Metallian Heavy

Technotheism a full-length by THE DESIGN ABSTRACT is available through Abstrakted Records. The band is “symphonic.”

Germany-based deathrash band TORTURESLAVE has a demo called Tools Of Torture.

UK-based thrash metal bands are rolling up their sleeves to fight homelessness again. Moshin’ The Roof On 2 double-CD will be released in April. Bands include SOLITARY, VIRUS and SUICIDE WATCH.

Season Of Mist has signed Iceland-based technical death metal outfit OPHIDIAN I. The band, featuring members of label-mates HELFRÓ, will release a new album called Desolate in the summer of 2021.

Norway-based “Black ‘n Roll” band VREID shall release a new album entitled Wild North West through Season Of Mist on April 30th. This is a concept album that developed alongside a movie.

The Netherlands-based THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT is issuing a new demo entitled V3 – Vernedering (‘Humiliation’) on May 14th. The follow-up to 2018’s Vergelding represents the final instalment of the V-Trilogy.

Erik Rutan has officially joined CANNIBAL CORPSE, but will continue his HATE ETERNAL act. Rutan replaced Pat O’Brien in 2020. CANNIBAL CORPSE will issue a new studio album, entitled Violence Unimagined, through Metal Blade Records in April.

Belarus-based OMINOUS SCRIPTURES shall reissue the Incarnation Of The Unheavenly album through Lethal Scissor Records. It will include two bonus tracks, which are taken from a 2017 demo. It was originally released in 2015.

Young death metal duo HATRED INCARNATED has a song by the same name uploaded to the Internet. The Brazil-based act was founded last September.

Italy-based REALITY GREY has a new album called Beneath This Crown with an anticipated release date through Blood Blast Distribution of May.

FEED THEM DEATH and Brucia Records will release Negative, the project’s third full-length album on May 7th 2021.

MAUSOLEUM and ANATOMIA have a split record through Horror Pain Gore Death.

Russia-based death metallers PYRE will release the Chained To Ossuaries album on vinyl and cassette through Dawnbreed Records.

THRONE’s Pestilent Dawn is out through Redefining Darkness Records on 09.04.2021.

Scotland-based COFFIN MULCH’s Septic Funeral is out through Redefining Darkness Records on 26.02.2021.

TAKE THIS TO YOUR GRAVE’s single Vultures was released January 30th. They also plan to release a 5-song release in May.

CRADLE OF FILTH has announced Existence Is Futile as the title for its next album, which is due through Nuclear Blast Records this summer. Main man Dani Filth stars in a new film called Baphomet as Lon Carlson, an occultist and expert on witchcraft. Incendium and Heavy Metal Entertainment have announced the launch of Maledictus Athenaeum, which is a CRADLE OF FILTH comic book series. Expect them in May.

BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT, the band founded by ex-CHILDREN OF BODOM guitarist/vocalist Alexi Laiho after leaving CHILDREN OF BODOM, will release an EP called Paint The Sky With Blood through Napalm Records in April. This will be the dead man’s final recording.

Many bands have reacted badly and declared they won’t die: San Diego, California, USA-based thrashers MONARCH will be issuing a demo called Future Shock this year. The band has a single/music video for Shred Or Die.

New Comatose Music signings EXTERMINATED (based in The Philippines) is set to release its debut album, The Genesis Of Genocide, in April.

Germany-based death metal band PARASITE released its third full-length Deep Into The Dark through Rising Nemesis Records on 26.02.2021.

RELENTLESS AGGRESSION (formerly HELL AWAITS) from Norway has a demo called A Shadow Of All Things Broken.

Italy-based INTOLERANT has a video for the track Attack! off its Primal Future album.

France-based RÅTTEN has an album called Roi-De-Rats through Negra Nit. The group came together in 2019.

US-based HIERACRHY’s self-titled demo was issued in December. The band was founded in 2002, went on hiatus in 2010 and returned in 2018.

LAMB OF GOD will issue a three-disc edition of the 2020 self-titled album. It will contain the album plus two bonus tracks and a live version of the record. A DVD performance of Lamb Of God is on the disc.

Bay Area, California-based solo act ASTHAROTH has a single called Behind The Mask Of Virtue from the upcoming demo Between Death And Rebirth.

USA-based deathcore act THY ENEMY has a demo called Chapters. The band was founded in 2018.

