Metallian Heavy

Seance has finally begun recording its third full length. Now working with Necropolis Records, the band features Johan on vocals, Tony, Richard and original drummer Mike. According to Paul Thind at Necropolis Records, 'they are still going for the technicality because both Tony and Richard are very technical in their playing'...The next Impaled album is entitled Mondo Medicale. Being recorded now, the album will feature songs like Operating Theatre and The Worms Crawl in...Defleshed will spend three weeks at Berno Studio, Sweden in June to record a new album entitled Royal Straight Flesh. They are not yet sure who is going to release it...Code 666's Abortus and openers Dark Order are touring across Australia...Usurper recently escaped a fire which destroyed their rehearsal space. The band suspects arson. The fire has delayed the band's recording schedule by two weeks...Tankard is celebrating its twentieth birthday by recording a new album called B-DAY in Andy Claasen's Stage 1 studio. The album is out June 24...Malevolent Creation are heading to Canada to record their debut for Nuclear Blast with J.F. Dagenais of Kataklysm. The original plans to record with Peter Tagtgren at the Abyss in Sweden were scrapped due to the unavailability of the producer...Unexpect's bassist Mathieu has joined Decayed Remains. Unexpect's Romansick EP is due soon...Maquiavel Music Entertainment's Kralizec has lost guitarist Patrick Loisel and singer Benjamin Leclerc. The Canadian band has just recently signed to the label for three albums over five years...Despite the delay, Blood Of Christ expect their album Adrift With The River Of Contemplation this spring...Unquintessence is releasing a MCD entitled Ruined...Jim Durkin (Dreams Of Damnation) is producing the self-titled album of Engorged...Mexico's Cenotaph has released a new album called Saga Belica...Goratory is signing to Japan's Amputated Vein Records...Arch Enemy has opted to tour North America with Nile and Hate Eternal...Danish thrashers Artillery are still looking for a rhythm section. Candidates may email regarding an audition in Copenhagen, Denmark...Bane Of Existence is recording a full length CD due at the end of the summer...Unmoored, featuring a new line-up, has signed to Code 666. The band will enter Abyss Studio this summer to record its new album...Krux, the latest project of singer Tomas Person, bassist Leif Edling (Candlemass), guitarists Jörgen Sandstrom (Entombed) and Mike Amott (Arch Enemy) and drummer Peter Stjärnvind of Entombed has signed to Mascot Records...Norway's Mezzerschmitt is recording an album due in late 2002 through Season Of Mist...Barbarian Wrath has signed Hateful Agony. Their new album is now expected in late autumn...Judas Iscariot has a new album called To Embrace The Corpse Bleeding...Necrophobic's tour with Primordial and Ancient Rites is cancelled. The band will do several shows in Poland and work on alternative plans...Aborym has begun recording its next album for Italy's Code666. Tentatively entitled With No Human Intervention, the album features Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest, Mick Kenney from Anaal Nathrakkh and Bard G-Eithun Faust (ex-Emperor) as guests. Expect a double-CD from them in November...Anubi's sole member Martynas Meskauskas (aka Lord Ominous) has died in an accident on Lake Michigan in the USA...Daniel Ekeroth the bassist for Insision has published a horror book called Violent Italy...Chile's Undercroft is touring Brazil with Nervochaos as support. The latter band is supporting its Legion of Spirits Infernal CD...Sick of the music business, Finland's Gandalf has broken up...Belgium's Ancient Rites will release a live CD/DVD soon via Hammerheart Records...Blood Red Throne is in Dub Studio recording a new album for Hammerheart...Beside playing the Graspop Festival, Dismember is finalizing writing its first album for Hammerheart expected this autumn...Speed metal band Dragonlord has finished recording its next album Holy War at Studio Fredman...Melechesh has launched a new site at The band is writing material for a new album to be released on Osmose. It will include a cover of Celtic Frost's Babylon Fell...Death Angel is playing the reconstituted Dynamo