Metallian Heavy

Canada-based ISCHEMIC has a self-titled demo. The band has a single called Scabs. The group is compared to FUCK THE FACTS and AUTOPSY.

Cuba-based death metal band FROM THE ABYSS has an album called Chaos Supremacy through Vrykoblast Production. The band was founded in 2015.

Deadlight Records is now Birth Ritual Records. The label’s first release is EYEHATEGOD’s A History Of Nomadic Behavior on cassette.

BEHEMOTH is working on a new album and 30th anniversary commemoration events.

KRYPTIK MUTATION’s Pulled From The Pit shall be issued through Redefining Darkness Records on 07.05.2021.

So-called symphonic band from Nevada, USA, GODLESSTHRONE has issued a demo called Scourge And Death.

FOSSILIZATION’s He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten album is out through Everlasting Spew Records now. The band was founded in 2020.

Good guess is all bands will do a “remote livestream concert” instead: Following guidelines from British Columbia’s provincial government Armstrong Metalfest has cancelled its 2021 edition, as it did its 2020 one, and hopes to be back in 2022.

Belgium-based VERWILDERD has issued its debut demo, Homo Homini Lupus Est. The band is described as blackened death metal.

Spain-based EVNEN has a demo called Amygdala. The band is compared to BEHEMOTH and BELPHEGOR.

IRIDESCENT DUNE the solo act of Charlie Murphy has uploaded a song called Kingdom Of Me.

Poland-based KIRA has an album called Peccatum Et Blasphemia. The band’s style is described as “blackened death metal” and the band is compared to BEHEMOTH and BELPHEGOR.

DISOWNING has a video for the song Suffocated By My Walls, which is taken from the 2019 album Human Cattle.

NECRODEATH has a video for the song Petrify from the Neraka EP.

The Japan-based death metal band CEMMENT has a new single and video called In Carnation. The band uses a drum machine.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcomes MORTIFY to its roster with the new Grotesque Buzzsaw Defilement EP. Hailing from Japan, MORTIFY is a grindcore project featuring Koreeda (ex-COFFINS/TRIKORONA) on guitar, Ryohei (FINAL EXIT/SU19B) on drums and Adam (DISROTTED, SICK/TIRED) on vocals.

BECERUS has an album called Homo Homini Brutus through Everlasting Spew Records on 30.04.2021. The growling features no lyrics.

Young death metal band SYMBTOMY has issued its Demo#1. The band pays tribute to ‘90s’ death metal and is recording a full-length for the second half of 2021.

Russia-based death metal band TRAUMATOMY has a first single from its upcoming Extirpation Paradigms called Patterns Of Tyranny. The album is out through Gore House Productions in May.

Elias Elias of EPHEMERAL has a digital demo called Leaves Of Winter for his solo act, WINTERLEAF. He is also recording a full-length.

“Industrial doom project” HALLOWED BUTCHERY and Aesthetic Death released Deathsongs From The Hymnal Of The Church Of The Final Pilgrimage, the project’s sophomore album, on March 26th 2021. This was originally issued in 2020.

MOURNING DAWN and Aesthetic Death have issued Dead End Euphoria on March 26th.

MESHUGGAH is at Sweetspot Studio recording a new album. Guitarist Fredrik Thordendal is back and replacing his replacement, Per Nilsson.

France-based black metal group SETH has a new album called La Morsure Du Christ. The band’s new album is set for worldwide release through Season Of Mist in May.

Canada-based THE BLOOD OF CHRIST has a lyric video for the song Apocalyptic Vertigo, which is taken from the split album Eastern Beast – Western Wolf with VOMIT REMNANTS. It was issued by CDN Records.

MORBID BREATH’s In The Hand Of The Reaper is out through Redefining Darkness Records on 21.05. The band is based in Sweden and thrashes.

THE LION’S DAUGHTER has a forthcoming album called Skin Show. The record is set for release through Season Of Mist on April 9th, 2021.

Kentucky, USA-based MISANTHROPIK TORMENT has a demo called Murder Is My Remedy. The act is a one-man band – although one Josh Freeman has joined the effort recently – and behind his own Misanthropik imprint.

More pride: Season Of Mist “are proud to announce” the signing of Texas, USA-based black metal band NECROFIER. The band was formed in 2018 and will be releasing its debut full-length later this year.

Following the COVID 19-related disbandment of DEADLIGHTS, Re Mayer (guitar/backing vocals/synth) and Nathanael Bohnet (bass/lead vocals) have regrouped as NO HOPE FOR THE LOST. The Canada-based act has a Final Fantasy X-themed demo called The Pilgrimage with a single called Yu Yevon.

