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A reformed Artillery, which is playing Wacken in the summer, is recording a 7"EP which will probably feature older material. The band is also planning on a new album for this fall...Holy Record's Nightfall has contributed several songs to the new vampire movie Blood Kiss...Woodhouse Studio is home to Angel Dust this month, where the Germans are recoding a new album called Enlighten the Darkness slated for a summer release. The Band is also working with the Bochum Symphony Orchestra on a collaboration...Borknaggar are recording a new album at the Abyss Studio with Peter Tagtgren. Featuring new members Lars Nedland (Solefald) on keyboards and Asgeir Mickelson (Spiral Architect) on Drums, the album is named Quintessence...Murder is the title of the upcoming Gehenna album. Included is a rerecording of Master Satan...Some up coming music on Diehard is Charon's (Finland) Tearstanied, Dominus' Godfallos, Illdisposed's (back on the label) new and covers album and a new Taetre album...England's Medulla Nocte has split with Household Name Records and signed to Copro Records. Expect a brutally heavy album soon. Also on Copro is England's Snub With their album Memories in Richter and Italy's GF93 who feature former Necromass vocalist Carlo Belloti...The next Nile album Seeds of Vengeance will be out this month. This is in addition to the In The Beginning compilation of early material...Hungary's Tormentor, featuring ex-Mayhem singer Attila, has recorded a second album after an absence of 12 years entitled Recipe Ferrum. Attila has been singing in an electronic band on and off...Nebiros has left Enthroned, reportedly to return to his roots and play death metal in a band with Tony of Angelcorpse called Flatulation. His replacement is Nerath Daemon...Portugal's Sirius is signed to Nocturnal Art and has released the album Aeons of Magick described as similar to Emperor...Denmark's Serious Entertainment has signed two new bands: Exmortem and Hatesphere. The former now feature a new duo on both vox and drums...The new Sunlight-recorded Guidance of Sin album is called 6106 and is expected in June. The band has also prepared a vinyl EP entitled Acts. A Swedish tour with Amon Amarth is planned...Trevor Peres of Obituary fame has a new project on the go called Catastrophic. Members of Pyrexia and Internal Bleeding are also involved...Nyctophobic are recording a new album called Insects...Swedish death metallers Inverted have broken up due to many reasons including the distance the band members had to travel to meet. Some of the members are planning a follow up band, while Shiver Records is contemplating a re-release of the combined CDs Shadowland and There Can be Only One...Brutal Belgian band Suhrim has signed to Soulreaper Records...In a surprise move, Metal Blade has signed Sweden's Vomitory. The band has previously released two albums on Fadeless Records...Century Media has signed USA's God Forbid. The band, which already has a full length out, is compared to Carcass and At the Gates...Australia's Sadistik Exekution has not broken up. In fact, the band is working on a new album, although there is no word as to the issuing label following the band's departure from Osmose Production...Voi Vod has signed to Century Media for Europe and Metal Blade for the USA. Expect an album called Voi Vod Lives (live) in the summer. The band will resume work on a new studio album following a tour with Therion...Norway's Griffin is a new band on Season of Mist which features ex-Bloodthorn guitarist Kai...Glacial Fear from Italy are searching for a label to release their album The Fetish Parade...Wilko of Fadeless Records has closed shop and joined Hammerheart Records where he will run a subsidiary called The Plague...Stefan, formerly drummer for Germany's Mental Aberration, reports that the band has split up. While guitarist Gesuz retains the name, three former members have a new band called Tremor which will continue in the death metal vein...Here is the release schedule for Necropolis Records: Mayhem's Grand Declaration of War in May. June will see the release of Sadistic Intent's The Second Coming of Darkness, Invasion's Conquered, Demoncy's Faustian Dawn and Anteus' Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan CDs. The