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Montreal's Obscene Crisis, featuring original Kataklysm guitarist Stéphane Côté, has reformed. The band is working on recording fifteen new songs, as well as seeking a new bassist...Singer Frank Mullen, guitarist Terrance Hobbs, bassist Josh Barohn and drummer Mike Smith have reformed Suffocation...The Legion, the original band of Marduk drummer Emil Dragutinovic, has signed with Listenable. The band will enter Abyss Studio this summer to work on an autumn release. An EP will be released by the label next month however...The Crown's next album is entitled Possessed 13. The album will feature thirteen songs, including two instrumentals, with titles such as No Tomorrow, Deliverance, Face Of Destruction/Deep Hit Of Death and Are You Morbid?...Dawn has signed to No Fashion Records. The band has already started working on a new album which is due for release this autumn...Touring drummer Ariel Alvarado has left Malevolent Creation. The band has gained the services of Nile's Tony Laureano (himself formerly of Malevolent Creation) on an interim basis. The band is looking for a permanent replacement and is asking candidates to email The band is taking advantage of its appearance at MetalMania Festival in Poland to film a live video...Reformed thrashers Faith Or Fear are rehearsing in anticipation of a tour...Golden Lake Productions has issued Forsaken's Iconoclast MCD (described as progressive doom metal) and Unsilence A Walk Through Oceans MCD...Bass player Stefan Joo has left Viu Drakh. His replacement Michael "Mosha" Matschonschek has joined the band in time for rehearsals for a sixth album expected in late 2003...Metal Blade Records has signed two new bands. The first is a crossover band The first is As I Lay Dying from San Diego and the second is Detroit's The Black Dahlia Murder. The former's album is entitled Frail Words Collapse and due in July...Throcult has signed a deal with Crash Music. The band has signed for three albums with Crash and will soon see the release of Soldiers Of A Blackened War EP through the label. A song from the same EP will also appear in a film called Tales From The Crapper...Guitarist Jens F. Ryland has left Borknagar. The band is undeterred and will enter Toproom Studios this month to begin recording a new album due for release this autumn...Krisiun has begun recording a new and as-yet-untitled album at Bebop 2 Studios in Sao Paulo with producer Pierre Rémillard (Cryptopsy, Obliveon, Gorguts)...Mork Gryning is in Dugout Studio recording a new album expected released in July...Joel Silva is the new Malevolence drummer...Beyond The Embrace has been added to the last half of the Opeth/Lacuna Coil tour beginning in May...The new album of Callenish Circle is entitled My Passion//Your Pain. The recordings took place in Germany at Stage One Studio under the supervision of producer Andy Classen...Conquer Records has released a video entitled Ultimate Revenge featuring 41 songs by Polish bands like Behemoth, Devilyn, Hate, Vader and others...At a recent Mayhem concert in Bergen, Norway the band was carving up a dead sheep as part of its stage act when the animal's head flew off lead singer Maniac's knife and struck a member of the audience...Monstrosity have added former vocalist Jason Avery back into the lineup. The band's current singer Sam Molina has taken over the second guitar duties. The first show with this lineup will be in Puerto Rico at The Zone in Rio Piedras on May 3, 2003. Shortly after, the band plans to enter the studio to record their new album tentatively entitled Rise to Power. Songs set to appear on the album are: Visions Of Violence, The Exordium, Wave Of Annihilation, From Wrath To Ruin, and Chemical Reaction. In other Monstrosity news, guitarist Tony Norman is filling in with the band Lovers Of Sin on their current tour of Europe in support of Christian Death...Immolation will use its upcoming European tours with Malevolent Creation, Mraduk, Aborted and others and US tour with Grave to film footage to be used in a live video...Listenable Records has issued Vile's Stench Of The Deceased with four bonus songs...Dopi from Machetazo is in the process of starting his own label called Vincent Price Records. HE will release limited edition split 7" EP's...Drummer Tim Yeung of Hate Eternal has replaced Derek Roddy for Council Of The Fallen's sophomore release Deciphering The Soul...Hate Eternal was involved in a van accident on Saturday, March 8th, in Wisconsin en route to a show on their headlining tour with Dying Fetus, Kataklysm, and Into Eternity...Canadian thrashers Fetus Aftermath have finished recording a demo with producer Manfred Leidecker (Exciter). Samples can be heard at's Misanthropic, which features former members of Agathodaimon, Avion and others has signed with Xtreem Music. The band's debut is expected in July...Dutch thrashers Mortuary I.O.D. have a new Promo 2003 and have lined up a string of live dates in BeNeLux and Germany for the spring...Dawn Of Defiance is a new death/thrash band from Uruguay. The band is in the process of releasing a ten-song demo which will also feature a song called Haunted Dreams as a single...Former Exciter frontman Jacques Belanger has rejoined the band. Rob Degroot, who had joined the band last autumn, was asked to leave because "he was not progressing and adapting to Exciter's signature style."