Metallian Heavy

Swedish newcomers Solar Dawn are mastering their new album Equinoctium in May with an eye on a release through Mighty Music of August 30th. The albums was completed at Abyss Studio B with Tommy Tagtgren producing...Aeternus is finishing work on new album Ascention of Terror in Grieghallen Studio (Norway) and will unleash the album this fall...Listenable Records' Centurian is in studio recording a new album entitled Liber ZarZax. Expected in September, the band reports some titles as Colosseum of Blood, Speech of the Serpent and Heading for Holocaust. Dutch fans, in the meanwhile, can look forward to select shows...Grinders Engorged have lost their singer Akkad, and have opted to distribute his duties internally. The band is in Black Lake Studios recording a new CD for Necropolis featuring tracks like Death Metal Attack Part 3, Shockwaves and March of the Engorged. The band's spilt 7' with Impaled is now available on Discos Al Pacino Records...Shiver Records has been reborn as LSP Company and has three new releases. The label has its CD releases available for $14 (US) from its address Antwerpsesteenweg 106, 2350 Vosselaar Belgium...Broken Head is the title of the new Acid Drinkers CD...Bloodthorn's Under the Reign of Terror will be out March 14th through Red Stream Records. Watch for a guest appearance by Mayhem's Necrobutcher on Mayhem cover song Deathcrush...Gurkkhas, most recently seen on Massacre Records, has signed to Morbid Records for three albums. The band expects their next album A Life of Suffering to be recorded in July and in stores this fall...La Grande Danse Macabre, Marduk's latest album will see a North American release via Century Media this month. The label has also picked up the Swedes' Infernal Eternal and Obedience releases for this continent. As an added bonus, the label has arranged for Marduk to open for Deicide across North America this May...Following the stabbing of singer/guitarist Mike Saez, Incantation have had to cancel their US tour with Goatwhore and Immolation. Apparently aiding a friend (Chris Shaw of Deathrune fame who is in critical condition), Saez was injured and will be out of action for a month...Some up coming releases on Germany's Barbarian Wrath are: Grand Belial Key's Castrate the Redeemer, Sargatanas' Knights of the Southern Cross, Morrigan's Plague, Waste and Death (all in May) plus some releases in the fall are Amon's Zrozeni Smrti, Countess' The Revenge of the Horned One pt.2 and Gravewürm's Lake of Fire...Dead Sun Records is releasing the debut CD of Poland's Dark Legion. The album features material from the band's demo '99 and promo tape '00...Houwitser has signed to Osmose Productions and is playing the Fuck the Commerce IV festival. The festival will take place on 24 to 26th of May and will feature bands like Cryptopsy, Groinchurn and Desaster...Olympic Records has signed Internal Bleeding. The band expects a new album by fall featuring new vocalist Mike Lolito (ex-Repudilation)...Using The Return to Sabbat moniker, 3/5 members of Sabbat (featuring singer Martin Walkyier) are reuniting for a show at Bloodstock 1 in Derby England...Phobia has signed to Necropolis...Destruction is in Abyss Studio with Peter Tagtgren producing a new album...Violent Design, fresh from recording an EP, is touring in the UK...Ted Nugent and Lynyrd Skynyrd have organized an exclusively Canadian tour for this spring...Prog/fusion band Maudlin of the Well has finished recording its new album for Dark Symphonies. Expect a double