label will release In Aeternum's The Pestilent Plague, Serpent Obscene's debut and Maze of Torment's Death Strikes in July. Thereafter expect a Deathwitch album, a Monumnetum release and Solstice's Doomcult CD...Richard Christy of Death/ Control Denied has joined Iced Earth on drums...Uffe and Peter of Swedish rockers Entombed have finished recording an album by their death metal side project Murder Squad which is compared to Autopsy. As well fellow Entombeder Jorgen has released the album Cybersonic Superchrist by his band The Project Hate MCMXCIX...Slaughterhouse Supremacy is the title of the debut release from Sweden's Terror 2000 described as thrash metal. The band features members of Darkane and Soilwork...Germany's Ancient Ceremony has lost its equipment in a rehearsal room fire. The band are planning to replace the gear quickly, as they are preparing for album number three...Dodheimsgard is now DHG...Vader, Vital Remains, Fleshcrawl and Rebaelliun are touring Europe this June...We Are Motorhead is the working title of the next Motorhead album due out in June...Swedish metallers Hammerfall are flying to the USA to record album number three with Michael Wagner (Accept, etc)...Gardens of Gehenna have left Shiver Records and are turning towards a more industrial sound. Additionally some up coming releases on Shiver Records are: Venezuela's Stratuz with the Spirit Seduction CD in June, black/death metal band Pagan from Turkey and their full length in September and the atmospheric black metal of Signs of Darkness from Belgium in the form of the Silent Cold Enigma CD in September...Dementor, which is now on Osmose, is recording its fourth studio album...Death metal fans can look forward to Repugnant, a new band on Hammerheart, whose first release will be the Hecatomb EP. The band will be playing select shows with Dismember...Peccati Munde is the chosen title for the new Necromicon album. ..Assembled in Blasphemy is the chosen title for the debut Ravenous album expected in September. The band, however, might change names to The Ravenouz...Aeternus is releasing an EP featuring four live tracks...Former Nocturnus man Mike Browning and Richard Bateman of Lowbrow, Nasty Savage and Agent Steel have formed a new band called After Death. Expect an EP on Hammerheart soon. The label also reports that it has purchased the catalogue of the defunct Invasion Records...After eight years on the label, Konkhra has left Diehard Records and is looking for a new label...Watch for a Withering Surface 7' on Mighty Music subsidiary Prutten Records. Entitled Forever Fragile the EP will be limited to 300 copies. Furthermore Panzerchrist, featuring Bo Summer the former vocalist of Illdisposed, will release a hyper fast grindcore album in August...Faerghail are recording in Finland right now and are hoping to release the sophomore effort by the end of the year...UK's Earthcorpse are both writing new material for a new album and gearing up for some European shows...Recorded at the new Fredman Studio by Fredrik Nordström, Traumaticon the new album of Sweden's Exhumation is described as Gothenburg death metal with keyboards...Germany's Paradox has a new album called Collision Course...Dan Michalek, the vocalist of Iron Man, who was not able to participate in the band's current US tour was replaced on the road by Jadd Schickler who is actually the proprietor of Meteor Records. The band is touring in support of their 1999 album Generation Void...Australia's Forlorn Suffering has a demo CD called Internal Suffering...Paul Allender, who was last seen organizing his solo project Primary Slave has rejoined the British rockers Cradle of Filth...Chris Caffery has left Metalium to concentrate on Savatage. His replacement is Jack Frost of Frostbite/ Bronx Casket Co...Joacim Cans of Hammerfall will see the release of his side project's debut album on Metal Blade in May. Entitled Mrs. Hippie the band is in the Kyuss vein...Japanese avantgarde trio Sigh has signed to Century Media and hope to release an album in early 2001...In Flames are in Studio Fredman recording their next album Clayman and not Safe Handling Instruction as reported elsewhere. Some odd titles are Suburban Me, Square Nothing and Pinball Map. The album is supposedly heavier than the past ones. Expect it in Canada in August.