Festival this summer as one-off...Desastrious Records is not releasing the split CD of Jewicide and Infernal Hatred. This is ostensibly due to the dissatisfaction of IH with its recording. The latter band has a new T-shirt design available via Furthermore Infernal Hatred will release a 7' EP on Crooked Crosses Records...Pentacle will release a split 10' with Bloodstorm through Metal War Production...Lyzanxia has finished recording its new album. Engineered by Fredrik Nordström and Don Romano at Studio Fredman several titles are Game Time, Mindsplit and Silence Code...Carnal Forge has decided against a US tour this June due to other commitments. The band has 13 songs already composed and will enter Studio Underground with an eye to a January 2003 release...Italy's Dawn Of Sadness Records has released its latest compilation Screams From Italy VI. Among others the CD features Dark Lunacy, Alchemy Of Life, Ossian and Stillbirth. Contact the label via Music has licensed Dim Mak's Intercepting Fist record for Europe...Hearse featuring former Arch Enemy/Furbowl man Johan Liiva (vocals and bass), guitarist Mattia Ljung Ljung and former Furbowl drummer Max Thornell has signed to Hammerheart Records. An album this autumn will be preceded by a 7' featuring a cover of the Pet Shop Boys' It's A Sin...England's Biomechanical has confirmed an appearance at this year's Bloodstock Festival where they will be performing tracks from their forthcoming Eight Moons album...Napalm Records has signed Saltatio Mortis...Guitarist Zorn has left Nagelfar...Montreal's Neuraxis is working with Pierre Remillard at Zsound Studio. The third album is entitled Truth Beyond and will feature 13 songs, two of which will be instrumental...America's Epoch Of Unlight is seeking a singer/guitarist following the departure of Jason Smith from the fold...Century Media has become the exclusive manufacturer and distributor for Necropolis Records in Europe. Expected this year on Necropolis Records is Maze Of Torment's The Unmarked Graves, Serpent Obscene's Devastation, In Aeternum's Nuclear Armageddon, Murder Corporation's Global Murder Cleansing, Babylon Whores' Death Of The West and an album by Dreams Of Damnation....Absu is working on a new and self-titled album. The album will feature songs like Galla Temple and Between The Absu of Eridu and Erech. In related news, while drummer Proscriptor was one of the finalists for the new drummer position in Slayer, he was not picked because of his 'paranormal contour'...Steven 'Cunt Tormentor' has left the drumming position at Suhrim...Hell-born is arriving in North America this month for select shows in the USA and Canada...Poland's Mess Age are finishing working on the Self Convicted album. Recorded at Red Studio (Vader, Yattering,etc.), a couple of tracks are Devoured With Famished Eyes, The Scarlet Rings and Kill The Falsehood. Nergal of Behemoth guests on the album...Poland's Quo Vadis is signing to Conquer Records...Damien is in Comusication Studio with producer Gerhard Magin. The band will release its self-titled record in September...Voice Of Life Records has announced the release of Infliction's The Faint Smell Of Suicide album. The band features Dhilorz of Ancient...Mortal Intention has finished recording its album for Christhunt Records...Mayhem has announced a new album for January of 2003. The band expects absolutely no changes in its musical direction...December are at home in Reno, Nevada working on their first video...Guitarist Pat, drummer Laurent and bassist Bes have left Mystica. The band will continue once replacements are recruited...Paradox have cancelled their appearance at Germany's Bang Your Head Festival and are instead seeking a new singer and a guitarist. Front man Charly Steinhauer will concentrate on the rhythm guitar henceforth...Former Morbid Angel singer Steve Tucker has revealed that he has returned to and is working on a new Ceremony album. The album will feature Emperor's Trym on drums...While on tour in Florida, Sweden's The Crown had to complete their show on April 24 without guitarist Marko Tervonen. The band completed their set with one guitarist after Tervonen's sudden bout of bronchitis had the man hospitalized. Further shows were later cancelled.

