Metallian Heavy

The government of Singapore banned WATAIN from performing in that country due to the act’s lyrics. The band is unhappy.

ABBATH will release its new album, entitled Outstrider, through Season Of Mist in May.

Xenokorp has announced the signing of France-based deathrash band MORTUARY. The act will enter Hertz studio (BEHEMOTH, NEPHREN-KA, INSAIN, etc.) in June to record the follow-up to 2016’s studio album, Nothingless Than Nothingness.

Former EXHORDER singer Kyle Thomas and guitarist Marzi Montazeri have a project called HEAVY AS TEXAS. Fat jokes aside, Crunchy Western Records is issuing the band’s debut this month.

Canada-based WEST OF HELL has a new demo called Blood Of The Infidel on April 1st. It is followed by The Infidels Tour across Canada.

NOCTEM is at Millenia Studios in Valencia Spain recording a new album for Art Gates. The band is playing at different festivals in Europe this spring and summer.

ENTRAPMENT’s Imminent Violent Death is out through Dawnbreed Records in May. The Netherlands-based band is compared to DISMEMBER.

SLAYER and ANTHRAX’s Christchurch, New Zealand concert was cancelled following a mass shooting at mosques by a right-winger.

POSSESSED will release a first full-length album in over thirty years next month. Revelations Of Oblivion is out through Nuclear Blast in May. The record was mixed and mastered by Peter Tägtgren.

WOUNDS’ Light Eater EP is out through Everlasting Spew Records in April.

BODY HARVEST has signed with Comatose Music and shall issue an album called Parasitic Slavery next month.

Kitchener, Canada-based INVICTA is touring the country in support of Italy-based ULTRA-VIOLENCE in May. Marketing calls it Operation Annihilation.

SUTEKH HEXEN’s Sutekh Hexen album is out through Sentient Ruin Laboratories. Venien (VON) participates with guest vocals.

DEICIDE, ORIGIN, JUNGLE ROT and THE ABSENCE will embark on the Overtures Of Blasphemy North American tour in May.

CREMATORY STENCH’s Grotesque Deformities 12″ MLP is out through Blood Harvest since the 15th of February. The band is based in the USA and was founded in 2014.

OTARGOS has announced Michaël Martin (ex-EXOCRINE and ex-FLESHDOLL) as its new drummer. The band has an album called Xeno Kaos.

Mad With Power Festival in Madison, Wisconsin, USA will take place on August 10th. Bands appearing include NOVAREIGN, WIDOW, TEOCRACY and LORDS OF THE TRIDENT. There will be an appearance by Phillip Ahn, M.D. the actor who played Shang Tsung on Mortal Kombat II.

BLEED SOMEONE DRY’s Unorthodox demo is out now. The band is based in Italy and plays deathcore.

Crawling Chaos shall issue BLYH’s Awake To Emptiness on the 26th of April.

Edmonton-based death metal act PROTOSEQUENCE is touring Canada this June.

PESTILENT DEATH’s Chapters Of Depravity is out through Blood Harvest on 24.05.2019.

SUFFERING HOUR’s Dwell CD/12″ MLP is out through Blood Harvest on the 5th of April. The band is playing several shows in the USA.

Toronto-based SLUDGEHAMMER has a demo called Antechamber on April 12th. The band is playing several shows in central Canada.

DARKTHRONE will release a new album, entitled Old Star, through Peaceville on May 31.

Germany-based black metal band SCHATTENFALL has an album called Melancholie Des Seins through Redefining Darkness Records since 22.03.2019.

AMON AMARTH will release a new album, entitled Berserker, through Metal Blade Records on May3rd. The album was recorded at Sphere Studio.

The Netherlands-based THANATOS has a deal with Listenable Records, which will lead to a 2020 album.

Downfall Records (Sweden) has signed the Norway-based black metal band LIVLÖST for its upcoming debut album of 2019.

ZEPHYRA has released a first single and music video for Fånge I Frihet for its upcoming full-length album Fall.Rise.Conquer.

ENTHRONED’s Cold Black Sun album is out through Season Of Mist on June 7th.

HELLRIPPER’s Black Arts & Alchemy EP is out through Reaper Metal Productions on the 5th of April.

SADISM’s Ethereal Dead Cult album is out through Toxic on 14.05.2019.