...Teemu "Somnium" Raimoranta (born 19.5.1977), the guitar player of both Finntroll and Impaled Nazarene, died in Helsinki on Sunday 16th of March in an alcohol-related accident when he fell from a bridge...Following the departure of its vocalist, Blood Of Christ is seeking a bassist to replace Dan Hulse who has moved on to the microphone...Here is some news courtesy of Aftermath Music: Runemagick's Darkness Death Doom 2CD album is now out. Mourning Beloveth is following the release of the Sullen Sulcus album with a DVD this July. The label is also releasing a Cult of Catharsis/Opus Forgotten split CD in May...Slayer has a new video called War At Warfield next month...Destruction will celebrate its twentieth anniversary at Vienna Metalfest which will take place at Vienna¹s Air Arena on August 23rd.Furthermore, the band has entered Little Creek Studio in Switzerland in early April to record a new album due out this September...Darkthrone's new album, Hate Them, is out through Moonfog on April 8th...Necrophagia and Exmortem are touring Europe...Likas Meier the drummer for Sacrificial has also joined Withering Surface...Engorge report that former drummer Gian Davila has rejoined the band. The group beginning to record an EP called Cold Black Ejaculation for Dark Horizon Records...Deicide and Amon Amarth recently cancelled a scheduled show in Denver because of the long drive from Seattle and adverse weather...Immemorial is working in Selani Studios on a new album tentatively entitled After Deny...Infecdead's Mike Heinemann has joined Kadath on drums...To celebrate their fifteenth anniversary the original lineup of Anal Cunt, a.k.a A.C., recently reunited for a string of shows...Fearsome Records presents Fearsome Fest on April 19th in Burgum in The Netherlands. The lineup is Mortuary I.O.D., Kronos, Torn To Pieces, Temple Of Eternity and others...Infernal Hate's debut CD called The Wisdom Of Obscure Dimensions is released this month by Goregiastic Records. The album was recorded at Excess Studio in The Netherlands...Galy Records announces the following releases: Blinded By Faith's Under An Occult Sun (melodic black metal from Canada), Divinity's Les Fleurs Du Mal (melodic black/death metal from Canada), Kabbal's Synthetically Revived (death metal from France) and a compilation CD of the label's bands...Hateplow, who will play at Germany's Fuck The Commerce Festival in May, will record a third and final album this album. The band's lineup remains: singer Kyle Symons, guitarists Rob Barrett and Phil Fasciana, bassist Xaphan of Kult Ov Azazel and Dave Culross on drums...Strapping Young Lad and Meshuggah will spend May touring in the USA. The former will then play four shows on its own in Canada...Infernal Hatred is still working on a split-CD with Ritual that is scheduled to be released by Regimental Records. According to the band, one member's personal problems has held the band up...Six Feet Under is at Morrisound Studios in Florida to record tracks for a new album due this autumn...Cannibal Corpse is tentatively set to start recording new material for an upcoming album in September. The band will once again record at Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, TX with Neil Kernon producing...Testament has confirmed its appearance for the Wacken Open Air Festival which takes place from July 31st to August 2nd. The band will also tour Europe as part of The No Mercy Festivals this month...Defleshed and openers Taetre will tour Europe this month using the Battle Royal Tour 2003 moniker...Deeds Of flesh's Reduced To Ashes will be issued in June by Unique Leader Records...Here is some news from Cold Blood Industries: To Elysium is in Franky's Recording Kitchen working on album tentatively called Nightmare's Nest. This album is due later in the year. Kaytafalk has series of concerts lined up across Europe this summer including dates with The Crown and Skinless...Tiwanaku is the name of the new band of former Death and Control Denied drummer Richard Christy. The band, which also features former Nocturnus bassist Emo Mowery, is recording a demo...Malevolence has replaced drummer Gustavo Costa with Joel Silva...Macabre has signed to Season Of Mist...Nightrage featuring Dream Evil's Gus G., ex-Exhumation guitarist Marios Iliopoulos, bassist Brice Leclercq, drummer Per M. Jensen of The Haunted/Invocator, Tom S. Englund of Evergrey on melodic vocals and ex-At The Gates and The Crown and current Lock Up/The Great Deceiver front man Tomas Lindberg has signed with Century Media. The debut album is called Sweet Vengeance and is expected this autumn...Hell-born has replaced drummer Bastek (Devilyn) with May (Grin/ex-Ghost)...