Metallian Hard

Edenbridge has signed to Massacre Records. Also on Massacre, Solitude Aeternus has started working on their next album due out by October...Alchemist has a new album out called Organasm on Australia's Chatterbox Records...American crossover band Disarray will spend the summer both touring and demoing new material...Randy Piper, ex - guitarist for WASP has a new band called Animal...Sanctuary Music (Iron Maiden's management) has bought CMC International and will maintain the company as Sanctuary Music America...Iron Maiden's forthcoming release will be preceded by the single Wicker Man which is due to radio in the second week of May. The album is called Brave New World and features songs like The Mercenary and the Nomad...Randy Rampage has been kicked out of Annihilator, following a drunken episode where he threatened to batter/ kill Jeff Waters and other band members and crew. The incident happens on the European tour bus of Annihilator who are touring with Overkill...Canada's Sheavy has a new album called Celestial Hi-Fi...Former solo artist John Solinger is the new front man of Skid Row. Solinger will debut on the road as the openers for Kiss...Kiss has announced the band's current tour to be their final one. The band is also planning on recording a live album as their finale...Nuclear Blast has signed Holland's Orphanage (previously on DSFA Records). Their new album, entitled Weakness of the Flesh, will be out June 5...Union has joined this summer's Cinderella/ Dokken/ Poison and Slaughter US tour...Paul Shortino (solo, Rough Cutt) and Jimmy Crespo (Aerosmith) have extended their The Rhythm Junkies relationship and are recording an album together...Britny Fox has reformed in NYC and playing the area in anticipation for the release of a live album...Drummer Willi Wurm of Dark Seed has defected to the Lacrimas Profundere camp...The next Motley Crue album is called New Tattoo and will feature songs like the title track and First Band on the Moon. Producer is none other than Mike Clink..NWOBHM's Jaguar are back with a new album called Wake Me and playing Wacken Festival in Germany...Canada's Anvil is fast writing a new album for a fall release...Described as 'Epic Power Metal' by its label Loud N' Proud, Isengard has finished the recording of its debut album Crownless Majesty due for release this July...Olli-Pekka Laine has left Amorphis due to personal differences with the band...In anticipation to playing live with Angelwitch and Praying Mantis, Nicky Moore has rejoined Samson. All three bands are appearing at the annual Wacken festival in Germany...Helloween has signed to Nuclear Blast and is traveling to Spain to record a new album with producer Roy Z...Pink Cream and Labyrinth, with Swedish openers Morifade, have announced a tour of France for June.

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Even though this is the Ottawa band's first release, the tape is already a compilation of sorts with many tracks having previously appeared on different samplers. Regardless, FtF is Topon's follow up band to the now-killed Kuru which saw its last show in that city on February nineteen. Much like Kuru, FtF is a confused entity, with songs in many different styles - even if the variety is partially explained away by the span within which the songs were composed, namely 1997-1999. The band manage an Autopsy-inspired track very well, then display a penchant for a semi-speedy Euro-death metal romp, before descending into a segment (based on the background samples) akin to the very first noisecore gig captured live in Calcutta. You can almost hear the snake charmer in the back ground accompanying the brutality of the noisecore. Er, yes. It is truly chaotic and you'd expect nothing else from the following address I suppose.

Now what could the prolific German punkers mean this time around? The 'porn' theme is still there (complete with an album dedication to all 'Sportswoman'), so is the overall goofiness with an added soccer theme this time. But still, these guys are rocking out for a good time and even if titles like Cockrock Baby, Nights, Zero Days & little Surprise and fourth World ritual are a little cryptic; there is no doubt that the band is a fun punk band. Never to be monotonous, SOS do mix up the customary dose of metal, Scorpions-style balladry (Ahem) and Kyuss (Deadlife) to provide some variety, but No It, Jesus, God & I and others still hold the band as a not totally serious punk band a la Richies et all waiting to finally be discovered. As prolific as Agathocles (almost!), my only disappointment with the new CD is the use of drum machines on all tracks despite the presence of a live drummer. music is about feeling, passion and statement my friends, and a drum machine has no correlation to them. Write the band right after the hidden track comes to pass. Romerstr. 26, 89269 Vohringen Germany.

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