CD this fall...Out soon is the second album from Florida's Diabolic. The album is entitled Subterraineal Magnitude...Mark of the Legion the new Deeds of Flesh album will be out in July...Savatage has announced its new members as Florida singer Damond Jiniya and guitarist Jack Frost (Seven Witches, Metalium, etc.) replacing Al Pitrelli. New album Poets & Madmen will be out April 17 in North America through Nuclear Blast America...Seven Witches is now on Noise/Sanctuary...Dutch thrash metal band Mortuary I.O.D is releasing its debut CD Distorted Massacre: Fear The Madness this spring. The CD is preceded by a two song promo CD...The next Grave Digger album is announced as The Grave Digger and will even feature a song by that name. The album is due this fall...Guitarist Eumel of Die Apokalyptischen Reiter has suffered a strain to his arm and will be out of action until the summer...Masterpiss of Pain is the name of the album of Khold a new band on Moonfog...Agiel, featuring Tim Yeung formerly of Hate Eternal, has signed to Unique Leader and is entering the studio for a summer release...Mortal Decay is recording its new album entitled Forensic...Due for release on May 21st through Hammerheart, Ancient Rites new album Dim Carcosa is recorded at Spacelab Studios in Germany and features tracks like North Sea and On Golden Fields...Germany's Perverted Taste has the following releases for the month of May: Austria's Disastrous Murmur's new CD/LP and Butchered in Excrements from Germany's Resurrected...The new vocalist for Arch Enemy has been announced as German singer Angela Gossow. Formerly of death metal bands Asmodina and Mistress, Angela came into contact with the band last year during an interview in her role as a journalist. The band, with new singer, will be touring the world shortly under the Wages of Sin tour banner...Turkey's Vintage Solemnity has a new demo MCD called Curtains of Adjectives...Tharnheim: Athi-Land-Nhi, Ciclopean Crypts of Citadels the debut album of Chile's Totten Korps is out imminently through Repulse Records. Fans of Morbid Angel should check this out. Repulse Records has re-signed a reformed Deteriorot. Please see for more information. New album In Ancient Beliefs will be out this month...Nevermore is replacing Iced Earth's guest appearance in an episode of Germany's long running serial Tatort...Candlelight Records has opened up a US office headed by former Century Media/Mechanic/Nuclear Blast rep Paula Hogan...Slated for July 30th is a Hypocrisy 10th anniversary album entitled 10 Years of Chaos & Confusion. Look for rare material and never-seen-before photos...Polish bands Vader and Decapitated are scheduled to tour Canada this July...2000 Decibel, the festival dedicated to Swedish metal is being held at Bengtsfors (180 km north of Gothenburg) on the 19th of May. This year's line up features, among others, Carnal Forge, Dismember, Maldrum, Memory Garden and many others. Elsewhere due to commitments with King Diamond, Mike Wead has canceled the appearance of Memento Mori. Speaking of King Diamond, the band's next album is surprisingly entitled Abigail Part II...Young Polish label In Nomine Records is releasing the debut album of Polish death metal band Calvaria this month. The album is entitled Power of Hate...Depraved, armed with a new bassist, are in the studio recording a new album for CCP...Tentatively entitled Soundtracks for the Apocalypse, Slayer's latest opus is being mixed in Vancouver with producer Matt Hyde. Expect the album in June.