Metallian Hard

MTM Records is about to release the comeback album of XYZ which is entitled Letter to God...Zoom Club Records has obtained the rights to the re-mastered version of unreleased vintage Weapon material. Recorded over twenty years ago, the material is hitherto completely unreleased...The original lineup of Victory has reformed...In Flames has shot a video for the song Trigger. Nuclear Blast reports that members of Soilwork can be seen in the video. The band and label will release an EP this summer featuring Trigger and a couple of cover songs...Soilwork has shot a video for the song Rejection Role...Tidfall will enter Akkerhaugen Lydstudio at the end of March to record a new album for Nuclear Blast...To/Die/For, who just finished recording a new album called Jaded, has lost the service of guitarist JP Sutela. His replacement is called Mika Ahtiainen...Nightmare has entered SoundSuite Studio with Norwegian producer Terje Refnes (Tristania, Sirenia, etc.) to record a new album called Silent Room. The album will be released by Napalm Records this autumn...Nevermore is currently in the studio with producer Kelly Grey (Queensrÿche, Dokken, etc.) recording Enemies Of Reality which is expected to be released this summer...In Agathodaimon news, bassist Marko T. has been replaced by Darin Smith...Nocturnal Rites is touring Japan with Hammerfall...Former Hammerfall drummer Patrik Rafling has a new band called Jaggernaut...Wolf is in Abyss Studio recording an album which should be out this autumn through No Fashion Records...Here is a list of the upcoming albums of Red Stream: Winterblut's Grund: Gelenkkunst, Debauchery's Dead Scream Symphony MCD which is out at the end of March and the debut CD of Enoch...Dream Theater is in studio working on a new studio album...A new Firebird album called No. 3 is out through JVC Records...Benjamin Leclerc is back in Kralizec. The band's Origin album is now out...Mascot Records has released a new Jason Becker CD entitled The Blackberry Jams II. The CD is a compilation of Becker's demo material...According to Diehard Music, the new 2 Ton Predator album is called Demon Dealer and expected this month...Passenger featuring Anders Fridén (vocals, In Flames), Niclas Engelin (guitars, Gardenian), Patrik J. Sten (drums, ex-Transport League) and Håkan Skoger (bass, Headplate) has signed with Century Media. The band's self-titled release recorded at Gothenburg's Studio Fredman is expected this June...Evemaster has finished recording its second album Wither. Low Frequency Records will release the album in May...Krokus' return-album Rock The Block entered the Swiss charts at position number one...Shakra is in the studio...70's band Heavy Metal Kids has reformed and recorded a new album for Revolver Records. The band is Keith Boyce on drums, Danny Peyronel on vocals and keyboards, Ronnie Thomas on bass and vocals, as well as newcomer Marco Barusso And Marco Guarnerio on guitars...Devilmakesthree has added guitarist Gavin Coulter to its lineup. The band will begin recording a follow up to the Caution demo in April...Threshold will record its June 6th concert at De Boerderij in Zoetermeer, Holland for a live DVD/2CD release. The release will be entitled Critical Energy...The North American version