Metallian Hard

Canadian metallers Sword are back together and have recently opened for Motorhead in Montreal...Aftershok, featuring former Shok Paris frontman Vic Hix, has released a debut CD entitled Unfinished Business. Hailing from Cleveland, the band is performing select shows in the USA...Bonfire has announced the taping of several shows during their 2002 tour of England. A live album, entitled Live Over England, is expected through Z Records...Talon's new and self-titled album is now available through Now & Then...Tobias Sammet's Avantasia will release a second album via AFM Records in August. The new album is a continuation of the debut's concept and will begin where the debut left off...Tobias Sammet has produced the debut of Dionysus. Featuring former Sinergy drummer Ronny Milianowicz and Olaf Hayer of Luca Turilli, the German-Swedish act expects a release in August...Anonymus will release the follow-up to their last album Instinct this autumn...Freedom Call's third album is entitled Eternity and due through SPV in June...Dirty Deeds, who released two albums on the defunct Beast Records, have a new album ready called Blown...Wild Horses featuring singer John Levesque (Shout), guitarist Rick Steier (Kingdome Come), bassist Jeff Pilson (ex-Dokken) and drummer James Kottak (Scorpions) has signed with England's Z Records. The band's second album is expected in the autumn...Kingdom Come is hard at work preparing a new album in Germany. According to studio reports, the album is 'typical Kingdom Come'...Scorpions, Deep Purple and Dio are touring across USA this summer...Dan Swano's Nightingale has signed to The End Records. The upcoming album is entitled Alive again and will feature songs like Alive Again (Part IV) and Shadowman. Aside from Swano the band features guitarist/keyboardist Tom Nouga (aka Dag Swano), bassist Erik Oskarsson (also in Godsend) and drummer/guitarist Tom Bjoern also of Memory Garden and Memento Mori...The as yet untitled new In Flames album will be nearly 60 minutes long and appear in October. The band recently held a listening session in NYC for some of the material in unmixed format and played two songs live on their tour with Iced Earth and Jag Panzer...Anathema guitarist Danny Cavanagh has asked to be permitted back in the band shortly after leaving the fold. The band has released a new DVD via Peaceville...Wanker Records has released a limited 7' by Crack Up featuring the songs It's Shit and Rock The Coffin...Ben Falgoust the singer of Soilent Green was in a car accident recently. The accident near Chicago left the man with broken legs and hospitalized...Solitude Aeternus will record a new album in July. The band reports the music is 'as heavy as ever.' The recordings were delayed because guitarist John Perez is spending time on the road with Electric Wizard and Sons of Otis...Former Atrocity drummer Gernot Winkler has committed suicide...Prong is touring for the first time in five years. The band's new song Initiation can be heard on the band's official site reunited Hanoi Rocks has a new MCD called People Like Me...Amorphis' original drummer Jan Rechberger has rejoined the band as they prepare for a new album...Singer Angry Anderson, Pete Wells, Rob Riley, Steve King and Paul DeMarco are the reformed Rose Tattoo and will release a new album this summer...Following his release from the disbanded Megadeth, guitarist Al Pitrelli has been welcomed back into the Savatage fold. Much to his surprise recently-added guitarist Jack Frost has been let go. Savatage have announced a new album for January of 2003...Ex-Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson recently helped produce the album of Canada's Warmachine and penned tunes for Dry Kill Logic...Solo artist and former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza has put together a touring line-up featuring Anthony Gallo (ex-Suicidal Tendencies guitarist), Ty Longley (ex-Samantha 7 and Great White guitarist) and bassist Jason Levin. A singer is still being sought. Menza has also mentioned that he's has been in touch with Dave Mustaine and the two might do something together in the future...Norwegian hard rockers Toemmermen have signed to Edgerunner Records. A new MCD is now out. The label has also released Absolute Steel's An abstract of Inertia...Brainticket has released the second Last Chapter album entitled Paths To Always. Upcoming records are Far Flung's 9 Pin Body and John Frankovic' Space Zombie...Voivod's Dennis D'Amour will contribute music to the next Gathering album due this summer on the band's Psychonaut Records...Powergod has released the third album in their Evilution trilogy. Nemesis is now available via Massacre Records...Tesla, Vince Neil, Jackyl and Skidrow are the Rock Never Stops Tour visiting 40 cities in America this summer...Yngwie Malmsteen's new album is entitled Attack and scheduled for a November release...After Forever have fired singer Mark Jensen...Killer Dwarfs has a new album entitled Reunion of Scribes - Live. The CD was recorded last August in Toronto...Seven Witches singer Bobby Lucas is now a member of US metal band Overlorde...Ritual Steel has signed to England's Miskatonic Foundation and will release a CD/LP in August. The band is also part of the Headbangers Open Air with Twisted Tower Dire, Iron Cross, Rival, Slough Feg, etc. which takes place in Hamburg in June.