Self-cover version band. MACHINE HEAD will issue a re-recorded version of the band’s 1994 album Burn My Eyes later this year. The band has announced a Burn My Eyes 25th-Anniversary European Tour featuring Chris Kontos and Logan Mader.

HELLWITCH has signed with Listenable Records. An album is expected this year.

DEATH ANGEL will release its full-length album Humanicide through Nuclear Blast Records on 31.05.2019.

NOCTURNUS AD will release an album, called Paradox, through Profound Lore Records next month.

XENTRIX will issue a new album, called Bury The Pain, through Listenable Records this summer. It was produced by Andy Sneap.

DEATH AGONY has a new demo called Desiderata (A Devastating Revelation).

GORGONCHRIST’s “post-industrial, nihilistic black sludge” The Blood Of Endangered Species is out on Clobber Records now.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has signed Sweden-based WALKING CORPSE and will issue the Walking Corpse debut. Hailing from Göteborg, Sweden, the band was founded in 2017.

HANORMALE’s Reborn In Butterfly is out through Dusktone.

ABSINTHROPY and SALIX BABYLONIC have joined together for a split release on Clobber Records April 12th.

Costa Rica-based BLOODSOAKED NECROVOID’s The Apocryphal Paths Of The Ancient 8th Vitriolic Transcendence CD is out through Blood Harvest/Caligari.

Wormholedeath has signed its first licensing deals in South America. Hellion Records in Brazil will release SAD IRON’s new album The Deal and LAMORI’s Neo Noir in Argentina and Brazil.

Aural Music is issuing AGE OF THE WOLF’s Ouroboric Trances and HANDFUL OF HATE’s Adversus in May.

Metallian Hard

ASHEN HORDE’s Fallen Cathedrals is out through Extreme Metal Music/Rockshots Records. The band is influenced by DEVIN TOWNSEND and OPETH.

WAR CLOUD will enter Louder Studio in Grass Valley, CA in May to track new album State Of Shock. The band is also completing several shows and has recruited guitarist Jesse Serrano.

Greece-based progressive band LIGHTFOLD has signed with Pitch Black Records, which will issue the band's Deathwalkers album on April 5th.

Lion Music is issuing JOE STUMP’s Symphonic Onslaught and LARS ERIC MATTSSON’s Into The Darkness albums.

Italy-based SOUL SELLER has recruited Alex "Wallino" Rimoldi on keyboards, Stefania Sarre on bass and Dale Sanders on lead guitar. The band is working on a new release for 2020.

Following up its self-titled demo of 2018 SYLENT STORM is playing live across the USA for the rest of the year.

DEF LEPPARD was inducted by QUEEN’s Brian May into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in March.

Guitarist Bernie Torme (Solo, OZZY OSBOURNE, GILLAN, etc.) died of pneumonia on March 17th. He was 66.

AIRFORCE, featuring Doug Sampson, is conducting a mini-tour of USA in April.

Michael Schenker's MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST project will release an album, entitled Revelation, through Nuclear Blast on August 23rd.

ATREIDES has been booked at Sala La Fábrica De Chocolate for Festival Rock Children on December 14th.

Melodic doom metal band TRUE WISDOM has a demo called Towards. The band is based in Macedonia.

Guitar nomad Ira Black is now in DARK SKY CHOIR. He has travelled through METAL CHURCH, LIZZY BORDEN, VICIOUS RUMORS and many others.

Former AEROSMITH guitarist Jimmy Crespo injured his head in a fall, but is fine now.

Sneakout Records and Burning Minds Music Group have signed Italy-based hard rockers, X-PLICIT, for the release of the debut album, Like A Snake. It is expected in May and is compared to AEROSMITH, SKID ROW, etc.

Comatose has signed Thailand-based INTRICATED.

In advance of recording a debut album, ODTHRYMM — featuring former members of MY DYING BRIDE and VALLENFYRE — has released a video for its song We Are The Dead.

Finland-based NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY has a video for the track The Shaming, which is taken from the Pawns And Kings album. It is out through Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group/Disk Union Distribution.

MANOWAR has recruited drummer Anders Johansson formerly of HAMMERFALL. The band will issue The Final Battle I, a first of three EPs next month.

A US judge in Michigan has denied GRAND FUNK RAILROAD's request for a preliminary injunction to bar former singer Mark Farner from using the MARK FARNER'S AMERICAN BAND monicker. The man and his band will tour Brazil and Russia while the court proceedings continue.