of Anthrax's We've Come For You All features a multimedia section complete with photos and a video. Sanctuary Music will release the album in May following which the band will tour the USA and Canada with Motorhead...Shiva has changed its name to Eyes Of Fire. The band which features former Mindrot members is in the studio with Cameron Webb (Danzig, Monster Magnet) to record its debut for Century Media Records...Dutch doom band Sad Whisperings has reformed and is working on a new recording...Warhag has completed work on its forthcoming full-length demo. The CD will feature a remix of older songs and also add a choir on one song, as well as an instrumental called Northern Winter. The band has lost guitarist/keyboardist Dave Bonnycastle and seeking a replacement...Opeth's new album entitled Damnation will be released on April 14th by Music For Nations...Bassist Sergio C. has parted ways with Moonspell. Amorphis' Niclas Etelavouri will record the next album with Moonspell as the band seeks a permanent replacement...Force Of Evil is a new band featuring singer Martin Steene (Iron Fire), guitarists Michael Denner (ex-Mercyful Fate) and Hank Shermann (Mercyful Fate), bassist Hal Patino (King Diamond) and drummer Bjarne Holm also of Mercyful Fate. The band will soon begin recording a debut album...Former Vanize guitarist Rolf Munkes has joined Majesty. Tarek "MS" Maghary will concentrate on the vocals henceforth...TNT has a new album called Taste released by Avalon Records in Japan...Bassist Mike Inez (Ozzy, Alice in Chains, etc.) has replaced Robert Trujillo in Black Label society. The latter's bassist has joined Metallica...Guitarist Larry Tarnowski has parted ways with Iced Earth ostensibly to pursue his studies...Zinny J Zan is hitting Scandinavia this month and the rest of Europe next month in support of his City Boy Blues album...Philadelphia's Single Bullet Theory has completed its new CD entitled Route 666. The album, which was mixed by James Murphy, will be available this month through Crash Music...The video for Shadows' Fall song Destroyer Of Senses has been added to the play list for MTV 2 and Much Music USA. The band will be a part of Ozzfest this summer...Katatonia is spending all of April and May touring Europe in support of Viva Emptiness...Former Crimson Glory and Seven Witches vocalist Wade Black has a new band called Leash Law...Deceased and Relapse Records have parted ways...Tad Morose will enter Studio Soundcreation on April 12th to record their next album. The as yet untitled is due this autumn...Sepultura, who earlier signed with SPV for Europe, has signed to No Name Records in North America. The band's upcoming album is called Roorback...Former Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin has formed a band with former Whitesnake guitarists Bernie Marsden and Mickey Moody, as well as bassist and Neil Murray (bass) called M3...Slaughter guitarist Jeff Blando has joined Vince Neil's solo band...The Italian Power/Speed metal band Highlord has just signed to Arise Records. The band's new album will be released in 2004...Criminal has parted ways with former Cradle Of Filth bassist Robin Eaglestone...NWOBHM's Legend will release a new album called Still Screaming on April 11th through Monster Records.