Portugal-based RAGEFUL (initially called WALL OF DEATH) has a demo called Ineptitude.

Crossover band ALMOST DEAD has signed with Art Gates Records. A new album is expected this spring.

AT THE GATES’ Tomas Lindberg has rejoined LOCK UP. Vocalist Kevin Sharp is staying put. The band is recording a new album entitled The Dregs Of Hades, which is due through Listenable this autumn.

Belgium-based PESTIFER has a documentary about the recording of its new album Expanding Oblivion, its release amidst the current pandemic, its relationship with Xenokorp and a forthcoming live in the studio recording during the Belgian quarantine.

Another project: Terry Butler (DEATH, OBITUARY, MASSACRE, etc.) has joined with Jeramie Kling (VENOM INC., THE ABSENCE, etc.) on drums/vocals and Taylor Nordberg (THE ABSENCE, GOREGÄNG, etc.) on guitar to form INHUMAN CONDITION. The band is entering the studio next month. Inhuman Condition was the name of a MASSACRE EP from 1992.

EVILE’s Hell Unleashed is out through Napalm Records on 30.04.2021.

SAMAEL will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Passage album by performing it on a European tour this autumn.

GOLGOTHA has issued an EP called Remembering The Past/Writing The Future through Xtreem Music on the second of March.

Onism Productions will release THERMOHALINE’s new album Maelström on 26.03.2021. The band features Lennart Janssen (DRUON ANTIGON), Ignacio Elias Rosner (IER and UROBOROS) and Nuno Lourenço (SALQIU and 0-NUN).

ABBATH has entered the studio for the recording of its third full-length. The band is residing at the Dub Studio in Kristiansand, Norway with producer Endre Kirkesol currently.

Avantgarde Music is issuing the debut from the Sweden-based black metal act ESCUMERGAMËNT (featuring members of STILLA, SETHERIAL and more) and the sophomore album of US one-man band SUICIDE FOREST.

Costa Rica-based TEDIO has a demo called T.H.T.M. The band is compared to SODOM and SEPULTURA.

GOJIRA will release a new album, entitled Fortitude, through Roadrunner Records on April 30th.

Almaty, Kazakhstan-based ZARRAZA has a video for the song More Than Hate from its full-length Necroshiva.

Wales-based BLIND DIVIDE has a demo called Nimis E.P.

Germany-based ON ATLAS’ SHOUDLERS has a demo called Hyperion this summer. The band was founded in 2018 and had a demo called Invictus in 2020.

Finland-based BLOODY HELL has a new record entitled The Bloodening, which is out through Rockshots Records on 30.04.2021. The band has an advance single called Burn Witch Burn.

USA-based deathcore band WHATDRIVESTHEWEAK has a release called Lightbringer.

After stomping on a picture of a historical prostitute called Virgin Mary BEHEMOTH singer Adam “Nergal” Darski has been convicted for offending religious sensibilities by a court in Warsaw, Poland.

ONCHOCERCIASIS ESOPHAGOGASTRODUODENOSCOPY‘s The Rotted Plinth Of Sachiel album will be issued by Stillbirth Records on 09.04.2021. A single called Profane Psalms Carved Into The Palms Of God is out now.

TOMBS has a music video for the song Secrets Of The Black Sun, which is taken from 2020’s full-length Under Sullen Skies.

France-based SETH has an upcoming record called La Morsure Du Christ through Season Of Mist on May 7th.

Blackened Industrial doom band CULTED has a new full-length called Nous through Season Of Mist.

Spain-based ALTARAGE have an album called Succumb. The album is scheduled for release through Season Of Mist’s Underground Activists on April 23rd.

Singer Eddie Sutton of hardcore band LEEWAY has stage three adenocarcinoma, lung cancer. There is a GoFundMe campaign as well.

The Montreal, Canada-based solo act MAUDIIR has a single called Spirit Of Sulfur. This second single is from the upcoming demo La Part Du Diable.

Metallian Hard

Norway-based GAIA EPICUS has a new demo called Seventh Rising since December.

The Essen, Germany-based FORMOSA has a video for the song Starry Eyes from its current album Danger Zone. The album was issued on vinyl by ftwctp Records in 2020.

ROYAL HUNT’s Dystopia has entered the Japanese metal charts at position No. 3.