LORDI's bassist Ox will leave the rockers following this summer's festival appearances.

STRANA OFFICINA’s Law of The Jungle is out through Jolly Roger records on 19.04.2019.

WINGER has announced that the band will issue a new album in 2020.

CONSTANTINE has a new solo record entitled 'Aftermath. It features guest appearances by members from PRIMAL FEAR, SOILWORK, and DESTRUCTION. Aftermath is out through Rockshots Records on 31.05.2019.

Per Wiberg (OPETH, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, CANDLEMASS, etc.) will issue a solo record called Head Without Eyes through Despotz Records in May.

CRASHDÏET has re-signed with Frontiers and is working on a new album.

Sweden-based heavy metal band VANQUISHER has a single called Shadows Over Stygia.

Yet another project: L.A. GUNS' Tracii Guns and STRYPER's Michael Sweet have a project called SUNBOMB and a deal with nostalgia label Frontiers. In the meantime, L.A. GUNS has lost drummer Shane Fitzgibbon and replaced him with Scot Coogan (LITA FORD, etc.). The drummer will work in the studio and session.

LOUDNESS will release a 2CD and DVD package called Live In Tokyo through earMUSIC on May 17th.

Any band or album older than ten years is called “legendary.” What a crock.

Metallian Demos

The Toulouse, France band started life as a one-man band with Martin Hamiche having handled everything himself. Since 2015 that has changed and Prokopton is the quartet's second release after 2016's Memento Mori. Two female members, Marion Bascoul and Lucie Woaye Huneare, are part of the band now. Marion's vocals are not exactly feminine and needed a second look to make sure she is indeed singing on this eight (seven plus the instrumental intermission called At Eternity's Gate) song release. Hamiche has retreated to be the band's guitar player and song writer now. Melodic death metal is the style attributed to Aephanemer. It comes complete with synthesizers of course and do they ever make use of them. Songs like Dissonance Within feature sections with enjoyable guitar work not drowned by the extra instrument but overall the band could make their primary metal instruments stand out more. Snowblind promises more with a speedy start but doesn't sustain it. The songs are more upbeat rather than anything gloomy and Back Again is one example of this musical outlook. The 9 minutes closer, If I Should Die, is an extended version of the songs before. The lyrics are very much of the self-introspection type and Marion repeatedly questions her place and state of mind.
The album artwork is by Niklas Sundin's (Dark Tranquillity) Cabin Fever Media and the album is mixed by Dan Swano. Head over to – Anna Tergel

Metaleptic Fit is a one-man band and the man calls himself The Reverend. The Chicago based clergy claims to play a mix of industrial and death metal and bring the heaviest metal to the masses while drawing influence from Sepultura, Pantera and Deicide. The two song self-titled single includes Prey On Thee and She's Calling Me. The first song is an attempt to be heavy, the success of it is questionable. The second has The Reverend adapting a horror villain voice in his attempt to add another dimension and more heaviness to the song. The instruments and indeed the vocals themselves are too low in the production to achieve sufficient impact.
The second single feature a solitary three minute song called Let's Build Another Wall. The lyrics mention several proposals for walls. One around the house, another on the north, south, around the cities and more! In any other era this could easily be seen as a parody of the criminality around the world but in the 21st century idiocracy can anyone be sure? The man's Facebook seems to indicate The Reverend is indeed against the wall proposed by Trump. to make sure. – Anna Tergel

Ironic Punishment Division is an one man band from Ohio, US and this five song EP is the 4th release with the first being 2005's The Mind Is An Enemy. There was a long gap between the first and subsequent releases. Neil Hess is the man and labels his music as doom metal and stoner rock. His influences include Black Sabbath and The Melvins. The opener is the title track and features an almost Ozzy like vocals. This makes at least some sense since Hess is also known for being in a Cleveland area Black Sabbath tribute band known as Sabbatoz. Many Sickly Sparrows is an add song and is kind of sludgy with a very thick riff. Empty Chair is more melancholic and is closer to an intermission type than a full song. Don't Say His Name is a more standard song, mid paced and does have some semblance of metal in it even though the lyrics are too few verses. These five songs end with different take or cover of Journey's Separate Ways. The man's Facebook page is filled with pro-Trump posts which beg the question if the music should matter at all...the answer is probably not. Check the bandcamp page instead, if you must. It is at – Anna Tergel