CYNIK SCALD has a song called Darkness And Light uploaded that features two vocals reflecting the battle between angel and demon and good and bad.

The Netherlands-based thrash metal act CTHULHU has a demo called Cremator Of The Sky. This demo was delayed due to the pandemic.

Germany-based death metal group BETRAYAL has a new album called Disorder Remains through Rising Nemesis Records.

Finland-based INSOMNIUM has a new single and video called The Conjurer.

Australia-based thrash metal band HIDDEN INTENT has a new demo and it is called Dead End Destiny. The band believes this one has a superior production compared to its predecessors.

ARTILLERY will release its tenth full-length, entitled X, through Metal Blade Records in May. The group has a single called In Thrash We Trust. The band’s current guitarist is Kræn Meier.

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM will release a new album, entitled Blood In The Water, through AFM Records in June.

ALLUVIAL has signed with Nuclear Blast Records and will issue an album called Sarcoma on May 28th.

Redefining Darkness has issued DISFUNERAL’s self-titled Demo. Also out is SEVEN DOORS’ The Gates Of Hell album. The latter act is a solo one.

The next AT THE GATES album is called The Nightmare Of Being and will be issued by Century Media in July.

Montreal, Canada-based WARCALL has a demo called Dead End Pt. 1 digitally through the Plan B Music imprint this month.

The release of DAILY INSANITY’s demo Chronicles Of War is confirmed for September 10th. The band thrashes. The band has a number of European shows booked for the coming quarters.

Brazil-based TORMENTOR BESTIAL has re-signed with Music-Records for a new album. It is scheduled for October 2021.

We hope they successfully pick it back up: Windsor, Canada-based DEVILZ BY DEFINITION has dropped a demo called The Bitter Remains Of Human Consumption. No word if the title refers to the bulge of the women in their area who visit McDonalds, but the advance single’s title, Peace by Piece, points in that direction.

Thrash metal band TORN FABRIKS released an EP called Mind Consumption through Firecum Records in January.

PESTILENCE will release its next album, entitled Exitivm, through Agonia Records in June.

GRAVEYARD OF SOULS’ Infinity Equal Zero is out through Negre planY on 14.04.2021.

IN ASYMMETRY features current and ex-members of DEEDS OF FLESH, THE FACELESS, GORATORY and INANIMATE EXISTENCE and is following up its 2019 demo, Edge Of Divergence, with a debut album called Ashes Of Dead Worlds through Comatose Music.

Australia-based TERRORENTIAL has a demo called Visions.

FORNICUS and OFSTINGAN have issued a split release through Life After Death and Dark Horizon Records.

Poland-based WARBELL has a video for the track Fight Back. The song is taken from an upcoming demo called Ruin.

Former HIRAX and HERETIC guitarist Glenn Rogers has relaunched his old band FINAL DECREE. The new line-up features the return of RUTHLESS singer Sammy De John, and ex-HIRAX band-mate, drummer Jorge Iacobellis. To complete the line-up Glenn looked up friend, former STEEL VENGEANCE bassist Cesar Ceregatti. The band has recorded a debut single Dark Before The Dawn for Headbangers Records/Big Bad Wolf Records. The group will record an album in June.

Sludge/doom metal band BLÓÐ has an album called Serpent through Malpermesita Records as of February.

Former ENTOMBED and current ENTOMBED A.D. singer Lars-Göran Petrov died of bile duct cancer on Sunday, March 7th at age 49.

Britain-based death metal group WOUNDED NOT DEAD has signed to LA Riot Survivor Records. The band was founded in 2014.

XAEL has recently released an album entitled Bloodtide Rising through Pavement and now has a music video for the title track, which features guests Mathieu Marcotte (Guitarist from AUGURY and HUMANOID) and Nate Miller (CHINESE VIOLIN).

Germany-based MELKOR is back with an album called Brandmale (initially reported as Brandnacht by the label) through Crawling Chaos. The band has pushed the synthesizers to the back compared to previous releases.

Canada-based NAITAKA has a self-titled demo. The band was funded in 2019. Lead vocalist Cara McCutchen (MORTILLERY and ex-MINAX), originally from Edmonton, joined forces with guitarist Troy Melnyk (WORSHIP OR SIN and SACRILEGE) also from Edmonton and drummer Tyler Dake from Kelowna and bassist John Shippit from Kelowna.

ÄERA’s Schattenfall EP is out through Crawling Chaos now.

Avantgarde Music is issuing ESCUMERGAMËNT’s .​.​.​ni degu fazentz escumergamënt e mesorga​.​.​. (black metal from Sweden) next month.

Take out the chocolates ladies and gentlemen: MINNERIKET is issuing a demo called Hjemlengsel. The act is described as “Norwegian Romantic Black Metal.”

