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Malevolent Creation is negotiating with Nuclear Blast...Immortal's bassist Iscariah has left the band and will concentrate on Grimfist - also featuring Pain and Immortal drummer Horg. In a statement the man says, 'I have basically followed my instincts and my gut feeling and came to the conclusion that I am leaving Immortal...I am not retiring. I just want to do what feels right for ME. At this point I am still involved in several other bands.' Immortal has already recruited a new bassist. The band's North American tour with Hypocrisy and Entombed is cancelled and the band will join Manowar on the road...Goatsnake, featuring Southern Lord owner Greg Anderson, is now history...Deicide, having completed its contract with Roadrunner Records, will release its future albums independently...The new Origin CD is entitled Infomis Infinitas Inhumanitas and scheduled for June 11th. The band has independently remixed and mastered the 1998 demo from '98 and expects to have the product ready for the summer...Coming soon on the L.S.P. label are Greece's Deviser with the Running Sore CD, Oceans Of Sadness with Laughing Tears, Crying Smile CD and brutal death metal courtesy of Panchrysia's self-titled debut...Callenish Circle is spending most of April and May touring Europe with Vomitory and Amon Amarth, Sins Of Omission and Diabolical. The Dutch act will also appear at Stonehenge Festival (27.07 in The Netherlands), Party San Open Air (09.08 in Germany), Brutal Assault Festival (16.08 in Czech Republic) and Limburgian Metal Fest (26.10 in Belgium)...Marduk has asked drummer Fredrik Andersson to leave the fold and has replaced him with Emil Dragutinovic. This after the band had difficulty obtaining US visas to tour there...Forensick Music has signed Dutch band Suppository. Their album Punching out reality is imminent. The band will tour Europe this summer with Regurgitate and Entrails Massacre...Mighty Music has the following release schedule for the rest of 2002: Thalarion's Tunes Of Despondency in May, Sacrificial's Autohate and Parkinson's Asylum in August, Taetre's Divine Misanthropic Madness in September and albums from Anasarca, Nephasth and Panzerchrist in the autumn...Due to the prevalent situation in Israel, Rabies Caste has been forced to cancel its appearance at the Metal Meltdown IV after failing to obtain a US visa. The band's European tour with The Dillinger Escape Plan is unaffectedŠApril 20 marks the date for Brazil's Abril Pro Rock festival. Set to appear are, among others, Krisiun and SepulturaŠUpcoming releases on Morbid Records are Lividity's ...Till Only The Sick Remain, Vomitorial Corpulence's Insalubrious Collagery Of Pernicious..., Mainpoint's new CD, Evil Incarnate's Waiting For His Return and Muculpurulent's full length CD...Hammerheart Records has signed Finnish act Divercia (formerly Lost In Twilight). The band's Modus Operandi album is already recorded and will be issued in June. The Finns were also negotiating with Portugal's Soundriot...Yakuza, from Chicago, is the latest signing to Century Media. The band is on the road in the USA with Candiria...Season Of Mist has issued Destroyer 666's new album Cold Steel For An Iron Age. The band is touring as part of the No Mercy Festival..The Forsaken, whose new album is called Arts Of Desolation, is appearing at the Fuck The Commerce Festival on May 12 and also trekking across Europe with Grave and Disinter...Meshuggah is now added to the Ozzfest roster. This year's festival runs from July 6th to September 8th across America...Sathanas is seeking management and a new label. The death metal band can be reached via on Razorback records is the Trono De Huesos CD of Machetzo...Cadaver Inc. is playing several East Coast US dates following the Metal Meltdown...Peter Boehm has left Darkside...Osmose will release Ritual Carnage's Birth Of Tragedy on May 21. According to Osmose production the album is, 'tight as a virgin and thick as your girlfriend`s ass'...After leaving Hammerheart Exmortem has signed to Osmose Production and will have a new album this summer...Bruce Greig has left Dying Fetus...Peaceville has signed Sweden's The Great Deceiver. The band's album A Venom Well-Designed is complete...German grinders Viu Drakh's new CD Death Riff Society is now out on Moonstorm Records. The album was recorded at Sweden's Berno Studio. The band's split 7' with Driller Killer is postponed...Almost complete is King Of All Kings the new album of Hate Eternal. Producing is the band's own Erik Rutan's at his own Dimensional Sound Studio...Eternal Grief has booked Studio Fullmoon in Uddevalla, Sweden for the end of the year to record its album. Two song titles are Life Surrounds and Unwritten Chronicle...Folter Records has signed Sammath for two records. The band's new album Verwoesting/Devastation is available at the end of April...Dortmund, Germany's re-Vision is seeking a new singer. Please contact them via Christ has finished the recording of Molesting The Entrails Of.. and after having it mastered by Jacob Hansen expect a release through Soundriot this summer. The CD will have interactive features and contrary to earlier reports not feature an appearance by Lividity's members...Impaled Nazarene just completed a show in Moscow...Dutch thrashers Mortuary I.O.D. have a full length CD entitled Distorted Massacre: Fear The Madness. The band has several shows planned with the likes of Dew-Scented...Hades Almighty is celebrating its tenth anniversary by offering merchandise special through the site...Carolina doom metallers Confessor are playing a one-off show in Raleigh, North Carolina. Appearing with C.O.C. on April 21 the show is in memory of guitarist Ivan Colon...The Berzerker is in the studio recording a new album for Earache...Soundriot has signed Norwegian black metallers Grand Alchemist. Tentatively entitled Intervening Coma-Celebration, the band's debut CD was recently recorded at Elg Studios and is expected in July...Nightside's next album is tentatively called Ephemeral Redeemer...Kris Verwimp is working on a new logo for Demon Child. the Satanic band is entering the studio in June to record an album and a 7'...Burialmound is entering the studio this autumn to record an album...Davey Lee and Notch Vara of Byfist have also joined Reverend. See for more details...Suicidal Tendencies has announced appearances at three European festivals. These are July 12 at the Dour Festival in Belgium, July 13 at the Dutch Bospop Festival and July 20 at Holidays In The Sun in England...Guitarist Iscarlsquell has left Infernal Decay and will concentrate Drenched In Blood.