BURNING WITCHES will release a full-length album, entitled The Witch Of The North, through Nuclear Blast Records on 28.05.2021.

He roadied for JIMI HENDRIX after all: Silver Lining Music will release MOTORHEAD’s Louder Than Noise… Live In Berlin on CD with bonus DVD in April. The recording is taken from a 2012 performance.

Australia-based HELLZ has a single called Salute. This is a collaboration with Daryl Abyss from THE ABYSS. Hellz intends to tour this year.

GASOLINE GUNS has a video for the track Under Wicked Sky. This track is taken from the upcoming album Motor Cult, which will be released by Mythrone Promotion and Defense Records this spring.

The Netherlands-based hard rock band DANGEROUS TIMES FOR THE DEAD has a single called Queen Of The Night featuring a tattooed woman on the cover.

Greece-based ILLUSORY has an album called Crimson Wreath through Rockshots Records this May.

DUNKELMIND has a new EP called Vlad The trilogy retelling the story of Vlad The Impaler.

USA-based heavy metal group ORNIMENTAL has a demo called Red, White, ...And Wrath out in April. Singer/guitarist Danny Perry performed with the Miami-Dade Film Orchestra, which won two Emmy Awards for its VGC or Video Game Concert.

Another project: Jon Donais (ANTHRAX and SHADOWS FALL) and Matt Bachand (SHADOWS FALL and ACT OF DEFIANCE) have a new heavy metal project. This one is called LIVING WRECKAGE. The band is recording a full-length.

THE AGE OF ORE’s Trying Times demo is out now. The band is based in the USA and comprised of teenagers.

Finland-based power metal band METAL DE FACTO commemorates the one-year anniversary of its debut album Imperium Romanum with the release of a new five-track digital EP called Legionnaires' Oaths. The EP features a studio and acoustic version of Legionnaires' Oaths and several cover versions.

Twenty years too late? BLIND GUARDIAN singer Hansi Kürsch has quit his project with ICED EARTH's Jon Schaffer, DEMONS & WIZARDS. Schaffer was part of the fascist mob attacking the US Capitol in Washington DC in January. ICED EARTH members guitarist Jake Dreyer, singer Stu Block and bassist Luke Appleton have also quit the already dormant act.

Mid-‘70s’ MONTROSE and SWAN singer Robert "Bob" James has died from stomach ulcer.

MARTY FRIEDMAN will release a new covers’ album, called Tokyo Jukebox 3, through Mascot in April. The record was issued in Japan in 2020. Tokyo Jukebox was issued in 2009 while Tokyo Jukebox 2 was issued in 2011. The series features covers of Japanese songs.

Mascot will issue a new album featuring previously unreleased material by GARY MOORE. How Blue Can You Get contains eight tracks.

Everyone is “teaming up” with everybody else for remote video cover versions a.k.a quarantine jams a.k.a. remote collaboration.

Metallian Demos

Classical Music For The Electric Guitar is twelve classical songs performed on guitars by the Illinois, USA-based guitar player, music teacher and sometimes poker player. Mozart's Rondo Alla Turca is the opener, a very famous and often covered sonata is played on guitar in a very clear and clean manner. Paganini's Caprice No.24 is somewhat more chaotic by nature. Bach's Air On The G String is the also oft covered melody and played here to match its slow arrangement. Flight Of The Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov offers a short chance at shredding guitars which Buck takes. Buck returns to Bach with Sheep May Safely Graze, another more controlled composition. Paganini's Caprice No.5 offers a faster piece for the man to play with. Buck sticks to Bach for the rest of this release. Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring is once again a slower composition that works well for a lesson in classical guitar. Both the prelude and fugue of The Well-Tempered Clavier Book In C Major are played here. Both are melodic and slow and befitting celebrations or concert halls. Wachet Auf, Rufs Uns Die Stimme was originally written as a hymn by Philipp Nicolai and then adapted by Bach. It is again somber and written by Nicolai at a time when a plague was raging in the late 16th century. Bourree In E Minor is a composition often mentioned as an influence by guitarists and revered by the likes of Malmsteen and Led Zeppelin. A short piece of it is played here before the album closes with Bach's Fugue in G Minor. Buck's work is almost purely classical and there is little shredding or mad guitars here.
The CD arrived at Metallian Towers complete with a glossy and illustrated 110 pages book of transcriptions and tabs of the same name. Learn more at – Anna Tergel