Metallian Heavy

BELPHEGOR has released a video for the song The Devil’s Son, which is dedicated to violinist Niccolo Paganini (1781-1849).

The Spain-based band THYBREATH has announced dates for the second part of its 2018 tour ‘Where the GodsLIVE!’ The band’s performance at Sala Nazca in Madrid on March 16th with [IN MUTE] will be filmed for an upcoming DVD.

TOTALSELFHATRED has an album called Solitude through Osmose Productions on 27.04.2018. The band plays black metal.

Hungary-based black metallers NEMERE released its debut full-length Vérmezõ through Neverheard Distro on CD and MC on February 22nd.

BLOOD AND BRUTALITY has a demo called Decor Macabre. Drummer Arant founded the band in 2008.

France-based AD HOMINEM has an album called Napalm For All through Osmose Productions.

The Illusion Of Freedom by Brazil-based death metal band GUTTED SOULS is being issued by Envenomed and Narcoleptica labels this month.

Sweden-based pioneering death and black metal band UNANIMATED has signed a three-album worldwide deal with Century Media Records. An album is expected this autumn.

Germany-based black metal band ASCENSION has an album called Under Ether through WTC this month.

DEMONICAL will release an album called Chaos Manifesto through Agonia Records on March 23rd. The band houses former CENTINEX members.

Ukraine-based IGNEA has chosen to shoot a video for the song Seytanu Akbar, which is the opening track on the band’s The Sign Of Faith release. The song refers to Islamic terrorism.

Ukraine-based death/doom band POLYNOVE POLE has a demo called On The Edge Of The Abyss.

KALMAH will release an album, called Palo, through Spinefarm in April.

Thrash metal band VOLITION has an album called Visions Of The Onslaught through Brutal Records on the 6th of April.

STRANGLE WIRE’s The Dark Triad album is out through Grindscene Records this month. The Dark Triad is divided into three chapters entitled Narcissism, Psychopathy and Machiavellianism with each strand of insanity being explored.

The group DEATH CHAOS has been preparing for the release of the new demo, Bring Them To Die. In the meantime, guitarist Gabriel Maciel (SOUL CRUSHER, MARK SHAFER and SADSY) has joined the death metal band.

KNELT ROTE’s Alterity album is out through Nuclear War Now! Productions on the 15th of May.

Western Canada’s heavy metal festival Loud As Hell has launched its pre-sale tickets for the 2018 edition, which is being held from August 3rd to 5th in Drumheller, Alberta at the Dinosaur Downs Stampede Grounds. The website is

HEILUNG will re-release its sold-out debut full-length, Ofnir (2015), through Season Of Mist on April 20th, 2018.

Flowing Downward/Avantgarde Music has issued LUMNOS’ Ancient Shadows Of Saturn and COLDAWN’s …In The Dawn.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has signed SYNAPSE MISFIRE. The debut Album Losing The War Against The Sands Of Time is out soon. The band is comprised of members from WACO JESUS, HELMSPLITTER, AKASHA and ANGELUST.

UK-based BLOODSHOT DAWN shall tour across Canada this coming April in support of the Reanimation album, which was issued through Hostile Media. The tour will kick off in Quebec City on April 17th and wrap up in Calgary on May 1st. Supporting the band across the country will be Cambridge, Canada’s AEPOCH. BLOODSHOT DAWN’s guitarist Morgan Reid grew up in Canada.

Russia-based death metal combo INFILTRATION has signed a worldwide distribution deal for the Nuclear Strike Warning EP with Wormholedeath.

Denmark-based TAPHOS’ Demo MMXVI and 7″ EP MMXVII CD are re-released by Blood Harvest this April.

KILLING ADDICTION is reissuing its debut Omega Factor through Xtreem Music on March 9th. It was originally also issued on March 9th of 1993.

ADZALAAN’s Into Vermilion Mirrors is out through Invictus/Vrasubatlat on 20.04.2018. The band’s music is described as black/death.

Sweden-based black metallers band DEVOURER has a video for the track Throne Of Agony, which is taken off the band’s Across The Empty Plains album.