Germany-based ANTRISCH has a demo called Expedition I : Dissonanzgrat. The band was founded in 2020.

VESICARUM Great Decay is out through One Eyed Toad Records. The album was recorded at guitarist Martin Shipton’s own home studio; with the exception of vocals which were tracked by Graham Waller who also mastered the record.

SHAMAEL has an album called Melancholie Der Engel through Negre planY on 15.04.2021. The band hails from Italy, has a monicker derived from Hebrew and an album with a German title.

Belarusian black metal band KHANDRA shall release a new album called All Occupied By Sole Death. The new record will be out on Season Of Mist Underground Activists on May 28th.

Xenokorp will release 250 copies of MERCYLESS‘ 1993 second full-length album Coloured Funeral as a 180g picture 12″ LP on November 19th.

Former ACHERON man VINCENT CROWLEY’s eponymous new band has a single called La Muerte, which is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album Beyond Acheron. It shall be released through Odium Records in June.

CORR MHÓNA’s Abhainn album is out through Negre planY on 16.04.2021. The band mixes pagan influences with Irish ones unfortunately.

Maryland, USA-based CRAWLING MANIFEST has reverted to demoland is releasing a new demo called Radical Absolution, which will be their first as a duo featuring Andrew Gladu (Vocals/Bass/Drums) and Trevor Layton (Guitars).

USA-based solo project INTERNAL ORGANS EXTERNAL has an EP called Apocalyptic Domination through Vicious Instinct Records. Another EP called Apocalyptic Monstrosity is due next month.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has signed MONNIER for the release of a self-titled compilation album. The band is compared to NASUM.

HAVAMAL‘s new album The Shadow Chapter will be released through Art Gates on May 21st. The band has a video for the track Nidhoggr.

Switzerland-based speed/power Metal act THOLA has signed with Art Gates Records. The band was founded by Rolf “Rodo” Studer in 2016.

Horror Pain Gore Death has an EP called Death Is OK by the Italy-based DUKOV. The band is compared to ANAL CUNT.

Metallian Hard

Logic Il Logic Records and Burning Minds Music Group will release the Timescape album by Italian progressive metal act WINE GUARDIAN in late May.

PROJECT ALCAZAR, which is described as “Instrumental Prog Metal,” has an album called Lost In Centralia through Guitar One Records.

WHITE WIZZARD has a new single, entitled Viral Insanity, through M-Theory Audio. Mark Boals is on vocals.

Glenn Tipton of JUDAS PRIEST has joined his former colleague K.K. Downing and sold half the shares in his portion of the band’s music. The deal was brokered by the management.

White metal band STRYPER has re-signed with Frontiers and is working on a new album. STRYPER guitarist Oz Fox is recovering from brain surgery, which removed a tumor in his head.

Melbourne, Australia-based hard rock band KATANA CARTEL has a demo called The Sacred Oath.

STRANDED WAYS has decided to part ways with vocalist Juhis Holopainen. The comment came with the following explanation: “The band will not comment on the matter further.”

USA-based heavy metal band NIGHTSHADOW returns in 2021 with a full-length demo called Strike Them Dead, which is the follow-up to the 2017 self-titled debut demo.

HELLOWEEN will release a self-titled album through Nuclear Blast on June 18th. The band has already released a single called Skyfall. HELLOWEEN and HAMMERFALL have a European tour in the spring of 2022. Its monicker is United Forces 2022.

Following up the last single The Whistleblower, RENEGADE ANGEL has a demo called Forevermore.

FORGED IN BLACK has taken a break from working on its follow-up to its Fighter Records’ album, Descent Of The Serpent, to film a video for the song One In The Chamber from the aforementioned album.

NAHAYA (featuring members of OCEANS OF SLUMBER, VESPERIAN SORROW, ex-KINGDOM COLLAPSE, PAINTING THE MASSACRE and CEREBRAL DESECRATION) will be releasing an album, entitled Vital Alchemy through Rockshots Records on May 21st. The band unfortunately features “Middle Eastern influences.”

ALCATRAZZ guitarist and solo artist JOE STUMP will release a new digital single entitled Forever Moore through Lion Music. It is inspired by the sounds of GARY MOORE. The track will also be featured on Joe’s upcoming instrumental record entitled Diabolical Ferocity, which is slated for release this year in late August or early September.

Orbit is the first single and video from Italy-based progressive metal act WHITE THUNDER's demo Maximum - A Journey Of A Billion Years, which is due on June 15th.

For fans of IN FLAMES, KARPENTER will be releasing its debut album Sleepless through Rockshots Records in May.