Metallian Hard

Saxon will support its Killing Ground album with an appearance at Metal Meltdown festival and follow it up with a tour of US for most of April...Rumour has it that Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth will tour the US this summer as co-headliners...Iced Earth, who are set to begin a North American trek, had their merchandise and equipment confiscated at the Hungarian border just prior to playing Vienna as part of their one-band European tour Jag Panzer has independently issued a DVD called The Era of Kings and Conflict. Century Media might or might not release the video at a later date. Fans however can obtain a copy via the band's address or merchandise stand at shows Bonfire has a new album called Strike Ten...Nevermore is demoing new material for a new album. Titles include The Story Of Our End, Enemy Of Reality and Who Decides...According to a press release Progpower USA scheduled for Atlanta, Georgia on November 15 and 16 now also features Devin Townsend and Silent Force...French heavy metallers Nightmare are supporting the release of their Cosmovision album with appearances at Wacken festival, Metal Meltdown IV, and shows with Heavenly and Malediction, as well as a couple of gigs with Blind Guardian. Now augmented by new guitarist Alexandre Hilbert, the band has announced plans for the recording of its fourth album in 2003 with at Soundsuite Studio with Norwegian Producer Terje Refsnes...Ex-Pentagram and founder Victor Griffin has formed Place Of Skulls and will release the album Nailed on Southern Lord. This after the demise of the band's first label Man's Ruin...Chris Adams is the new Leatherwolf singer...Former Black Sabbath man Tony Martin now front's Bailey's Comet...Real Life is the title of the new Drive, She Said album...My Dying Bride's new album is called The Voice Of The Wretched (Live) and will appear in Europe at the end of April...Earthshaker has a new compilation out called The Best Of Nexus Years...Chicago's Avidost has lost drummer Shaun Mackey and looking for a replacement. Please contact the progressive hard rockers via Consequently the band has cancelled its planned live appearances...Power metallers Avanitas have a new singer and a new promo CD...Seven Witches and Debase will support Annihilator across Europe on the Waking The Fury tour in May...Sami Lopakka describes the as yet untitled and next Sentenced album as, '...the changes are not that radical and this is not an experimental album. You might find some similarities to our earlier albums...'...Dark Tranquillity is almost done with work on its latest album entitled Damage Done at Studio Fredman. The album will be released by Century Media this summer...Tesla, Skid Row and Jackyl constitute the Rock Never Stops tour this summer...Sebastian Bach was recently arrested in NY for allegedly making threats and illegal drugs possession...Patrick Sommer has left Crosscut. The band is urgently looking for a new singer...Manowar is playing select US dates with Immortal, Catastrophic, Havochate and Usurper in addition to its appearance at Metal Meltdown IV. Havochate is shopping its already-recorded album This Violent Earth...Joey Vera has joined Seven Witches as replacement for bassist Bill Mez...Poison, Cinderella, Winger and Faster Pussycat have confirmed their US summer tour...England's Shadowkeep have replaced bassist Steve Scott with Steve Kightley...Former Rainbow/Ozzy Osbourne, etc. keyboardist Don Airey has replaced founding member and keyboardist Jon Lord in Deep Purple...Belgium's Crusader is seeking a new drummer. The band's shows with Axamenta and others see ex-Poseydon/Bonehead man Bert "Fonne" Fonteyn on the stools...Danzig has signed with Spitfire and will release its new album Danzig 777: I Luciferi at the end of May...Former Ozzy Osbourne/Motley Crue drummer Randy Castillo died on March 26 after a battle with cancer. His last work will remain the drumming on MC's New Tattoo.

