Metallian Heavy

MUNICIPAL WASTE has completed work on its second Earache CD, entitled The Art Of Partying…Season Of Mist has signed BESTIAL MOCKERY whose fourth album Slaying The Life will be issued this month…Japan’s DEFILED has a new drummer called Takashi Nonaka…Christian act ONCE DEAD (formerly VENGEANCE RISING) has signed with Open Grave Records. The group’s Visions Of Hell album featuring singer Devin Shaeffer of FASEDOWN is out in August…NIGHTRAGE’s A New Disease Is Born album is now out through Lifeforce Records…DSK’s Oppressed/Deformed album is now out through Thundering Records…Displeased Records has issued Grimm’s Heksenkringen and GOAT SEMEN’s En Vivo En Lima Hell albums…Polish quartet THIRD DEGREE (Fazi — bass, Gonzo — drums, Buddah — guitars and Szymon — guitars) is currently in Studio X in order to record a second album tentatively entitled Punk Sugar...SCHISM has completed recording for its new Designation Cluster album. It will be out in September 2007 through the Rising Works label…EYES OF LIGEIA have decided to call it a day after nine years of existence…Romania’s Sun & Moon Records has issued NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION’s Soundtrack For A Suicide: Opus II CD and LABYRINTH OF ABYSS’ The Cult Of Turul Pride album…EXTERMINANCE has two new members. Ryan Engle is the new bassist. He was the founder and bassist of ETERNAL RUIN and played with EXTERMINANCE’s founding member Paul Folk in LAST RITES. Dale Erdman is an additional singer for the band. EXTERMINANCE will be recording at the end of May for a split release with label-mates SAPREMIA which will be issued through Open Grave Records. The release date is set for August 27th Worldwide. EXTERMINANCE's Vomiting The Trinity CD will be released July 17th through Open Grave Records Worldwide…ARKHON INFAUSTUS‘ long delayed and totally re-recorded album Orthodoxyn will see the light on May 28th…Candlelight Records has signed OBITUARY and will issue the band’s next album on September 11…AVERSE SEFIRA’s debut album, originally issued by Lost Disciple, is being release again by Candlelight Records. The band is touring with 1349…NEFAS has signed to Italy’s Permeated Records…CANNIBAL CORPSE’s bassist, Alex Webster, will appear on HATE ETERNAL’s new album. Webster is in fact returning to HATE ETERNAL and is replacing Randy Piro Jr. A new album is expected in late autumn… Inferna Profundus Records is re-releasing NAHASH’s Nocticula Hecate CD…OBSIDIAN, featuring new singer Robbe K (also of DISAVOWED), has signed to Rusty Cage Records. The label will reissue the band’s Emerging CD…ONCE DEAD, formerly VENGEANCE RISING, has signed with Open Grave Productions. The band’s Visions Of Hell CD is due in July. The group is now joined by Glenn Rogers, formerly of HIRAX…Drummer Fabricio Ravelli has quit HIRAX…DESENSITISED has gone on hiatus following a lack of commitment from a couple of members. Bassist Mark Raets has left the band and Wilbert and Susan hope to regroup the band soon…DARK FUNERAL was forced to cancel several European shows last month following the unavailability of drummer Matte Modin. The man was apparently on the road with another group without notice. DARK FUNERAL is seeking a new drummer and working on a video…Former MONSTROSITY guitarist Tony Norman has joined BELLIGERENT…The regrouped ATHEIST is scheduled to perform at a series of goodbye shows on both sides of the Atlantic this summer. The band’s New York City show will be filmed for a DVD…PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT is at Stage One Studio recording its fourth full-length album, Descendants Of Depravity. The album is due for release in September through Neurotic Records…CRYPTOPSY and Lord Worm have gone their separate ways…DISMEMBER has lost founding drummer Fred Estby to family obligations. The infamous Rose Productions has also cancelled the band’s Polish tour…FLESHCRAWL has recruited bassist Nico Scheffler and will soon enter the studio in order to record an album…HATESPHERE is actually touring China including an appearance at the Midi Festival…AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED can be heard on a new split 7" with KILL THE CLIENT which is issued by Relapse Records…DERANGED has signed with Regain Records, which is owned and managed by its former frontman Per. A new album called The Red Light Murder Case is due in the autumn…Andreas Holma, former HYPOCRISY guitarist, is working on music for his solo project UNCHARTED WATERS…Bassist Dr Van Tuominen has left GENERAL SURGERY and been replaced with Dr Andreas Eriksson who is also in SAYYADINA…DEMIGOD has returned to work with Dave and Xtreem Music for the release of its current album, Let Chaos Prevail…HELLWITCH, which just had its debut re-released by Open Grave, has signed with Xtreem Music for a new album…Guitarist Infernus (a.k.a. Roger Tiegs) of GORGOROTH has founded his own label, Forces Of Satan Records. The first bands on the label are BLACK FLAME (Italy) and OPHIOLATRY (Brazil).