Here is a zine that has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Metallian (#27 - $8 to P.O. Box 41, 38242 Meylan Cedex France) is a colour and glossy publication written in French (although the section titles remain in English) which either by design or as a reaction to the bigger French magazines concentrates on black and death metal. The one reproach that comes up (again), and is not an exclusive critique of Metallian but all commercial magazines, is the ratings accorded. How do you explain to the readers that there are two dozen releases every issue which are just perfect? Are these releases all beyond perfect and must-buys? In contrast, there are no bad or very bad albums. How can a potential buyer make a judgment based on that? Elsewhere one can't help but notice that the magazine's founders are completely absent from the pages and exist only in the masthead. A case for the EX-files perhaps?? Never mind, for the price you get reviews, interviews and two CD compilations with one featuring a Death video live in Chile...Another fanzine written in French is Sang Frais (#10 - $2 to B.P. 32111, Montreal H2L 4Y5) which has advanced considerably in layout with the new issue. The editor has done a good job of presenting lots of information in a concise and clear format. Things take a downhill turn when the magazine interviews Aphasia the band of its co-editor. Can you say conflict-of-interest? Otherwise the issue features Marduk, Sodom, Kreator, Demence and others...The final publication of this issue comes all the way from Denmark and calls itself Mighty Magazine (#15 - $5 to Korsoergade 29., 2100 Copenhagen East Denmark). This seems to be the best scam going in Europe right now. Two guys with a label run a magazine, for which they get advertising, where they publicise their label's bands. Does the competition know they are financing Mighty Music's publicity department? Ha! Well suckers, at least the reviews are super critical and worthy of reading. They will make you laugh too - not that there is anything funny about 666 homosexual references. What is not funny, and is a new low, is the label owners 'interviewing' their own label's bands (hello Sang Frais!). Conflict-of-interest like this hasn't been seen since Mulroney negotiated the Free Trade Agreement with the USA or American TV's coverage of Israel!! Still, you get a CD for your $5 and, if you are in a band, you can also enclose your tape in the same envelope. Benediction fans, however, should just forget about it.

Select Top 5 Releases

Ali "The Metallian" - Editor
1- Daemon - Eye For An Eye - Diehard
2- Insision - Beneath The Folds Of Flesh - Wicked World/Earache
3- Primal Fear - Black Sun - Nuclear Blast
4- Necrosphere - Revived - Diehard
5- Dimension Zero - Silent Night Fever - Regain/Century Media

Michael Amott - Guitarist For Arch Enemy
1- Rise - Divine Aeturnum - Nephilim
2- outrage - Play Loud - 30 Min.
3- Black Label Society - 1919 Eternal - Spitfire
4- Mojobone - Crossroad Message - JVC
5- The Quill - Voodoo Caravan - SPV

Rachel - Publicist For Necropolis Records
1- Haemorrhage - Morgue Sweet Home - Morbid
2- Gruesome Stuff Relish - Teenage Giallo Grind - Razorback
3- Impaled - Choice Cuts - Deathvomit
4- Ghoul - We Came For The Dead - Razorback
5- Libido Airbag - Barrel Blow Job - Independent

Metallian Demos

It is both entertaining and difficult to make sense of California's Pinkly Smooth. After all, how do you write about a band monikered Pinkly Smooth whose release is called Unfortunate Snort and has a photo depicting three defecating and obese females? You can of course, but without wondering. They need to be introduced to prettier women I'd say. Out of deference for sending in the CD, let it be known that the quartet is a mixture of Queen, System Of A Down (ouch!!) and Mr. Bungle. Yes, it's a crazy, crazy world. Interested parties (and I mean Parties guys and girls) can write to 6872 Spickard Drive, Huntington Beach, CA. 92647 USA or visit - Sheila Wes Det.

Al, Rob, Newt and Cliff could have sucked some...lollipop and chosen a life of fame, fortune and arrested development as a boy band. Instead, the American boys have chosen the life and death of a metalcore band and immortalized three tracks (with the third one skipping) of mid-paced grating metal. The vocalist screams his guts out. He must have been fathered by a puma. Musically it is grating and brutal and leaves little to the imagination. Get a heavier snare sound next time; otherwise just keep dishing this stuff out. It's as honest as aggressions gets. 1152 Eppington Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 225\454 USA or

No, it's not white metal. Or perhaps it is but who cares? Crushing Belial (formerly Plague Bearer) is a blasting and grinding death metal act with effective power riffs and a screaming vocalist. Surprisingly these Reading, English lads have composed three songs with consciously underground riffs that lacks next to nothing in the intensity order of things. One has to like the breaks and tempo changes where the band launches into a different riff - well done - and then jumps right back into the speed fest. The sound quality leaves much to be desired but underground hounds and those who like to 'book early' may as well go ahead. This is wild. Please refer to for more.

MALKAVIAN - Self-titled
This demo disc arrived with the Crushing Belial CD so it was natural to assume the bands share members. Malkavian, though, hails from Rome and does not seem to be sharing any members with CB. What they do share is the sound with many other grindcore bands. Yes, Malkavian is derivative of much that has already transpired in the scene. Having said that, in the course of the seven songs on display here the quartet manages to surprise a couple of times. The band can slow down or even perform growls with conviction here or there. Those special moments are rare though and even the use of the over-done and cliched hidden track speaks more of the band's follower status than innovation. Still, and as mentioned, there is nothing musically wrong with the act and grindcore fanatics may want to look further into this. You will find the band at

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