Is it me or are all the reviews in this issue in the sanitized 7 to 9 range? I hope Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles (#57 - $7 to 368 Yonge St. Toronto M5B 1S5) has not taken the SOD route because, unlike the American rag, Brave Words is a serious metal magazine with a lofty goal. It is so easy to forget that reviews are written to facilitate choice for metal fans and not for the issuing record companies. When you have the readers, the labels will follow - not the other way around. I also wish BW&BK would drop the grammatically atrocious 'your' (as in 'unless your selling') and clean up the English - which goes hand-in-hand with dropping the 'Maiden Canada' logo. Having said that, bad grammar or not, BW&BK is the premiere metal magazine anywhere (the Germans can eat their hearts out) and the best thing in print in a long time; bad grammar or not...I am not even going to bother worrying about Power Avenue (#1 - $3 to Via Genova No 63, 20025 Legnano-Milano Italy). Guess why we are not written in Italian. Now guess why this poor excuse for an ink-ridden toilet paper shouldn't be written in 'English'? I will now go dwell on why General Surgery is 'band occupying by ourselves'.

Select Top 5 Releases

Ali "The Metallian" - Editor
1- Obscenity - Cold Blooded Murder - Morbid
2- Tad Morose - Matters Of The Dark - Century Media
3- Avidost - A Silent Masquerade - Independent
4- Ghoul - We Came For The Dead!!! - Razorback
5- Impedigon - As Desires Fade... - LSP

Metallian Demos

When Avidost's demo CD was brought up the Metallian Towers and presented my first impression was one of little expectation. The demo title and the presence of a female vocalist had the air of the halls shimmering with visions of Gathering and other boring miscellany. Let's be clear that Avidost is not an instant hit. The Americans were never designed as such. Having said that, Avidost grows on you and grows powerfully. The quintet is introspective and mostly slow musically. The band is still attempting a couple of its goals (elusive but not for long) which hint at an amalgam of Fates Warning, Seventies-era Judas Priest, Sacred Blade and Sanctuary. Things can get interesting as the current 25 minute on disc is indeed of exceptionally pure quality. The chops and vocals are there and with the will also in place Avidost can become the target for adoration of many heavy metal fans. Imagine that: a young band with such fantastic influences. Perhaps there is still hope for America after all. Write to P.O. Box 459, Mt. Prospect, IL. 60056 USA or see for details.

Kudos to Psychotogen for keeping the flag of death metal flying. Having said that you would be hard-pressed to find anything here that is original. The sound is full, grating and the singer bellows as do the band's forefathers Pessimist and Dying fetus. PAUP, indeed, is reminiscent of the old Dying Fetus demo Infatuation With Malevolence complete with the flashy soloing for which DF is renowned. My favourite moment comes at the end of In The Dust Of Your Own Nothingness where the quartet methodically pummel death metal out of the speakers - nothing fancy just the pure stuff. The Psychotogen CD is for purists. It will not appeal to anyone other than strict US death metal fanatics. Contact the band via PO Box 312, Hunt Valley, MD 21030 USA or

When this CD, simply called Demo, was brought up the Metallian Towers it was difficult to imagine what the band harbours musically. After all Calgary is better-known for right wing kook politics, oil companies and a bunch of yahoos in pretend cowboy hats. Could metal live and breathe under such oppression? Of course it can! Demo is a first attempt and one probably recorded on a four track. The sound is rough and the things have a very raw feel to them. Despirited is also raw musically. The fire breathing Canadian quartet has blended influences from the likes of Dawn and Darkthrone and within the three songs In Rooms Of Majesty, Spiritual Betrayal and Lord Of Hate put together a fast and heavy demo which shows promise. It's rather vicious but harbours enough ability to make you wonder for the follow up. Contact c/o 102, 4623-73rd St. NW, Calgary T3B 2M3 or visit

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