Romania-based black/death metal KREPUSKUL has an album called Hybrid through Morning Star Heathens Music Group.

Dedicated to Donald Trump and his CIA? Chile-based thrash metal band STRAIGHT TERROR has a demo called Between The Lies. STRAIGHT TERROR recently released a music video for the song Blind Witness. The band was formed in 2012.

IZEGRIM is issuing a demo entitled Beheaded By Trust on March 23rd. The four tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered at Kohlekeller Studio (ABORTED, BENIGHTED, etc.) in December 2017. The band is still on Listenable, but this is a demo release.

ARSIS has signed with Agonia records for Europe. The band now features THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER guitarist Brandon Ellis.

Invictus Productions and Vrasubatlat are releasing SERUM DREG’s debut album, Lustful Vengeance. Invictus will be handling the CD version while Vrasubatlat will be handling the vinyl and cassette versions.

BEHEMOTH will release a live DVD entitled Messe Noire on April 13.

France-based death metal band ALTERED SHADE has picked up new singer Dräk Wyvern (formerly APOKALYPTIC SKY). The band’s former singer Edwin has left the band for personal reasons. The band’s debut album was The Path Of Souls was recorded and mixed by Johnathan Mazzeo and mastered by Chris Donaldson at the Grid Studio in Montreal, Canada.

AYNSOPHAR is a one-woman project. The act has a demo called Abysmal Secrets Of Unknown. The woman claims inspiration from Chuck Schuldiner.

Portugal-based death/black metal band SCARIFICARE has an album called Tilasm through Helldprod Records on the 20th of April.

Calgary, Canada-based WIDOW’S PEAK has a demo called Graceless. The band was founded in 2016. The band is compared to ABORTED.

This Machine Kills Zombies, a new demo by FOUL BODY AUTOPSY, is out next month.

Italy-based THE CLEARING PATH’s Watershed Between Firmament And The Realm Of Hyperborea has been issued by I, Voidhanger Records. The sole member is Gabriele Gramaglia and is also in SUMMIT.

Death/folk solo act MYRKGAND has a cassette release of the self-titled debut album through Czech label Evil Horn Records this month. The album was issued on June 1, 2017 in Europe by Portuguese label Your Poison Records and in Brazil through Nuktemeron Productions. The album features many guest appearances.

ROTTEN SOUND will release an EP, called Suffer To Abuse through Season of Mist this April. The band’s 2016 full-length was called Abuse To Suffer.

Jolly Roger Records is issuing DISTRUZIONE’s Inumana EP next month.

Portugal-based TOXIKULL has returned with an EP called The Nightraiser through Mosher/Firecum Records.

Transcending Records has signed MONSTRANCE, the new band led by Carlo Regadas former guitarist of the Swansong era CARCASS. This group will be recording the Injustice For All EP for Cosmic Key Creations. MONSTRANCE’s first live performance will be on the 20th May at the Eradication Festival in Cardiff, with WOMBBATH, HECATE ENTHRONED, MERCYLESS and others. The band also features Steven Hargraves – rhythm guitar (BALLPEIN), Rich Mumford – bass (GODTHRYMM /ex-MALEDICTION), Rik Simpson – vocals (AUSTERYMN) and Dan Mullins – Drums (BLASPHEMER/ex-MY DYING BRIDE/ex –BAL-SAGOTH).

SHRINE OF THE SERPENT’s Entropic Disillusion is out through Memento Mori on 23.04.2018. The band was formed as TENSPEED WARLOCK in 2008.

XENOBLIGHT’s Procreation demo is out now. The Denmark-based band is described as “Female fronted extreme metal.”

Finland-based BLACK MASS PERVERTOR has a mini-album called Life Beyond The Walls Of Flesh through Blood Harvest on 13.04.2018.

Norway-based SHAKMA has an album called House Of Possession through Duplicate Records. The label has also issued GHOUL CULT’s self-titled album.

On May 11th FLESH HOARDER will issue its first full-length album Homicidal Necrophile through Comatose Music.

