Ali “The Metallian”

For all its assertions to metal the second simultaneous EP – so described as it was released as one with part 1 and only later separated – is mostly quiet and acoustic. While cries of anguish and rancour emit from the disc on the very rare occasion most of the thirty minutes of this demo is filled with acoustic strumming, slow guitar picking and instrumental solitude and even Led Zeppelinish moments. The guitar playing isn’t half bad, but way too quiet or subdued to be appointed heavy or metal. The focus is at least on guitars and not strings or keys, but the material is obscure and wandering nonetheless. This is the son of Master’s Hammer. Check them out at – Ali “The Metallian”