Metallian Demos

"For Promo Only...Will not play with Mac Or PC..." Does that mean one can not take this demo CD to the nearest used record store and sell it for at least $100? Are we also to understand that our dreams of ripping the music and uploading it to the Internet in mp3 format will not come to fruition?? What about the cash I had hoped to get for all of this???... In realms musical, Falkirk is a competent leader. This band could easily, repeat easily, be releasing its third or fourth album. An expansive cover and a professional sound are only harbingers to a series of song as good, if not better, than most contemporary signed releases. While the band occupies a space roughly covered by the likes of Symphorce, Jacob's Dream and Blind Guardian, Falkirk is an independent entity. The band does play power metal, but is not in the business of copying any other band. A couple of riffs reminiscent of Iron Maiden (ending the first song) or Queensryche (beginning of Riot) are the exceptions. The band's singer too is proficient and fully in command of his voice. Were it not for the, admittedly quiet, keyboards Falkirk would be a magnificent band. Falkirk must drop the trendy keyboards and maintain this style of composition. Order this demo from or write to before the band gets signed. - Ali "The Metallian"

"There is no sure foundation set on blood, No certain life achieved by others' death." Here is something different. Shakespeare In Hell is an American quartet specializing exclusively in musical interpretations of Shakespeare's various plays. The Tempest is the band's second demo. Musically the band sounds like Caliban and a music that is a cross between Bethlehem and Dark Tranquillity. So far so good, but despite the act's audacious and original intentions the self-described death metallers use K&F (keyboards & Female vocals), which is never a good idea. Shakespeare In Hell has also lost a drummer which means the listener will hear a drum machine through the full-length CD. The bulk of the action though clearly is lyrical. The nine tracks here are: The Tempest, The Dark Backward, Song Of Ariel, Heir Of Naples, Caliban's Curse, Three Men Of Sin, A Thing Divine, Untie The Spell and Epilogue. Yet how much potential the band has from here is bleary. For example would a record label consider signing this band? Probably not; regardless they have advanced much for an evolved school project. The band's address points to New Orleans, but worry not for they have nothing to do with detritus like Eyehategod et al. Find the band either via or visit for more information. - Ali "The Metallian"

German quintet Misanthropic is an impressive band. In spite of what is perhaps a familiar moniker and a somewhat nondescript cover shot, the band delivers surprisingly mature death metal with songs like The Answers Inside Me, Fly and Living You. The five mix energizing melodic passages with the heaviness of a death metal band. Not only are the compositions good and the arrangements mature, but also the band hits all the right notes by emulating and adapting patterns previously heard in songs by Dissection, Demigod and Eucharist. The vocals, on the other hand, are occasionally reminiscent of early Morgoth. The band loves its guitar harmonies too which only adds to the stimulating impact of the songs. Misanthropic is hardly revolutionary, but that being beside the point, they deliver an exciting barrage of well-balanced metal that is worthy of a record deal. Which explains why Spain's Xtreem Music has already picked up the band with an eye for a July release. To secure the demo write to or otherwise look out for the aforementioned debut. - Ali "The Metallian"

Rivethead's name had me anticipating a heavy metal band leaning towards Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Instead it turns out that the Texas trio is more into fusing rock with industrial and rap music. The harsh rhythmic parts were reminiscent of Ministry and Skrew, but the introduction of rapping vocals and treated power chords into the fray gives the band a whole new vibe last heard in music of bands like Monster Voodoo Machine and Varga. Rivethead loves its electronic interludes and the listener will hear the synthesizers often. The band's sound is wholly professional and the trio has already garnered industry attention. Having said that, the material is not constructed of metal alloys and should be treated as such. The band's web site is located at - Ali "The Metallian"

Ruttolapset is a mysterious band. The band's name is an enigma (OK it means Plague's Children in Finnish), the cover is adorned with a faded picture which in turn is surrounded by unfamiliar text. All that stuff aside, the quartet's 2002 demo-CD features the songs Possession, Kaaos and Ruttolapset. The songs are a speed metal hybrid which generally come across as treble and mid -to-fast-paced. The singer shrieks and growls which the drums accompany without hesitation. Most reviewers would probably proceed to call this black metal, but there is little indication that the band is Satanic or Anti-Christian. As things stand, the Finns have several good ideas within their fast and heavy music, but suffer somewhat at the hands of the muffled sound. Fans who seek new underground extremity, but do not demand top-notch sound necessarily may want to look into the band. point your browser to and listen for yourself. - Ali "The Metallian"

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