Metallian Hard

Riot, featuring drummer Bobby Rondinelli, is in the studio. Expect an album in late summer...Chieh Spires the front man for Nile has left the band due to 'creative differences'. The band has consequently canceled all live appearances...Sweden's Aeon is now on Necropolis and will soon release a MCD called Dark Order. The label has also signed Abyssos...Melechesh has been signed by Osmose. Djinn is the title of their forthcoming album. The label has also signed Impiety, Divine Decay and Mexico's Domain...Malevolent Creation has postponed their US tour (with Monstrosity opening) due to the arrest of vocalist Brett Hoffmann. Hoffmann, who was apprehended upon entering the USA following the band's European tour, is allegedly guilty of crimes committed in 1995 and will be incarcerated for at least two months...Former Massacre singer Kam Lee has scrapped his Cadaverizer and other projects to fully concentrate on Kauldron...Nuclear Blast's latest signing is Philadelphia's Tapping the Vein. The female-fronted band will release its debut this fall...Monstrosity will release a double CD in August through Hammerheart entitled Enslaving the Masses which will feature a live CD and a rare and unreleased-tracks CD...Pessimist's third album, tentatively entitled The Greater of Two Evils, will be out in the fall via Lost Disciple Records...Enslaved's Dirge Rep will also drum part time for Aura Noir in the future...Johan Bergeback (formerly with Morpheus) has joined Necrophobic...Scott Sergeant (ex-Laaz Rockit) has left Skinlab. That band is going forward with the recording of their new album for Century Media...The Ravenous has left Hammerheart Records...Blood Red Throne, featuring former Emperor and Satyricon man Tchort, is in Dub Studios recording its debut album Entitled Monument of Death. Described as a 'death metal tornado', the album is expected through Hammerheart in the summer...Avulsed, featuring Mr. Rotten the owner of Repulse Records, has signed to Avantgarde Records and expects to record in August. In related news the band has postponed its cover versions album...The Crown's singer Johan Lindstrand has left the band due to personal schedule conflicts. His replacement is former At The Gates man Tomas Lindberg. In other news Metal Blade is reissuing the band's earlier album recorded under the Crown of Thorns moniker...Kai Hansen has left Iron Savior due to constant scheduling conflicts. The German metallers are searching for a replacement...Serberus have an industry-only, 3-track demo entitled Our Dying Grace...Claymore and keyboardist Christoph have parted ways. According to the band, there is no need to have a keyboardist for the group's future direction...Kelly Conlon, former Death and Monstrosity bassist, has joined Vital Remains...Following a one-off anniversary gig with Motorhead, Fast Eddie Clark is looking for musicians in order to unveil a new studio album...Swedish thrashers Denata are entering the studio to record the follow up to their Departed to Hell CD. Entitled Deathrain, the new album is being recorded at GUJA Studio in Linkoping and will feature tracks like Hellish Surgery and Upon the Hill...Canada's Aphasia has a new bassist called Phillipe Moreau. The band is composing material...Judas Priest, whose new album is announced as Demolition, is headlining this summer's Bang Your Head festival. The band's follow up European tour has Savatage in tow...This year's edition of Roskilde festival in Denmark will take place beginning June 28 and has a line up of, among others, Guns n Roses, Hammerfall and Mayhem...Some songs on Kamelot's new album Karma are Temples of Gold, Don't You Cry and the title cut...C.O.C's April tour has been canceled following lackluster sales and the withdrawal of tour support from the band by their label...Megadeth's Dave Mustaine has announced that should the band's new album The World Needs a Hero not sell well, the US rockers might break up...Belgium's Double Diamond and After All are releasing a split 7' on coloured vinyl. Due this summer, DD's contributions will be Metal Rules and Conquer With Steel...Robert Garven reports that there will be a Cirith Ungol double CD sometime this year...Bonfire has a new album called Strike X in Europe...Denmark's Aurora has recorded an industry-only demo with four songs. The band is looking for a label at the moment...Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson has resurrected his War & Peace formation and will release an album entitled Light At The End of the Tunnel in May. The band is essentially Pilson nowadays with many guest appearances...Black Sabbath is ignoring its latest farewell tour and headlining Ozzfest this year...The next Cinderella album is now announced for a summer release...During mixing of their latest album Germany's Hotwire found themselves in two camps. With the musicians on one side and singer Werner Stadi on the other, the singer has left the band and new recruit Andy Urbeck is completing the session...A new Mike Tramp solo album is ready. Entitled Don't Take My Rock N Roll, the album is due this July...A one-off Helstar show is arranged for this year's Bang Your Head festival in Germany. Featuring vocalist James Rivera and members of various incarnations of the band, the show will be recorded for a live release...Tom Lewis, formerly of Honeymoon Suite and Rik Emmett, has joined Von Groove in the midst of the current recording session for The Seventh Day album...U.D.O.'s next release is a live record from the forthcoming Russian tour...Australia's melodic metal band Voyager is in the studio recording its debut...The next Bon Jovi album is a live record. The only official live material had previously been singles' B sides and video releases. The album is out in May. Unconfirmed rumours state that Bon Jovi will disband after a string of shows this summer. Supposedly Jon is looking at concentrating on acting...Reformed hard rockers Tesla are planning on releasing a new album next year. The band will probably seed the market first with either a live or a 'B-sides' CD...Portugal's independent heavy metal unit Attick Demons has released a self-titled MCD via featuring guitarist Jeff Kollman (Mogg/Way), bassist Barry Sparks and drummer Shane Gaalaas (Uli Jon Roth/MSG) have recorded a new studio album called Cosmosquad II and an as yet untitled live record.