Metallian Hard

ARCTURUS has thrown in the towel ostensibly for personal reasons…Finnish guys FINNTROLL have a fifth full-length, Ur Jordens Djup, which is set for an April 24th release…Original bassist Fredrik Larsson has returned to HAMMERFALL from EVERGREY following the departure of Magnus Rosen last month…A new HANOI ROCKS single, Entitled Fashion, is released in Europe On The 16th of May and in Japan on the 21st of June. The band is recording a new album…Metal Mind Productions will be releasing the first BLAZE BAYLEY DVD. The material entitled Alive In Poland was recorded during the 21st edition of the Metalmania Festival, which took place on 24th April, 2007 in Katowice Poland. The singer will reunite with WOLFSBANE for three songs after his own set at the Rock Of Ages Festival in Tamworth, England on September 9th…MORS PRINCIPIUM EST has two new guitarists. Karri Kuisma is a new member while Tomy Laisto will take over as the lead guitarist. The group’s current member Jarkko will remain with the band for studio work. Keyboardist Joona has been asked to leave in the meanwhile. The departure of guitarist and main composer Jori Haukio may spell the death of the band as well...Sleaszy Rider has signed German power metal act SOLAR FRAGMENT. A debut album is expected in the autumn…June 2007 will see Scarlet Records releasing STORMLORD’s first DVD The Battle Of Quebec City: Live In Canada...DCA Recordings will release the debut album of SHATTER MESSIAH, Never To Play The Servant. The album was released in Europe last year. SHATTER MESSIAH is led by guitarist Curran Murphy (ex-NEVERMORE, ANNIHILATOR) and features vocalist Greg Wagner (H.A.T.E., ex-BREAKER; ex-ARCHETYPE), drummer Robert Falzano (ex-ANNIHILATOR) and guitarist Dusty Holt…Veteran heavy metal band WINTERS BANE will record an EP this month with a new line-up of Lou St. Paul - guitars, Jeff Sheeler - vocals, Jeff Curenton - drums, and Bryan Morris - bass. The EP will feature four tracks, including a reworking of Dark Paradise from the Girth album, as well as three songs from WINTER's BANE unreleased Season Of Brutality album…The latest release from GREEN CARNATION, A Night Under The Dam DVD is now available through Sublife Productions. The label has also signed CHAIN COLLECTOR…LION’s SHARE has signed with AFM Records and will issue an album called Emotional Coma in June…ANDROMEDA’s Playing off The Board DVD is now available through Metal Mind Productions…GAIA EPICUS’ Thomas C. Hansen will issue a solo album entitled Like A Shadow…Former INTO ETERNITY guitarist Rob Doherty and GZR vocalist Clark Brown have a band called FINAL DARKNESS…CELLADOR has had to cancel its appearance at the New England Metal And Hardcore Festival due to singer Michael Gremio being ill. The band’s new bassist is Mika Horiuchi formerly of NETHERELM…Former SHADOWKEEP singer Rogue M has reappeared in a band called CHAOSGENESIS…GRAVEYARD RODEO is reforming and will play at least several shows…ABIGAIL WILLIAMS has disbanded following a series of line-up changes and disappointing reviews…RATT, i.e. vocalist Stephen Pearcy, guitarist Warren DeMartini and drummer Bobby Blotzer, has put aside its differences and announced a reformation. The band is touring North America this summer with POISON. Bassist Juan Croucier has opted out…Guitarist Larz and singer Maia are out of GOAT OF MENDES. A new guitarist called Seeb has already been recruited…GURD has an album called Bang! out through Dockyard 1…Former DIO and current The Tracy G Group guitarist Tracy G has posted a new project called GOADED…OZZY OSBOURNE’s Black Rain album is out next month. He will also headline this year’s Ozzfest…TROUBLE’s drummer Jeff "Oly" Olson has a new solo project dubbed RETRO GRAVE…DREAM THEATER’s Systematic Chaos album will feature a special-edition DVD featuring 90 minutes of material…Former ICED EARTH singer Matt Barlow has joined Denmark’s PYRAMAZE as the replacement for Lance King...WITHIN Y has recruited drummer Erik Hagström to replace Thim Blom (ex-GARDENIAN)…PRIMAL FEAR has picked New Religion as the title for its new album, due on August 31st through new label Frontiers Records…England’s ESOTERIC has recruited drummer Joe Fletcher, yet is still searching for a new guitarist following the departure of Steve Peters…FIREWIND has asked its old singer Stephen Fredrick to join it on the stage later this year at ProgPower USA…DOKKEN and KINGDOM COME have joined forces for the Defenders Of Rock tour between September 26 and October 22nd in Europe. DOKKEN’s Lightning Strikes Again album is now postponed to September...Reb Beach (WHITESNAKE, WINGER and formerly of DOKKEN) will replace Jeff Watson in NIGHT RANGER for this year’s live activities…7TH REIGN, is a Canadian heavy metal band featuring former EIDOLON singer Brian Soulard and EIDOLON bassist Adrian Robichaud, as well as guitarist Marios Panayiotis and drummer Niall Mellors. The group has released its self-titled debut album through Overture Records…Eirikur Hauksson (a.k.a. Eric Hawk) of ARTCH will represent Iceland again in this year's Eurovision Contest with the song Valentine Lost. This is actually his third appearance at Eurovision. He has formerly sang with ICY and subsequently in 1991 for Norway with the band JUST 4 FUN…Singer Christopher Schmid has left LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE due to personal reasons and a general dissatisfaction with the music business…Drummer Johan Langell has quit PAIN OF SALVATION in order to take care of his family.