Ellefson Films of MEGADETH’s Ellefson has announced October 12th, 2021 as the release date for its Dwellers film on video.

Yet another side-project: MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson and SONS OF APOLLO’s singer Jeff Scott Soto have banded together under the ELLEFSON-SOTO monicker. The two have recorded a cover version so far.

Montreal, Canada’s fusion act SANGUINE GLACIALIS has a music video for the track Kraken in support of its 2018 demo Hadopelagic.

Astro Dragon Records has a new single by Chicago, USA-based band WAR GODS OF THE DEEP. It is a cover of the ‘80s’ KISS song Who Wants To Be Lonely.

DEE SNIDER has announced Leave A Scar as the title for his upcoming solo album, which is expected through Napalm Records in July.

KIDD BLUE will release its late 1980s’ Big Trouble album with seven additional bonus tracks through FnA Records. The USA-based band was compared to VAN HALEN and SOUTHGANG.

Thanasis Bertsatos (of POWERCURE) a.k.a. THANOS has issued a solo demo called Unholy.

Inverse Records has issued FINAL VOID’s second album Visions Of Fear as of 19.02.2021.

PAUL GILBERT will release his next solo album, Werewolves Of Portland, through The Players Club on June 4th. There is a video for the single Argument About Pie.

Calgary-Canada-based OSYRON is re-issuing its 2017 demo Kingsbane in a “Deluxe Edition” on May 14th. It features re-mixed and remastered material.

Members of bands like SAHG, FAITH CIRCUS and EMMERHOFF & THE MELANCHOLY BABIES have come together in ELECTRIC HIGH and followed up its 2020 singles a five-track demo named Go Easy On My Heart. The band is influenced by WOLFMOTHER and AEROSMITH.

According to George Lynch, the guitarist and singer Don Dokken have been discussing reuniting DOKKEN’s classic line-up. The band’s former bassist Jeff Pilson is writing a yoga book (which should be a superb gift if any money is left over after purchasing CHILDREN OF BODOM socks or IRON MAIDEN jigsaw puzzles).

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN will release a new studio album called Parabellum in July.

OPETH has been forced to postpone Evolution XXX: By Request European tour, which was originally planned for October 2021 to November 2022.

MANOWAR played its first-ever concert in Mexico, headlining the Hell & Heaven Metal Fest in Mexico City, in March of 2020. Formerly called The Final Battle, the Hell On Earth VI DVD is out next. MANOWAR’s new drummer is Anders Johansson.

Sweden-based PRESSURE has a demo called Path Of A Shadow. The band is compared to MANOWAR and METALLICA.

Greece-based independent band MOTHERFASTER ha a single featuring two cover versions, The Green Manalishi and A Few Dollars More. The former was recorded more than five years ago and only finished now.

Ironic! Spain-based 1945 has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a release called Heavy Metal Is Not For Sale! It will feature new songs and the band’s debut demo.

ARMORED SAINT's 2018 show playing the Symbol Of Salvation album in its entirety at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City will be released later this year as a DVD.

Germany-based POWERWOLF will release its next album, which is entitled Call Of The Wild, through Napalm Records on July 9th. The band hopes to tour in the autumn.

SCORPIONS reports that, due to the pandemic, the act had to shelf its plan to work with producer Greg Fidelman in the USA for its next album. The next album is being self-produced.

Former ACCEPT guitarist HERMAN FRANK has a video for the song Eye Of The Storm, which is taken from his new solo album, Two For A Lie, which is out through AFM Records in May.

Everyone and their uncle is giving ‘livestream concerts.’

Metallian Demos

The relatively young Munich, Germany-based quintet presents its full-length debut with a beer recommendation. Their bio also claims that while Munich is best known for heavy metal they offer to fill the death and thrash void while simultaneously confessing that their background is not all metal. Allholy opens up these 29 minutes with He-Man Powerblast clearly being the new Schmier. The listener's ears may spot some John Tardy too. Old school thrash with a bit of death metal is a good way to describe Tools Of Torture. The Deathmaker is an enjoyable sometimes mid-paced mix of the aforementioned styles. I Won't Bow is in defiance of established orders. The song is reminiscent of the melodic Gothenburg sounds very familiar to many and is less thrashy than might be expected. Wolf Without A Pack remains in At The Gates realms and manages to infuse thrash into the sound as well. Fathers Of The Fourth Reich continues the intriguing mix and calls for a revolution while declaring that silence kills. The Apex Sin solidifies the Swedish influence with a few start stop riffs to propel the band into more modern sounds. In The Mouth Of Madness tries to pick up the pace and returns to more thrashy and blasting sounds. Quarterbound is angrier and closes this release with another call not to stay silent. Experience the persecution at - Anna Tergel