Germany-based thrash/death metal band MINDREAPER has completed its next album, which was recorded and produced at StageOne Studio with Andy Claasen. The quartet has signed a deal with Black Sunset for the release of the new album, which will be out this summer.

KZOHH has released 61°45’17″N,59°27’46″E teaser from the upcoming album 26, which will be released soon through Ashen Dominion. The title references the location of a violent death scene.

USA-based CARDIAC ARREST has an album called A Parallel Dimension Of Despair through Memento Mori on 23.04.2018.

Heidens Hart Records will issue BLUTVIAL’s Mysteries Of Earth this month. Tiúval of ISRATHOUM is on drums.

Go Loud Agency has begun working with GORESOERD from Tallinn, Estonia.

Combat Records has signed Bay Area band HATCHET, which will release a new LP called Dying To Exist on June 22, 2018.

DAGGER LUST’s Siege Bondage Adverse To The Godhead is out through Invictus/Vrasubatlat.

Metallian Hard

ANVIL is touring the USA this May.

Pink Metal by UK-based metal project PEOSPHOROS will be released through SGW Records. “All the funds created from the album go to Syrian refugees and freedom of Palestine (sic).” The band’s video and account was deleted by Google from YouTube.

EL CAMINO’s Cursed Congregation is out through Night Tripper Records. The band plays doom and heavy metal and is based in Sweden.

Revalve Records will issue Italy-based heavy metal band WALLS OF BABYLON's debut album A Portrait Of Memories on April 13th.

Doom band KING GOAT has an album called Debt Of Aeons through Aural Music on 20.04.2018.

NWOBHM band ROBESPIERRE has an album called Garden Of Hell through Shadow Kingdom on 20.04.2018. The band is based in Liverpool.

SPEEDCLAW has an album called Beast In The Mist through Shadow Kingdom on the 20th of April.

The Brazil-based Brazilian power metal band HIBRIA has recruited guitarist Guga Munhoz as its newest member. He replaced guitar player Renato Osorio.

BLITZKRIEG will release a new album, called Judge Not!, through Mighty Music on April 27th.

Hard rockers WAR GODS OF THE DEEP have a demo called Robots, Rockets & Rampage.

Slovakia-based metal act EUFORY has Joined Sliptrick Records. An album entitled Higher And Higher is set for release worldwide through Sliptrick Records in 2018. The band began as a DEF LEPPARD tribute act.

Pat Torpey, drummer and founding member of MR. BIG, died at the age of 64 on February 7th from Parkinson's disease.

JUDAS PRIEST guitarist has bowed out of touring with the band after admitting to having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease a decade ago. Tipton is part of the classic guitar duo of JUDAS PRIEST whose other half K.K. Downing left the band in 2011 citing problems with another member. Tipton is seventy and replaced by the band’s most recent producer Andy Sneap of HELL. In the meantime, Downing has issued a statement wondering why he was not asked to rejoin leaving the door open to the possibility. Singer Halford has slammed Downing’s intentions and the implied statement that Tipton did not play in the studio either.

Yet another project: A NEW REVENGE (formerly PROJECT ROCK and ROCKSTAR) has signed with Golden Robot Records. An album is due late this year. The band is Tim "Ripper" Owens, guitarist Keri Kelli (SLASH, ALICE COOPER and VINCE NEIL), Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE, QUIET RIOT, etc.) and James Kottak (KINGDOM COME).

Yet another project has been founded by former ANTHRAX singer Dan Nelson. This one is called WOLFPACK BLACK. ANTHRAX has cancelled its European tour of the summer to open for SLAYER.

AMORPHIS and DARK TRANQUILLITY shall tour North America with openers MOONSPELL and OMNIUM GATHERUM in September and October. In the meantime, former HIM members Mikko "Linde" Lindström (guitar) and Mika "Gas Lipstick" Karppinen (drums) have joined up with former AMORPHIS bassist Niclas Etelävuori and POLANSKI singer Anttoni "Anthony" Pikkarainen in a new band called FLAT EARTH. AMORPHIS will release a studio album, called Queen Of Time, through Nuclear Blast on May18th.