Metallian Demos

Teardown’s demo is a professional CD with four songs. The band has a gothic pop image and sound and with the voice of Katja is in possession of a singer who would be easily at home on commercial FM radio. Where Are You Now? Begins with a strum reminiscent of The Eagles, but the band’s Finnish melancholy soon takes over the sound. The band is not in the same league as Sentenced’s tragic depths or Nightwish’s operatic heights, but still would be identified as Finnish in a heartbeat. The song Disappointment is softer than a velvet curtain. Until I Met You has tougher guitars, although the strong arrangement makes the lush sounds expand over everything else.
Apparently the band was formed after being inspired by Katatonia. Both bands have a depressed sound, but that is where the comparisons end. Cold Room is not phenomenal, Cold Room is not dreadful. The band is surely too soft for hard rockers, but at least one can hear attempts at originality or a unique arrangement. I just love the long hair on the Finns. or write to - Sheila Wes Det

Fields Of Iaru is an intriguing and exotic addition to the metal landscape. The band is a detailed and immaculate journey through the sounds of the Orient put to the beat of metal. With vocals that contemplate extremeness, detailed scales and harmonies from the Middle East and titles that would make both Nile and Melechesh proud Fields Of Iaru has 35 minutes of rhythmic music to impress the listeners by. The Birth Of Anubis, Lord Of The Necropolis and the beautiful Through Ancient Eyes and Blessed Angel Of Ebony Light are not genuine heavy metal, but neither are they washed up pop ditties masquerading in the wrong land. Please get a real drummer though for next time. can supply more information. – Anna Tergel

This second four-track EP demo by the French quintet features a new vocalist in Fredd and an Austrian, Tay, on drums. All Comes To An End starts things off and the first thing that is evident about Xtrunk is the industrial sounding style that comes complete with clean and grunting vocals. The guitars sometimes seem more like the programming or sampling variety. Between The Lines starts off slowly and proceeds with a plodding Pantera inspired mid-tempo for most of the five minutes. A speedier effort, Dictated Love is nevertheless still hampered by a laboured mix of the heavy and not so heavy and is only saved by its catchy solo. Pilou Song’s start is somewhat reminiscent of Susperia’s Unlimited with Fredd borrowing a tone or two from Joey Belladonna. A full length is planned for the 2007 calendar year, contact the band through - Anna Tergel

Fentanyl, formed in 2003, is a Dutch quartet with roots in the former Yugoslav republics. Their claimed earliest influences are death metal and Carcass, but they have moved back into the ‘80s and draw heavily from that era for the 11 tracks on Feeble Existence, their debut full-length. As the opener, Fentanyl, begins two points are immediately made clear, firstly that the production actually matches the quality of that era’s many demos and that the vocals of Eddie Nado are extremely weak. The dated nature of the songs is not helped by either of the aforementioned while the style borrows heavily from the many bands that have tried to sound like Slayer. Politics is another clear and unsurprising influence with song titles like Sectarian Slaughter, Chernobyl and Gazzattack. If this was released in 1987 it would have made a bigger impact and would have generated more excitement for the band. Full marks to the band for making the whole album freely available for download at - Anna Tergel

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