Canada's biggest city Toronto spawns BW&BK #48 ($6 to 368 Yonge St., Toronto M5B 1S5) a magazine that finally shows a prospect for a non-European magazine to compete with the Rock Hards and Heavy Oder Was' of the world. With US magazines bogged down with bad writing and propensity to cover that country's god-awful bounce rock baggy bands; UK magazines having turned into virtual comics aeons ago, South American rags coming and going and Japan managing to produce only very focused magazines in the native language, it is left to Canada and BW&BK to be the only serious English metal magazine in the known universe. The new issue has it all: interviews, reviews, information, an underground page and a free CD in every copy. In this issue: Primal Fear, Dio, Annihilator (the cover photo has to go though!), Opeth, etc. Not much pondering needed here except when the posers of My Dying Bride will shove off the metal scene!...Sappho Musique has its latest Spring 2001 catalogue out for the asking. Write ($1 to 11 rue de Quartier Neuf, 88230 Fraize France) for a very underground catalogue also featuring select band interviews in French.

Select Top 5 Releases

Ali "The Metallian" - Editor
1 - Defiled - Ugliness Revealed - Baphomet/Necropolis
2 - Freedom Call - Crystal Empire - SPV
3 - Gorguts - From Wisdom To Hate - Olympic
4 - Jungle Rot - Dead And Buried - Olympic
5 - Susperia - Predominance - Nuclear Blast

Greg Anderson - Singer for Raging Slab
1 - Soundgarden - Rare Outtakes Bootleg - independent
2 - Melvins - all - various
3 - Boris - Absolutego - Southern Lord
4 - Earth - Live - Sub Pop
5 - Ogodei - demo - independent

Angela Gossow - Singer for Arch Enemy
1 - Opeth - Blackwater Park - Music For Nations
2 - Cathedral - Endtyme - Earache
3 - Annihilator - Carnival Diablos - Sanctuary
4 - The Haunted - Made Me Do It - Earache
5 - Halford - Resurrection - Sanctuary

Jill Farthing - Publicist for Nuclear Blast America
1 - Soilwork - A Predator's Portrait - Nuclear Blast
2 - Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia - Nuclear Blast
3 - Opeth - Blackwater Park - Music For Nations
4 - Amorphis - Am Universum - Relapse
5 - Vintersong - Cosmic Genesis - Napalm

Anders Edlund - Guitarist for Solar Dawn
1 - The Forsaken - Manifest of Hate - Century Media
2 - The Haunted - Made Me Do It - Earache
3 - Nile - Black Seeds of Vengeance - Relapse
4 - Anasarca - Moribund - Mighty
5 - Centinex - Hellbrigade - Repulse

Metallian Demos

Great name for an Ottawa band. Are these guys liberals? This band churns out releases faster than the serfs here paint issues of our newsletter. Here in the form of a CDR is the new FTF demo and, is it me, or is the band indeed getting more musical then ever before? Fear not, for the mob is still churning out noisecore faster than Iron Maiden can again re-release their back catalogue, but the band adds a couple of monstrous riffs (track 7) and even double rhythm melodies into the fray. The vocals are still the stuff of nightmares and the drum machine makes minced meat out of the air, but for the first time the gang might be of direct appeal to metallers (not to mention grindcore, noisecore, pussycore, industrial, etc.) fans. No price given so write to 50 Rene Levesque St., Gatineau J8P 6Z5.

Ultra-low brutality is the name of the game (of death) with these Americans. Little is left to imagination here. From the Cannibal Corpse-inspired cover, to the rumbling low sounds bashed by these sickos, this is a pure death metal hell. Strictly for lovers of bands like Metamorphosis, Dismembered Fetus, Mortician, RC's only fault is the pots 'n' panish drum sound, a problem worsened by the high-pitched snare sound in the mix. I suppose it's easier to get a light sound than a heavy sound on drums. Still, for the sound track to an abortion party, the key. One thing is left to imagination: the ordering price! Write to 908W 3rd Street, North Manchester, IN. 46962 USA.

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