Switzerland-based BURNING WITCHES has signed a deal with Nuclear Blast. The band has worked with Schmier of DESTRUCTION, a band that is signed to Nuclear Blast.

DOKKEN’s reformed classic line-up will release a new CD and DVD called Return To The East Live (2016) through Frontiers Music in April. It was recorded in Japan.

TONY TEARS' Demons Crawl At Your Side is out through Minotauro Records.

Australia-based SCARLET has a demo called Age Of Seduction. The band is compared to CROWBAR. The new demo will mark the first release with vocalist Luke Hosking (AZREAL) on board.

Austria-based modern metal band DYSTERSOL is “pleased to announce” it has signed with WormHoleDeath for the release of the debut album, The Fifth Age Of Man.

SANCTUARY has recruited Joey Concepcion (ARMAGEDDON and THE ABSENCE) as its second guitarist for the band's North American tour with ICED EARTH.

Jesse Hughes (EAGLES OF DEATH METAL), Nikki Sixx, Scott Ian, Rudy Sarzo and Dave Kushner (VELVET REVOLVER) will take part in something called AC/DC Comedy & Rock Show: A Tribute To Bon Scott in California, USA in April. They will play the Powerage album among other tracks.

Germany-based EVIL SPIRIT’s The Imageless Mirror EP is out through Exit as of November.

Brazil-based HEROES OF WAR has a demo called Saints And Sinners. The album thematically addresses the crusades and attack of Christians on Muslim lands in the Middle Ages.

Brazil-based musician Marcos Medina has put together a project called NAVIGHATOR. The band will thematically speak of pirates and features musicians like bassist of Raphael Dafras of ALMAH.

Britain-based heavy metal Band MONUMENT will release an album called Hellhound through ROAR Rock Of Angels Records this May.

BURTON C. BELL of FEAR FACTORY fame is part of the touring line-up of MINISTRY. The band is currently touring.

“Jazzy” band MESSA will issue the Feast For Water album through Aural Music on 06.04.2018.

DREAM THEATER keyboardist Jordan Rudess will conduct a U.S. and European tour this month during which he will perform a piano set entitled From Bach To Rock: A Musician's Journey.

Zeno Roth, the brother of Uli Jon Roth, who once had a band called ZENO died last month.

TOMMY STEWART'S DYERWULF is a doom metal duo hailing from the United States featuring drums, bass and vocals only. The band features Tommy Stewart from HALLOWS EVE and Eric Vogt from ARMED CHAOS. The band is writing and recording a demo set to be released in November of 2018 and has a single called Shadow In The Well.

KAMELOT and drummer Casey Grillo have parted ways. The man has been replaced by Johan "Jo" Nunez. The band has a new album called The Shadow Theory.

CALIBAN’s Elements will be released through Century Media in April.

LED ZEPPELIN will issue a 7” single for Record Store Day on April 21. The single features previously unreleased versions of Friends and Rock And Roll. The band shall also release a newly remastered version of its live album How The West Was Won in multiple formats on March 23rd.

ORANGE GOBLIN has completed work on a new album, entitled The Wolf Bites Back, for a June release through Candlelight/Spinefarm.

TESLA has picked Shock as the title for its next full-length album, which is due in the autumn.

The first new RAINBOW single in over twenty years is called Waiting For A Sign and out on March 16th. The song will be part of the Memories In Rock II CD, which is out through Minstrel Hall/Soulfood in April.

Brazil-based heavy rock band SUN DIAMOND has a debut self-titled demo released this past December.

Lion Music has issued Greece-based hard rock band SECRET ILLUSION’s Awake Before The Dawn album. The band is compared to STRATOVARIUS.

PRELUDIO ANCESTRAL is a band based in Argentina whose album on Fighter Records is called Oblivion. The “symphonic” band was founded in 2005.

Former GUNS N' ROSES drummer Steven Adler’s ADLER'S APPETITE band is planning to embark on a tour commemorating the 30th anniversary of the former band’s Appetite For Destruction album. He will perform the entire album.

Did you know? There are not any bands, which release or issue albums anymore. They all “unleash” them. PS: They are all “long awaited” or “anticipated.”